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Candle Color Brands of 2024 | Candle Colors Buyers Guide

Electric lights are more practical and offer better lighting, but they can't match the cosy warmth and ambiance of a flickering candle. The majority of candles used today are designed to foster a calming sense of relaxation, set the mood for romance, or give a beautiful wafting perfume to a space, however they frequently function as essential sources of light in the event of a power outage. 

Best Candle Color Brands

Commercial candles come in a broad range of shapes, hues, and fragrances, but they can't compare to the allure of handcrafted candles. Whether you are an advanced candle maker or a beginner, we are sure you must be looking for the best places to buy your candle colors from. This blog will help you make your decision.

Top 7 Candle Color Brands

With so many candle color sellers available over the internet, it is only natural for you to be confused. But worry not, below we have listed some of the top candle color sellers in the market. Read on!

1. VedaOils

One of the top manufacturers and producers of natural essential oils and candle making supplies is VedaOils, which was founded in 2018. It has been around for more than 10 years and has had a great impact on the market. Since its start, VedaOils has been committed to a clean manufacturing infrastructure with a focus on the creation of candle colors and other all-natural goods.

From essential oils to carrier oils, natural butter to natural clays, colored powder colors to floral waters, our wide assortment of goods has something for everyone. None of these products include any hazardous or chemical-based ingredients and are entirely organic in nature.

Types of Candle Colors

Powder dyes in:

  • Violet
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green
  • Brown
  • Orange
  • White
  • Pink
  • Blue
VedaOils Candle Color Brand

2. The Art Connect

With a preference and love for art and craft, the Art Connect brand was established in January 2020. The Art Connect attempts to provide a readily accessible creative supply platform and to curate a large choice of Art & Craft supplies for various art forms.

The Art Connect now curates materials for candles, baking equipment, pottery, cosmetics. fabric dyeing, gardening, and epoxy. They are always striving to curate materials for different types of art and craft projects. Their goal is to serve as a one-stop shop for all things artistic and handcrafted.

Types of Candle Colors

Powder dyes in:

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Maroon
The Art Connect Candle Color Brand

3. Candle Mould (Niral Industries)

Since 1975, Niral Industries has been one of India's largest manufacturers and exporters of accessories and moulds for making candles and soap. Since years, they have been developing new designs and trends for the candle and soap industries. Right now, they have several original designs for the candle and soap segments.

Types of Candle Colors
  • Flourescent
  • Magenta
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Orange
Niral Industries Candle Color Brand

4. Food Color World (Rung International)

Rung International, which was founded in 1992, is a company in the industry for producing and exporting a natural food colors, lake food colors, primary food colors, blended food colors, and reactive dyes. Their Our extensive variety is known for its high quality and purity since it is made using food-grade raw materials.

With the goal of giving their consumers good-quality goods and services, they look forward to achieving complete client pleasure. They are always improving our processes in order to run more efficiently, make the best use of their resources, and provide services to the food and bakery, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Types of candle colors

All basic color powder dyes

Rung International Candle Color Brand

5. Candles And Supplies

Candles and Supplies serve all levels of candle producers, from novices to seasoned professionals who run their own prosperous enterprises. Their wide range of items and affordable rates are far superior to those of your neighbourhood craft shops.

On majority of their items, they provide volume wholesale savings. They look forward to working with you and provide their clients FREE tech assistance. All of your requirements for wax, coloring, jars, wicking, and equipment may be met right here!

Types of Candle Colors
  • Liquid Candle Colors
  • Diamond Dyes
  • Candle Pigment Color
  • Cosmetic Glitter
Candle & Supplies Candle Color Brand

6. Holi Colors

One of the top producers of Holi colors, solvent-soluble dyes, fluorescent pigments, and high performance pigments is Jajoo Enterprises. They provide corporate gifts for the Holi Festival, as well as various promotional Holi gifts and hampers based on client demand and convenience. Holi colors are sold under the brand name "Jhilmil Holi Colors" in their product range.

Additionally, they provide printed pouches, sumo packs of colors, standard color boxes, inner holi color pouches, and customised color boxes. Their goal is to offer Holi Colors that are secure, all-natural, of exceptional quality, and reasonably priced. An experienced team of specialists works with Jajoo Enterprises to assist their manufacturing, supplying, and exporting operations.

Types of Candle Colors
  • Flourescent Pigment Colors
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Green
Jajoo Enterprises Candle Color Brand

7. Candle Science

They provide extensively proven, cost-effective candle and soap-making products that complement each other in order to encourage candle making hobbyists, small enterprises, and independent brands. They reduce their impact on the environment and increase their contribution to society.

They inform and enlighten individuals so they may develop a pastime or a candle company. They have supported their clients with the kind of service that they demand as clients for more than a decade.

Types Of Candle Colors

  • Liquid Candle Dyes
  • Dye Blocks

Candle Science Candle Color Brand


With these variety of colors and essential oils to mix and combine, our top selection would definitely be Veda Oils. Veda Oils can guarantee your quality as well as authenticity. Veda Oils everything that bulk candle makers or even homecrafters could ask for. If you have been looking for your one stop shop for all your candle making supplies, DIY natural beauty ingredients, essential oils, etc then you don't need to look further than Veda Oils. We have got you covered with all that and much more! Check us out now!

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