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Menthol Crystal Bold (Edible Grade)

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Menthol Crystal Bold (Edible Grade)

Menthol Crystals Bold (Edible Grade)


These Menthol Crystals are made from the mint essential oil and are 100% pure and chemical-free. It does not contain phosphates and other additives that make it safe for regular use.

They are used to add a minty fragrance and freshness to skincare and hair care products. However, since they are of edible grade, you can also add them to toothpastes, mouthwashes, and other personal care products as flavoring agents. 

These crystals are clear white to slightly foggy in appearance and have a fresh and minty fragrance. They can be dissolved in both oils and alcohols. The melting point of these crystals ranges from 42 to 44-degree Celsius. 

We provide only premium quality products to deliver the best results to our customers. These Menthol Crystals are of USP grade and can be used for making inhalers, analgesic balms, mouth fresheners, perfumes, and cough syrups.

Therefore, they prove to be one of the multi-purpose ingredients in both the medical and cosmetic industries. Due to their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, these crystals are used in ointments and lotions that are formulated to heal joint pain and muscle stress.


  • Menthol crystals have been a vital component of medical practices since ancient times. Its strong odor makes it a primary ingredient of products that are formulated to cure congestion. 
  • They have a cooling effect on your skin and therefore, you can use them to heal skin inflammation and irritation. Due to the same properties, these crystals can even be added to hair care products as they can soothe scalp irritation. 
  • As the friction caused by the raw crystals can damage your skin, they need to be melted or crushed into a very fine powder while using them in ointments. Since they melt in oil, you can blend them in suitable oil which is mild for healing skin inflammation. 
  • When blended with Aloe Vera extracts, these crystals prove to be effective enough to cure sunburns. You can also use them to soothe the pain caused by cuts and minor injuries by blending them in a suitable carrier oil.
  • When you infuse an essential oil with menthol crystals, it can prove to be effective in soothing sore and strained muscle groups. Its expectorant properties can be utilized to cure cough, cold, and sore throat. 
  • It also possesses antibacterial properties that can be utilized to increase the cleansing properties of your toothpastes and mouthwashes. Its minty fragrance provides relief from bad breath as well. 
  • You can also use them in aromatherapy to get relief from anxiety and stress. You can blend them into an essential oil and massage on your head for getting instant relief from headache. 
  • Avoid contact with eyes as it might cause severe irritation. Also, if you are suffering from skin allergies or ailments then it is better to consult a skin specialist before using the menthol crystals. 


How to use it?

As these crystals have a powerful minty fragrance, you need to use it with caution. The recommended use level can range between 0,2 and 10% and add when the emulsions are in oil-phase or have been cool down below 50-degree Celsius. 


Lotions, ointments, balms, cooling gels, scalp treatment, skin protection products, etc. can contain the menthol crystals as one of the key ingredients. 

Raw material source: Peppermint Oil

Manufacturing process:

The Menthol Crystals are manufactured by the rapid cooling of peppermint oil. The crystals obtained from this method are then filtered by using the filtration process.

Tested on animals? No

 GMO: These crystals are GMO-free but they are not certified for that. 


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