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Caustic Soda For Soap Making - How To Make Caustic Soda Soap?

Making soap at home is a rewarding and enjoyable activity that can also be turned into a business. But can you use caustic soda for soap making. Making soap involves expertise and a certain amount of practice. Caustic soda, often known as lye, is used to create soaps that must cure for close to a month before being used.

Caustic soda for Soap making

You can create a one-of-a-kind mixture by adding your favorite components, fragrance oils, essential oils, and herbs when you make your soap. In this blog, we will show you can create your very own soap using caustic soda.

Benefits Of Using Caustic Soda In Soap Making

What are the benefits of using caustic soda for soap making you may wonder? Sodium hydroxide may help saponify the oils. In other words, it aids in making soap by assisting the oils and fats to foam and lather. Without it, your soap would consist of a jumble of different oils and fats that aren't blended into a single product.

Benefit Of Using Caustic Soda In Soap Making

Additionally, it is used sparingly to create and maintain a product's pH. Skin typically has an acidity between 4 and 7 and tends to be acidic. Caustic soda provides an additional layer of defense against environmental elements, including allergies, pollutants, and bacteria, and is also provided by maintaining this acidity, often known as the "acid mantle."

How To Use Caustic Soda For Soap Making - Step By Step Recipes

Making soaps at home gives you a feeling of accomplishment like no other, but how to go about it. Let's see how to use caustic soda for soap in this section, making a step-by-step guide.

1. Open & Cut Soap Base

Caustic soda for Soap making

Cut the Caustic Soda Soap Base into small chunks of 1 inch (2.54-centimeter) with a clean, sharp knife. You do not have to cut it into the exact size, but make sure the pieces are manageable, as small chunks will help the soap base melt faster and smoother.

2. Melt Soap Base In Microwave

Melt Soap Base In Microwave

Place caustic soda Soap base chunks in a microwave-safe dish and melt the soap base for 3 minutes. Set the timer to 3 minutes and stop every 30 seconds to check the soap base. Stir once or twice if required. Do not boil the caustic soda Melt and Pour the soap base or put it directly on the flames.

3. Add Oils To Melted Soap Base

Caustic soda for Soap making

After the caustic soda soap base is melted, let it cool down for a few minutes. Now add your favorite Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils to attain your soap's desired fragrance and qualities. Make sure to use oils that are pure and safe for use.

4. Mix Ingredients In Melted Soap Base

Caustic soda for Soap making

Stir in soap-making ingredients such as Pigment powder, Colors, or Dry Flowers to give your soap a unique essence if desired. Use ⅛ teaspoon of dye or pigment powder per 1 pound (450 grams) of soap. Stir it well before you move on to the next step.

5. Pour Soap Base Into Mold

Caustic soda for Soap making

Now all additives are added to the caustic soda soap base. Mix it well and pour it into your desired soap-making molds. If you use a plastic mold, coat the inside with petroleum jelly for effortless results. Soap needs to rest for 24 hours, and it also needs two weeks of curing.

6. Release Soap Base From Mold

Caustic soda for Soap making

Remember that patience is a virtue; do not lose it when removing soap from the mold. Instead, carefully separate the soap from the mold's borders before flipping the mold over and removing the soap. Give the caustic soda soap time to dry completely. Don't forget to wait 3–4 weeks for it to cure before utilizing it.

Precaution While Using Caustic Soda In Soap Making

  • Consult your doctor before using soda ash or sodium carbonate in your house. The chemical may interact with other medications you are taking, even though it is often not hazardous. It would help if you got guidance before taking sodium carbonate since this interaction may harm your health.
  • Before using this product at home or others, take the time to learn how it could affect your health.
  • Steer clear of any containers with warning labels concerning their salt levels.
  • ALWAYS wear eye protection (goggles) and rubber gloves. Clothing should consist of a long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks, and shoes.
  • AVOID inhaling the fumes and particles generated when adding potassium or sodium hydroxide to the water.


So, you have seen how to use caustic soda for soap making. Caustic soda, or sodium hydroxide, is an alkaline substance used to saponify fats and oils and maintain pH equilibrium. Many skin care products, including soaps, cosmetics, cleansers, and lotions, include it. Making soaps using caustic soda is incredibly easy, and you can try it out yourself! Get some caustic soda from VedaOils and treat yourself to nourishing homemade soaps!

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