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Galangal essential oil is steam distilled from the rhizomes (roots) and possesses similar properties to those of Ginger essential oil.Galangal is a reed-like plant reaching a height if 1m with irregularly branched rhizomes (mass of roots). It is a relative of the ginger plant and is used in various Asian and Indonesian cuisines. Though it is related to and resembles ginger there is little similarity in taste. It is also known as Chinese ginger, galanga root and galingale. Used in England from the time of the Crusades, having been brought back from the Middle East, Galangal warrants a mention in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and is used quite frequently in The Forme of Cury, a recipe book written by the cooks of Richard.

Body : Galangal is beneficial for the digestive system and is indicated in the British herbal Pharmacopoeia for dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, nausea, and vomiting including travel sickness. It also beneficial to the circulation and can help with stiffness in the joints and muscles.

Species : Alpina officinarum

Plant family : Zingiberaceae

Origin : China

Note : Middle

Extraction method : Steam distilled

Safety Note : Avoid during pregnancy and while breast feeding. Do not use on children

Skin : n/a

Mind : Galangal is a stimulating essential oil that can be beneficial for fatigue.

Blends well with : Chamomile, Cinnamon, Lavender, Pine, Rosemary.

Directions : Take few drops of oil, rub it on palm and apply on hair or skin. Absorbs quickly without leaving an oily or greasy feeling.

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