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10 Best Scented Candles For Christmas | Christmas Smelling Candles

We all love and miss the warmth and comfort during winter and the Christmas season. But do you know, relive all those cozy and pleasant holiday feelings any time of the year by lighting wonderful Christmas scented candles. Nothing beats cinnamon, earthy cedar, and the delectable chocolaty fragrance of Christmas-themed candles.

best candles for christmas

They make your home smell like a winter wonderland, but they also add to the festive atmosphere and aesthetic comfort. Not to mention that christmas-scented candles make excellent christmas presents. So here's our roundup of best-scented candles for christmas you need to stock up on right now to ensure your house smells like the holidays and Christmas all year.

Best Types of Candles For Christmas

We all like gracing our homes with the scent of our favourite Christmas candles. But did you know that these candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes? We have mentioned some of the most common types of candles for Christmas, which makes them ideal for gifting or adding a festive sparkle to your home:

  • Christmas Scented Tea Light Candles: Christmas Tealight candles are among the best-smelling and most popular seasonal candles. They are so adaptable that you can simply set them beneath your Christmas tree, on tables, in entryways, and in other beautiful areas of your home to instill Christmassy scents.
  • Christmas Scented Pillar Candles: Christmas Scented Pillar Candles typically include warm and rustic scents such as Bergamot, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Mahogany, etc. The wonderful perfume of pillar candles spreads rapidly and complements your holiday décor.
  • Christmas Scented Votive Candles: Christmas Scented Votive Candles add an aromatic delight to the festive season. These candles have a hint of spice and subtle touch to make your area seem even cozier.
  • Christmas Scented Jar Candles: Christmas Scented Jar Candles are the most widely available aromatic candles. You can easily DIY them according to your imagination, and they also look gorgeous too. These jar candles are ideal for Christmas since they can be covered with a lid when not in use to prevent the aroma from dissipating.

Top 10 Scented Candles For Christmas

The scented candles are wonderful holiday presents that help creates the scene, whether it's relaxation, cozy, or a beautiful combination. Each candle will rekindle your memories of the most delightful time of the year, filling you with nostalgia and warmth. Your ideal Christmas candle is waiting for you:

1. Cinnamon Scented Candles For Christmas

It doesn't get more Christmassy than a cinnamon-scented candle, does it? It's nostalgic for when the leaves begin to change color, the air begins to chill, and you need an extra blanket.

This warm and sweet cinnamon-scented candle made up with cinnamon bark essential oil that embodies the festive season, and its fragrance will make you cozy up in cold weather.

2. Sandalwood Scented Candles For Christmas

Sandalwood Scented Candles' warm, soothing, and comforting smell has become a festival favourite since it evokes feelings of happiness and celebration all at once.

The sandalwood candle's sweet-yet-sultry scent makes the entire place smell like Christmas. This candle is made up with sandalwood fragrance oil, has an earthy aroma that works well over the Christmas season and other seasons.

3. Fresh Linen Scented Candles For Christmas

Fresh Linen Scented Candles have a pleasant, calming aroma that is mixed with classic winter undertones of spicy and fruity oils.

This relaxing candle will help you feel peaceful and revitalized after a long day while filling your home with its zesty perfume throughout the Christmas season.

4. Jasmine Scented Candles For Christmas

Jasmine candle will surely get you in the Christmas mood as it has a pleasant aroma and coziness. This candle's warmth and sweetness of jasmine blossoms provide warmth and pleasantness to the area. It also adds layers of positivity and happiness to the Christmassy house by making it fragrant and inviting.

5. Oceanic Mist Scented Candles For Christmas

Oceanic Mist Scented Candles are delightful Christmas candles because they have a lovely combination of refreshing and pleasant ocean mist fragrance oil that will quickly transform any area into an appealing retreat.

When lit, this lovely candle will emit wonderful and lovely smells, enveloping your home with soft warmth throughout the winter season and putting you in the Christmas spirit.

6. Lavender Scented Candles For Christmas

Whether you're overdue for a vacation or unable to spend Christmas with your family, lavender scented candle will transport you to a cozy and warm place that feels like home.

This candle gets its pleasant smell from lavender fragrance oil that smells like the ultimate vacation experience since it has a perfect balance of calming and stimulating aromas.

7. Coffee Scented Candles For Christmas

Coffee Scented Candles is a fantastic fragrant candle for Christmas as it is made from pure coffee fragrance oil since it has evokes awakening but rustic emotions that bring back holiday sentiments. When lighted, this candle emits a brewing and grounding scent of genuine coffee that makes you feel at home.

8. Balsam Cedarwood Scented Candles For Christmas

The traditional scents of cedarwood and balsam combine to create a beautiful festive sensation. This smell is defined as a sweet and spicy scent that eventually fades to a woodsy aroma in the background.

The woody and earthy aroma of this candle promote happiness and relaxation. Additionally, this candle is great for every Christmas enthusiast as it uplifts the festival's spirit.

9. Orange & Cinnamon Scented Candles For Christmas

It's only right that the festive season's main elements - orange and cinnamon - get their own candle. The fragrance is just how you'd expect it to be: warm, tasty, and inviting.

When lit, this candle fills the room with the aromas of freshly made orange cinnamon cookies. This fragrance candle is unique in that it creates a cheerful atmosphere and spreads happiness during the Christmas season.

10. Frankincense Scented Candles For Christmas

Your go-to Christmas aroma will be a well-crafted frankincense scented candle. It has a distinctly sweet aroma blended with musky and earthy tones that help to relieve stress.

Lighting these candles will contribute to the carnival atmosphere of your Christmas celebration. The warmth and welcome atmosphere created by the frankincense candle will undoubtedly put you in the festive spirit.


  • You can also blend fragrance oils to prepare your scented candles for Christmas.
  • To make your scented candle for Christmas, add essential oil or fragrance oil of your choice with the melted candle wax and then pour the mixture into a wick-containing candle jar.


Whether you enjoy crisp pines, sharp citrus, or the smell of incense and charcoal, holiday candles touch a sweet spot for most of us. Burning Christmas scented candles may help you create a festive ambiance by providing a seasonal smell to welcome the winter holidays.

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