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Tulsi Powder

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Tulsi Powder

Tulsi powder is made from the leaves of Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) which is popularly known by the name Holy Basil. This herb is predominantly found in South Asia and has been used as a key ingredient by Ayurveda practitioners of India since ages. Its powerful antibacterial and other nutritional properties make it one of the best cosmetic ingredients of recent times. You will find this powder in many beauty care and anti-aging applications these days.

Tulsi leaf powder is used for making herbal teas, It comes in a fine powdered form and has a typical herbal aroma that has a positive influence on your respiration. Tulsi powder cleanses your skin deeply to remove dirt, dust, and other toxins from your skin pores. It also removes the excess oil from the skin and proves to be the best for individuals who have oily skin.

Color of tulsi powder is light green and it blends with many herbal powders and natural ingredients.As a result, it is widely used in DIY skin treatments like face masks, face creams, etc. Only the highest standards of quality and purity are employed to provide the best quality products to our customers.

Face creams, lotions, skin protection creams, sunscreens, face masks, shampoos, conditioners, and hair oil can contain Tulsi powder as one of the active ingredients. Tulsi leaves powder, also known as holy basil, which promotes optimal function of the lungs and heart, removes excess kapha from lungs and upper respiratory tract, promotes clear comfortable breathing. Buy 100% Pure Tulsi powder online from Vedaoils.

Organic Tulsi Powder Benefits

  • Skin Whitening Properties:You can obtain a clear and blemish-free face as it heals pimples and acne from your skin. Your skin becomes healthy and you will also notice a beautiful glow on your face on using it regularly.
  • Tulsi Powder for Skin Care: Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it one of the key cosmetic ingredients that are used for treating skin issues like acne and breakouts. You can also make a face pack by mixing it with rosewater and sandalwood powder to keep skin issues at bay.
  • Anti-aging Properties: Tulsi herbal powder is powerful enough to reverse the symptoms of premature aging. It rejuvenates your skin and imparts a youthful appearance to it and therefore, can be added to anti-aging products.
  • Tulsi Powder Prevent Hair Loss: You can also natural tulsi powder in your hair oil to prevent hair loss or to get relief from dandruff. Premature hair greying can also be prevented by using Tulsi powder in your hair care regime.

Product Specifications

INCI Name: Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum) Powder
Raw Material Source: Tulsi Leaves
Manufacturing Process: Tulsi leaves are dried first and then crushed and processed to obtain a fine powder that is free from chemicals, additives, and fillers. It is 100% organic and skin-friendly.
Tested On Animals?: No
GMO: GMO-free but not certified for it.
Vegan: Vegans can use it because it does not contain any animal-derived components.
Shelf Life: 2 years

CAUTION: Organic tulsi powder can be only used for external purposes. Therefore, do not ingest it and store it in a cold, dark, and dry place for maintaining its effectiveness for a long time.

Packaging Sizes

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