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Wood Spice Fragrance Oil

For Scented Candle, Soap & Incense Stick Making | Skin, Hair, Laundry Products

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Wood Spice Fragrance Oil

Wood Spice Fragrance Oil, a comforting and warm essence, elevates the realms of candle and soap making with its inviting character. When incorporated into candles, it disperses a cozy and earthy aroma, establishing a rustic and homely ambiance. Infused into soaps, it imparts a luxurious and aromatic fragrance, turning the bathing routine into a delightful sensory retreat. Beyond its aromatic charm, Wood Spice Fragrance Oil is esteemed for its potential mood-enhancing effects and its association with a sense of grounding. Whether designing candles for a snug setting or formulating soaps for a comforting bath, this fragrance oil remains a versatile choice, introducing a touch of wood spice charm to your creations.

Wood Spice Fragrance Oil Uses & Benefits

Soap Making

Soap Making

Infuse handmade soaps with Wood Spice Fragrance Oils, adding a sensory dimension to your daily cleansing ritual. Enjoy the delightful scents that turn ordinary tasks into moments of indulgence, leaving your skin cleansed and your senses uplifted.

Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Elevate your space with captivating fragrances like Wood Spice Fragrance Oils in homemade candles. The warm glow enhances the ambiance, creating a cozy atmosphere that immerses your surroundings in delightful scents, providing both visual and olfactory pleasure.

Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners

Transform your living spaces with Wood Spice Fragrance Oils in diffusers, creating an inviting ambiance. Immerse your home in captivating scents that linger in the air, fostering a delightful and refreshing environment.



Craft bespoke perfumes by blending Wood Spice Fragrance Oils. Create a unique and personalized scent that becomes your signature, leaving a lasting and enchanting impression wherever you go.

Cosmetics Care

Cosmetics Care

Introduce delightful fragrances like Wood Spice into cosmetics and skincare products. Elevate your beauty routine with scents that not only enhance product appeal but also offer a sensory indulgence during application, making each use a pampering and luxurious experience.

Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks

Elevate spiritual practices with the soothing scents of Wood Spice Fragrance Oils. Infuse your sacred space with an aromatic tranquility that enhances meditation or ritualistic experiences, creating an ambiance of serenity and connection.

How to Use Wood Spice Fragrance Oil?

  • Aromatic Candle: Make beautifully scented candles by imbuing them with comforting cherry blossom fragrance oil from VedaOils. You only need to mix 25 Gm of fragrance oil for 250 grams of candle wax flakes and let it sit for a few hours. Make sure to measure the quantities accurately so that, the fragrance of the candle doesn't bother sensitivities.
  • Relaxing Aromatic Bath: Relaxful aromatic bath in bathtub helps to calm the mind and body. For the most amazing aromatic bath, just simply add 5-6 drops of cherry blossom fragrance oil in a bathtub having lukewarm water. Henceforth, enjoy the aromatic bath.
  • Scented Soap Making: An fruity-scented soap bar is appreciated by everyone using it. Simply, make the scented soap bar by adding 100 Gm of cherry blossom fragrance oil in a 1 kg soap base and let it sit for a day. Enjoy the good fragranced soap that provides you with a luxurious bathing experience.  
  • Skin Care and Cosmetic Products: Amazingly scented cosmetic and skincare products are liked by all their buyers. Make sure to use cherry blossom fragrance oil in very little proportion so that it doesn't react to the skin and give your products a likable beautiful smell.

Tip: Use the fragrance oil in calculated quantities so that, there would not be any skin irritations or reactions. Also, conduct the necessary tests and patches before you apply any of the products directly to your skin.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Wood Spice Fragrance Oil
Country of Origin:India
Top Notes:Lemon Orange
Heart Notes:Lavender, Ylang ylang
Base Notes:Vanilla, Tonka bean, Sandalwood
Suitable for:Soap & Candle Making, Bath Bombs, Lipsticks, Lip Balms, Facial and Body Scrubs, Creams, Perfume Oils
Packaging Type:As per requirement
Storage:Store in a Cool & Dry place.
Shelf Life:2 years
COA of Lemongrass Fragrance Oil
MSDS of ber Romance Fragrance Oil

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

Buy Wood Spice Fragrance Oil At Wholesale Price

Envelop your space in the warm and comforting embrace of Wood Spice Fragrance Oil. Its rich blend of woody notes and subtle spices creates an inviting aroma that evokes the coziness of a rustic cabin, bringing a touch of nature's warmth indoors.

VedaOils is a leading manufacturer, distributor, supplier, and wholesaler of premium quality Wood Spice Fragrance Oil. We offer all of the fragrance oils on our website at a discounted price and in bulk quantities. We do not add any chemical-based ingredients like SLS, parabens, phthalates, etc., in the manufacturing of our Wood Spice Fragrance Oil.

We follow specific packaging standard methods and quality check measures while packing our high-grade fragrance oil so that you can receive them in perfect condition at your doorsteps. VedaOils offer its Original Wood Spice Fragrance Oil in packages of different quantities (100gm, 500gm, 1kg, 5kg, 10 kg) so that you can order them as per your needs from our website. We export our Wood Spice Fragrance Oil in bulk quantities to various countries like The USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., through our logistics partners DHL, FedEx Blue Dart, India Post, etc.

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