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How To Make Candles Last Longer | Smart Candle Making Hacks

Candles are beautiful decorations that adore our premises. You can decorate your space with numerous candles of different types. These days people even invest in creating their own homemade candles with different natural ingredients in them.

how to make candles last longer

Have you ever thought of making candles that would last longer? There are some interesting and useful hacks below that would help you to make candles that would last long.

10 Smart Hacks For Making Candles Burn Even Last Longer

Below are some of the interesting and smart hacks to let your candles burn for a longer time. If you love creating candles on your own at home, then these hacks are going to be very useful in the whole process of making. So let us check them out.

Hack 1: Select Right-Sized Candle

It is always advisable to choose the right-sized candles that you wish to adore in your home space. A chosen candle that suits the size of the room can make a huge difference.

For example, large candles would be perfect for huge spaces whereas, for small rooms, precisely sized candles would look great and spread their scent.

Hack 2: Freeze Your Candles

It is advisable to keep good-quality candles in the freezer for a couple of hours. The cold temperature will make the wax harder and makes the candle burn way more slowly. On the other hand, this will help keep your candle lit up for a longer time.

Hack 3: Sprinkle Salt Into Wax

It is one such interesting hack to prolong your favorite candle’s burning time. Simply add a pinch of salt to the melted wax and then quickly stir the mixture with a toothpick. The salt will slow down the burning time when you would light up the candle next time.

Hack 4: Limit Burn Time To A Few Hours

Always burn the candle for only a few hours in your first use. This would allow the top layer of the wax to melt completely, ensuring an even burning for the next use.

Try to burn your candles for only 2-3 hours per day. Too many hours of burning wastes the wax and even hurt the candle’s ability to light.

Hack 5: Keep Trimming & Adjusting Your Wick

If your candle has a big wick, then it would mean the candle would have a big flame, which makes the candle burn up way faster.

Before you wish to light up your candle next, give the wick a little snip to keep the flame to a minimum and make your candle burn for a longer time.

Hack 6: Keep Candles Away From Heat Sources

You should keep your candles away from heat sources, or your candles will start to sweat, such as kitchen stoves, the fireplace mantel, or the attic. The best place to store your candles is inside the house, where exposure to direct sunlight is difficult.

Hack 7: Use Aluminum Foil To Avoid Tunneling

One of the amazing hacks is to use aluminum foil to avoid any type of tunneling. Simply grab a big sheet of tin foil and fold it lengthwise three to four times to get a long rectangular shape and wrap it around the outside of the candle jar. When you burn the candle, you’ll have a perfectly even candle in no time.

Hack 8: Avoid Drafty Areas

Make sure to avoid drafty places such as windows that are the most commonplace for drafts. You won't be able to light up the candles where there be too many drafts.

Likewise, avoid burning the candles in the attics, basements, and caves where most of the heat is lost. A room should be well ventilated but not drafty.

Hack 9: Clean Out Jars Regularly

Do not throw away the jars once you’ve used them and are left with the last little layer of unburnable wax at the bottom. Instead, pour a bit of boiling water into the vessel and remove the leftover wax. Then, reuse the glass jars and clean them up nicely for burning another candle.

Hack 10: Remove The Excess Wax

If in case, the candle flame is getting a bit out of control, do not use water to put it out. Water will splash the excessive wax everywhere. Instead, remove the excess wax that might spill out of the jar and makes your candle burn faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have got doubts or questions related to the top 10 smart hacks to make candles last longer, then below are some frequently asked questions that would be of some great help to you.

Q: How Long Does A 3 Wick Candle Last?

A: A 3 wick candle would last for 25-30 hours.

Q: How Long Does Scented Candles Last?

A: Scented candles would last for 1-2 years.

Q: How Long Do Soy Candles Last?

A: Soy candles are best used within a year or two.

Q: Do Beeswax Candles Last Longer?

A: Beeswax has a higher melting point than other waxes; therefore, it limits the brightest flame. Beeswax candles last longer and burn slower. Beeswax candles are dripless and burn for a longer time.

Q: Do Wooden Wicks Last Longer?

A: Wooden wick candles produce lower, smoldering flames, which consume a candle at a slower rate and thus burn longer.


If you love creating your homemade candles, then follow some smart hacks to make them last longer. A candle looks beautiful when lit and spreads its scent everywhere.

Try to keep your candles burning slower so that you may burn for a longer period of time. Try the hacks today and keep decorating your premises with the candles repeatedly.

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