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Coffee Soap Recipe - Easy Steps to Make Coffee Soap

Coffee is one of the highest-selling beverages in the world. Are you a coffee lover? Do you also love the high rush of caffeine in your blood streams? Well, if you are. you are going to be amazed to know that the coffee you consume daily can not only run through the veins but also can be rubbed on the surface of your skin.

Yup, you read that right! Soap is something that you cannot skip if you are a hygiene enthusiast and you must have explored a lot of options to know what does not suit your skin! Can you imagine the combination? The strength and the base together to get you going for the day! Let's find out!

4 Best Coffee Soap Benefits For Skin

You must have come across the power caffeine holds. The energy it spreads has won millions of hearts. We shall today see what the combination of caffeine and soap can do to your skin!

1.Timeless Skin:

When coffee is added to one’s daily skincare routine, like a cleansing soap, it can do wonders for your skin. Reduces dryness, puffiness, dullness, and more. Coffee can restore the skin's radiance and make you look younger by increasing blood flow to the skin's surface.

2. Anti-Bacterial:

Coffee’s anti-oxidants, stimulants, and chlorogenic acids make it a potent acne-fighting agent. Elevated oil, dead skin cells, and therapeutic agent products that clog the pores can all aggravate acne.

Scrubbing the face gently with a coffee soap can help to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and fight against the accumulated bacteria on your skin.

3. Dark Circles And Skin Burns:

Coffee has anti-inflammatory properties which not only help with inflammation condition on your skin but also it eases the pain.Helps your skin to have a soothing effect. When the skin is overexposed to the sun, coffee soap can act as a savior. Not only the burns but the puffy dark circles under the eyes can be reduced by the ability to dilate or widen, the blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface.

4. Reduced Exfoliant And Combatant For Cancer:

Coffee is high in Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3. The vitamin here helps to fight non-melanoma skin cancers and other unwanted skin growths. Coffee soaps can be used as cancer-fighting bars. Coffee along with the soap can get rid of skin dryness and can make it vibrant and flawless. As coffee improves circulation and thus helps in stimulating blood flow.

How to Make Coffee Soap at Home? DIY Recipe

Are you not curious how come coffee mixes into the soap and can be transformed from a smooth drink to a solid bar? Well, you can try this intriguing transformation at your home. Above all, you can make it too! Let's see how!

It starts with melt-and-pour base soap which works out fine without lye. To start with something, we have chosen a shea butter soap base for an easy layer. Goat milk soap base is not used due to the floating of ingredients at the top whereas shea butter soap has the ingredients settle down at the bottom making the work easy. Ingredients: There are only three ingredients required in the coffee soap recipe.


Types of Equipment:

  • Large Measuring Cup
  • Soap Knife
  • Silicone Soap Mold(you can use any type but silicon are the best molds to be used in the soap-making process)
  • Spatula (non-resistant)

Coffee Soap Recipe:

Step 1: Cleaning, drying, and spritzing with alcohol a square silicon mold or whichever shape you prefer. Now, cut 1 pound of shea butter soap base into cubes that are approximately 12-1 inches.

Step 2: Place the slice of shea butter soap base in a large measuring cup for safe melting and easy pouring of the solution. Now you need to melt the base, you can use the microwave for time-saving or you can heat it on a medium flame. Make sure to be careful and do not burn your hand in the process. If possible have gloves when you handle it.

Step 3: Keep stirring while the base is melting you would not want any lumps in it for the better shape and mix. Immediately remove the melted soap base from the burner or microwave and stir in 30-40 drops of coffee essential oil and 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract or essential oil to 20-30 drops, if you desire to do so.

Step 4: Now use the spatula to combine the ingredients, do remember to choose heat resistant spatula. Now add ¼ cubes of coffee grounds to the mixture. Stir continuously and thoroughly.

Step 5: Before the mix begins to harden, pour the vanilla coffee soap into the pre-prepared silicone molds. You can distribute it into different sections and make sure not to overflow the solution.

Step 6: If necessary, spritz the soap with rubbing alcohol to remove any bubbles created in the process. Allow the mix or the mold to cool for 2-3 hours before you touch it again.

Similarly, you can choose different flavors and essential oils to customize the soap according to your preference and tada you are an official coffee soap maker!


Coffee is intriguing and the soap in the picture makes it more lathery and smooth.The description above has been explained to give you a fine experience to experiment and learn something new. Hope you try this at your home and can enjoy the process with the same enthusiasm and vigor as the source. Enjoy your soap coffees!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have a weird smell?

A. No, it has a good smell as there is essential oil mixed. If you want you can add vanilla or any other flavor of your choice.

Q: Will it work?

A. Well that you will know when you buy. But yes it will.

Q: Is it good for summer?

A. Yes of course!

Q: Is it animal fat-free?

A. Yes , it is.

Q: Can we use it on the face?

A. Yes, it has excellent attributes to keep your skin healthy.

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