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Candle Burning Do's and Don'ts | Tips to Increase Candle Life

When you buy expensive luxury candles, you also want them to last for a long time. If they are scented, you want their scent to sustain for a long time. Though much of it depends on the quality of the candles and the candle making supplies used for making them, a few things can increase their longevity.

Candle Burning Do's and Don'ts

Also, some do’s, and don’ts can be implemented to make them last longer. Today, we will be looking at some of the tips that can enhance the life of your candles.

Candle Burning Do’s and Don’ts - Candle Burning Tips

You would want your candles to burn clean but the wax used for making them plays a major role in its burning pattern. Therefore, always get the candles that are made from waxes that burn without releasing excessive smoke and soot.

There are some tips that you can follow to prevent the candles from tunneling. You may also follow some things to make the candles burn slowly, enhancing their longevity.

Candle Burning Do’s

Let’s start with the things that you must do to make the candles burn longer without creating any nuisance:

1. Burn The Candles For A Couple Of Hours on The First Use

If you don’t let the candles burn for a sufficient time during the first lighting, they might not burn properly on the second attempt. It is because wax exhibits a memory when it comes to burning.

Therefore, you must allow the wax to burn at least for a couple of hours at the first attempt. After that, it will melt the top layer of the wax fully and evenly.

2. Trim and Centre The Wick Regularly

Trimming the candlewick becomes essential, especially when the wicks are made of cotton. It is because it tends to burn out and release blackish soot. It also results in a bigger flame and burns the wax faster.

Trim the wick before lighting the candles to prevent this from happening. If the wick isn’t centered, it may shift and cause the glass to blacken. Therefore, you must also center it regularly.

3. Do Clean The Glass

Eventually, the glass surrounding makes the candle dark due to excessive smoke and soot. Therefore, you must clean it regularly as it will prevent the light from coming out.

Use soapy water with a cotton ball or pad to clean the stains and ensure that the glass is completely dry and clean before you light the candle again.

4. Do Remove Excess Wax

While burning, some of the wax may come out and affect the burning of the candles. They may also cluster together or stick on the surface of the candles in the form of debris.

You need to remove this excess wax from the candles to let them burn without any issues. Sometimes, the excess wax clippings can catch fire and cause the candle to melt quickly. Removing it increases the candle life.

Candle Burning Don’ts

Some things need to be avoided to enhance the candle life, such as:

1. Don’t Remove The Lids When You Aren’t Using The Candles

When the candles aren’t in use for a long time, dust and dirt particles from the outer surroundings tend to settle on the top surface of the candles. It may cause issues while lighting or may fasten up the burning process.

Therefore, if you want your candles to burn normally without getting too hot, you should avoid removing the lids when they are not in use.

2. Don’t Light in Drafty Areas

Drafts or winds can cause the flame to come off. It may also make the flame flutter and cause excessive smoke while burning. As a result, your candle starts burning rapidly, eventually reducing its life.

To prevent this from happening, you should avoid lighting the candles near the windows, doors, and corridors that experience drafts or winds frequently.

3. Don’t Leave The Candles Unattended

Unattended candles can cause great damage by letting the flame come into contact with inflammable objects. You will never know if a kid or pet might trample on it and get their feet burnt. Therefore, always attend to the candles when they are burning.

Also, if you cannot keep an eye on them, you can blow the flame off and leave. Things can turn ugly soon, and therefore, it is better to be cautious than repent for it later.

4. Don’t Burn The Candles Too Long

Don’t burn the candles for a long time, especially if you light them inside a vessel. It will not only make the wax hot and burn more quickly, but it may also make the vessel too hot.

Therefore, if someone comes into contact with that vessel, it could prove dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t burn the candles for more than 4 hours.


Now that you know the do’s and don’ts while burning candles, you should use these tips while burning a candle at your house. Also, you should try to be more cautious when pets and kids are around the candles. The best place to burn a candle would be to place it at a higher level where kids and pets cannot reach it.

Also, you shouldn’t move the candles while they are burning. It may cause the molten wax to drop and cause burns on your skin. If you follow all these things, you will surely enjoy the aroma and light of your candles conveniently for a longer time.

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