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Wild Grape Flavor Oil

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Wild Grape Flavour Oil

Wild Grape Flavour Oil is the right match for adding a bittersweet exotic flavour to your food items. Extracted from ripe and fresh wild grapes, ideally made to be used in bakery items. Since it is made of natural ingredients only, it is of food-grade quality and safe to use.

Wild grape flavour oil is formulated to be skin-friendly. Therefore, you can add this flavouring agent to your DIY natural products like lip balms and lipsticks. Organic Wild Grape Flavouring Oil has new, succulent notes of stout harmonical wild grapes, which energetically blend with sweet, delightful preparations, plus it is sans gluten.

Grape flavour oil has a relatively high smoke point and a 'clean' taste, our Wild grape flavour oil is oil-soluble so that you can even use it in juices, shakes, and a smoothie. The liquid Grape Food Flavoured Essence is strong enough to provide the desired flavour to your food items, so try to use it in small quantities. Also, this flavouring essence retains its aroma and taste even when used at extremely high temperatures.

Wild Grape Flavour Oil Uses

Lip Care Products

Lip Care Products

Utilization of wild grape taste the oil in the preparation of lip care items now not just offers it a staggering smell but also a characteristic, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free nature.


Uniqueness and the charming, sweet character and fragrance of the wild grape flavour oil can be a phenomenal asset in preparing seasoned candies for kids.
Bakery Products

Bakery Products

New and exemplary sweet character oil will transfer an unprecedented reach and pizazz to your recipes and ends up being particularly useful for seasoning prepared products.
Ice Creams

Ice Creams

Utilizing the sweet character oil by and by high lovely dessert shop items can't most adequately help seasoning them magnificently, including fitness of uniqueness to your bread kitchen.


Add a colossal conventional contort to your frozen yoghurts by adding the wild grape flavour oil to the blend, in this way making your frozen yogurts fragrant and heavenly.


Desserts and baked goods prepared with the utilization of wild grape flavour oil end up being a significant hit at birthday occasions for youths of each sort of event as it empowers the pleasantness to pastries at your festivals.

Wild Grape Flavour Oil Benefits

Fruity Aroma

Fruity Aroma

Wild Grape Flavour Oil doesn't make your lip balms and lipsticks taste sweet as it adds taste just when utilized with sugar. It is utilized in these items to add the fruity smell of newly sliced wild grapes to them.
Safe and Organic

Safe and Organic

Wild Grape Flavoured Oil is defined to be food-grade oil as they don't have any added substances and harmful synthetic mixtures like liquor, gluten, etc. You might utilize this oil with well-being.
For Baked Goods

For Baked Goods

This Flavour Oil is steady and holds its viability, taste and smooth structure even at high temperatures. You can utilize it for enhancing prepared products like cakes, cakes, biscuits, and so forth.
Perfect For Drinks

Perfect For Drinks

Wild grape food flavour oil can be used in a variety of homemade juices, smoothies, and shakes, it does blend well with milk, and therefore, you can use it to add a unique flavour to your drinks.
Exotic Flavour

Exotic Flavour

Wild grape food flavour gives an exotic flavour to chocolates, desserts, and ice creams. It blends with several natural ingredients to give a delectable flavour for food preparations.


Wild grape flavour oil is free from dairy obtained products or any other animal-derived components which makes it a safer option for Vegans. It is also accredited with Kosher and Halal standards.

Product Specifications

Product Name:Wild Grape Flavour Oil
INCI Name:Vitis Vinifera
Raw Material Source:Wild Grape
Manufacturing Process:It is made by combining a natural Wild grape extract with propylene glycol.
Suitable For Flavoring:Cakes, flavored bread, pastries, candies, juices, and other bakery goods and confectioneries.
CAS Number:8024-22-4
GMO:It is GMO-free since no plant-derived ingredients are used for making it.
Tested On Animals?:No
Vegan:As it is free from animal-derived ingredients, vegans can use it without any doubts.
Color:Light Yellow To Dark Yellow
Storage:Store the bottle in a cold and dry place away from direct sunlight for prolonged use.
Shelf Life:1 years

CAUTION: It is meant for external purposes. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and avoid direct contact with eyes.

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

Buy Wild Grape Flavour Oil Online at Wholesale Prices

VedaOils leading manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of premium-quality Wild Grape Flavour Oil, We specialize in both oil and water-soluble flavour oil and our catalog is wide enough to serve all your requirements. Our food-grade flavour oils are gluten-free and naturally prepared. Organic Wild Grape Food Essence does not include any toxins or chemicals that may harm your health in any way. It is free from alcohol, animal-based ingredients, and artificial preservatives. Even vegans may use it as per their requirements.

High stability of essence oils enables you to add them to numerous DIY and commercial products. We are offering Best Wild Grape Food Flavour Oil at cost-effective and wholesale prices for commercial users and also provide discounted rates and offers to make them economical for everyone. Our quick delivery and high standards of quality and packaging enable us to deliver effective and high-quality products at your doorsteps.

Vedaoils Wild Grape Flavoured Oil is available in packages of 0.100 KG, and 1.0 Kilogram through our website, we are exporting them in various countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. Our logistics partners like FedEx, Blue Dart, India Post, DHL, etc that make it possible to deliver our products in real-time.

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