Calendula Hydrosol Water

Calendula Hydrosol Water

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Calendula Hydrosol Water

What is hydrosols?

A hydrosol is the aromatic water (Floral Waters) that remains after producing an essential oil via steam or water distillation.

The plant matter used in essential oil distillation imparts the hydrosol with water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties of the plant.

Unlike essential oils that should be diluted prior to application to the skin, hydrosols are much gentler than their essential oil counterparts and can generally be used directly on the skin without further dilution.

Hydrosols can be used in place of water creating natural fragrances, lotion, creams, facial toners and other skin care products. 


We manufacture our waters with their therapeutic value to the skin and body in mind, we do not market our waters as a scent additive - though of course all waters will have a unique scent .... some will be significantly lighter in scent than others will - this is because of the plant material they are steamed from. If you are looking for a scent additive for your formulation that is water based, I would suggest checking out our Essential Water categories instead of hydrosol waters. Essential waters are designed to add a scent "throw" into your formulations, whereas hydrosol waters are designed more for their benefits to the skin -- their natural scent is just a bonus.

All forms of calendula products are used in the beauty care industry. This is no wonder, since it holds a variety of therapeutic benefits. As a facial toner, this flower is said to help stimulate the growth of collagen that our body naturally produces and looses over time. As our skin looses collagen, the appearance of wrinkles and lines are more profound. Calendula is also anti-bacterial and assistants with topical pain management of minor skin abrasions and small cuts. Try using this as a spray, directly on your skin - or add to any beauty care recipe.

Country of Origin USA
Cultivation Certified Organic
Extraction Method Steam Distilled
Plant Part(s) Flowers
Botanical Family Asteraceae

Calendula hydrosol can also be used with animals for skin conditions. The distiller tells us that Calendula hydrosol is both anti-bacterial and a general anti-microbial.

Benefits: Suitable for skin disorders, rashes, hot spots, epidermal healing, scratches, sunburn and as skin tonic. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and astringent.


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