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Lily Absolute Oil

Lily Absolute Oil

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Lily Absolute Oil

Lily Absolute Oil is rich, decorative, subtle aroma produced from the flowers, it is used for perfumery, it cures Cuperosis, it is used for massage, a face moisturizer and an under eye oil.

  • It is a premium-quality absolute oil that is extracted by cold pressing flowers and petals of Lily plant.
  • Aroma – It has a nice, floral, rich, and stimulating fragrance.
  • Applications – It is mostly used in cosmetics and while making perfumes.
  • Other uses – This oil can remove dark circles from your eyes and it can also be used as a face moisturizer. It is suitable for massages as well.
  • Caution – Do not apply this oil directly on the skin. Always dilute it with a suitable carrier oil and perform a small patch test on the elbow before using on face or other parts of the body.
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