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Coco Glucoside

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Coco Glucoside

Coco Glucoside or Cocoyl Glucoside is a surfactant of non-ionic form. This surface-active agent is made from pure coconut. It is a type of alkyl glucoside, which is produced by mixing coconut alcohol with some kind of sugar, glucose, or glucose polymer under a certain acidic condition till a cloudy liquid-like solution is obtained. Coco-Glucoside is an ultra-mild cleansing agent that is viscous and appears light yellow to golden in color.

Coco-Glucoside is a combination of fatty alcohols which is produced out of Coconut (c8-16) and glucose (sugar/starch). It is compatible with other surfactant classes like anionic, cationic, amphoteric, and non-ionic. It also possesses potent thickening properties and it can also be blended with other types of natural thickeners like Carrageenan Gum, Xanthan Gum, etc. This surfactant produces a very satisfactory level of foam which makes it an excellent cleansing agent.

Foaming and cleansing abilities of Cocoyl Glucoside are designed for fragile or sensitive skin. Being ultra-mild and gentle nourishes and conditions the skin, which makes it an excellent choice for the formulation of skincare, personal hygiene, and toiletry products. As Coconut Glucoside is natural, it can easily replace the synthetic surfactants that are used in cosmetic products.

Coco Glucoside Uses

Face Wash

Face Wash

Foaming and cleansing abilities of Coco Glucoside are used for making skincare products like face washes, cleansers, and even face masks. Products containing this surfactant agent attract the impurities and toxins from the skin and flush them off easily.


Coco Glucoside is used to make shampoo and hair cleansers because they can lift and rinse away the impurities from the scalp. It also cleanses the filth and grime that gets stuck in the hair strands without causing any hair damage like breakage or split ends.
Body Cleanser

Body Cleanser

Dispersant and surfactant has potent cleansing and purifying properties and that is why it is used to make body cleansers like body wash and shower gels. These products not only take out the impurities from the skin but also condition and nourish it.
Baby Products

Baby Products

Coco glucoside is made from sustainable and plant-based ingredients that are very mild and gentle on the skin, therefore, it is used to make baby products like soaps, creams, shampoo, and even massage oils. These products are completely safe to apply to the baby’s skin.
Facial Creams

Facial Creams

Soothing and conditioning properties of Coco Glucoside are used to make facial creams and moisturizers which makes the skin soft and supple. It also helps the skin to retain water and reduce skin-related problems like irritation, cracking, and peeling.
Shaving Foams

Shaving Foams

Coco Glucoside forms an exceptional foam that is generally stable and fine and therefore it is used to make shaving foams. This grooming product contains a foam that has a very smooth and creamy texture thus it makes the shaving process effortless.

Coco Glucoside Benefits



Cocoyl Glucoside proves to be a good replacement for synthetic foaming ingredients as it is made from natural ingredients so it does not have any side effects. Moreover, it is not harsh on the skin and hair. Moreover, it does not even cause dryness or irritation on the skin.
Rich Moisturizer

Rich Moisturizer

Coco-Glucoside is suitable for all skin types as it is made from fatty alcohol which is derived from coconut oil. The conditioning and nourishing qualities of this fatty alcohol, prove to be a rich moisturizer as well. Due to its mild properties, it can also be used in baby care products.
Remove Dirt & Impurities

Remove Dirt & Impurities

Cocoyl Glucoside cleanses your skin gently and removes all the dust, dirt, bacteria, etc. from your skin pores and hair follicles. The natural oil content present in this cleanser acts as a magnetic force for all the impurities and toxins which get accumulated on the skin.


Coco Glucoside is made from sustainable and biodegradable products that do not pose to beneficial for the environment. This surfactant does not comprise components that are animal-derived or chemical-based ingredients so it is safe for the body as well as the environment.
Soothing Properties

Soothing Properties

Surface-active agent is one of the most soothing raw materials because of its non-greasy hydrating properties and excellent conditioning abilities which prevent skin from drying out. Coco Glucoside also effectively helps to smooth out the patchy and damaged skin.
Increases Viscosity

Increases Viscosity

Coconut Glucoside is used in a variety of products to enhance the Emulsify formulations and viscosity of the products. This product also imparts a creamier and smoother texture to the formula so it makes them a lot easier to apply on skin as well as hair.

Product Specifications

Raw Material Source: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil (derived from Kernels), and Glucose.
Manufacturing Process: Fatty Alcohols obtained from Coconut Oil (C16 and C8) and Glucose (Starch) are combined to form Cocoyl Glucoside.
Chemical Formula: C16H32O6
CAS Number: 141464-42-8
INCI Name: Coco Glucoside
Molecular Weight: 320.42168
PH Level: 11.5–12.5
Grade Standard: Technical Grade
Shelf Life: 24 months
Alternative Names: Coco-Glucosid, Coco-glucósido.
Solubility: Yes
Applications: Shampoos, skin conditioners, hair conditioners, creams, lotions, makeup products, moisturizers, etc. contain this ingredient.

CAUTION: It is meant for external purposes. Keep it away from the reach of your kids and avoid direct contact with eyes.

Packaging Sizes

Please Note: The packaging shown above is a General Representation of the various sizes and types of packaging available for this product. Not all sizes and types of packaging for this product maybe available at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: Is coco glucoside comedogenic?
    A: Coco Glucoside is non-comedogenic because it does not clog or blocks the pores on the skin.
  • Q: Is coco glucoside surfactant safe?
    A: Yes, Coco Glucoside is completely safe for the skin as well as the hair because it is made from natural ingredients.
  • Q: Is cocoyl glucoside natural?
    A: Coco Glucoside is completely natural and chemical-free because it does not contain any chemicals or toxins.
  • Q: Is coconut glucoside good for skin?
    A: Yes, Coco Glucoside is good for the skin because it has excellent foaming abilities. It also cleanses the skin and makes it super soft.
  • Q: Is this product bad for hair?
    A: No, Coco Glucoside is good for hair as it is used to cleanse the impurities and dirt from the hair.
  • Q: Where to buy coco glucoside in bulk?
    A: We at VedaOils offer the finest quality coco glucoside which is completely safe for the health. Because we are a leading bulk manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of coco glucoside, we make it available at a discounted price on our website. To place an order for it, you can check out our website.
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