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White Vinegar Uses for Skin - DIY Recipes & Benefits

white vinegar uses for skin

Vinegar is a common household name today but many people don't know about benefits it provides to skin. Apart from giving a beautiful glow to your skin, white vinegar uses for all skin issues. It
is much cheaper than Apple Cider Vinegar and possesses many properties that prove to be beneficial for skin.

White Vinegar comprises anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective against rashes and itchiness. It soothes skin and also helps to maintain its pH level. Therefore, the trend of using White Vinegar in DIY skincare recipes has already set in. For more details about White Vinegar including the way of application and precautions, please continue reading.

White Vinegar Fights with Skin Problems

White Vinegar rejuvenates your skin and keeps multiple skin issues at bay. It is loaded with fungicidal and bactericidal properties that make it effective for preventive skin care purposes. Some of the main skin problems that can be controlled with White Vinegar are highlighted below:

white vinegar uses for skin problems

  1. Skin Whitening: Antibacterial properties of White Vinegar prove to be effective against scars and blemishes. It promotes a clear complexion by eliminating toxins from it. Therefore, using white vinegar regularly in skincare regime will improve complexion. Apart from improving complexion, it also improves texture of skin and lightens dark spots.
  1. Rash: Healing and soothing effects of white vinegar make it effective against rashes and redness of the skin. It soothes minor cuts and wounds and proves to be effective against flakiness of skin as well. By keeping the pH level under control, it prevents your skin from becoming overly dry or oily.
  1. Fungus: You may use white vinegar against fungal infections as it contains powerful antifungal properties. It works against foot odor and bad smell emanating out of sweat and dust. You can just clean your feet with it before wearing socks and shoes to tackle foot odor effectively.
  1. Pigmentation: Use white vinegar as face toner and helps to maintain an even tone for face. Just mix it with water and apply it on face before going to bed to get an even, clean, and clear complexion. The astringent properties of White Vinegar tighten your pores and improve blood circulation to give you radiant-looking skin.
  1. Infection: White vinegar uses for skin can cure infections owing to its antibacterial properties. It soothes sunburns and fastens the process of healing cuts and wounds. This becomes possible due to anti-inflammatory properties of vinegar. Antiseptic properties of white vinegar prevent wounds and cuts from becoming septic.
  1. Heals Damage Skin: Skin regenerative properties of white vinegar make it capable of healing dry and damaged skin. It nourishes skin and also minimizes imperfections due to the presence of acetic and hydroxy acids. It also protects your skin from further damage by fortifying acid mantle of skin and acts as protective shield from toxins.
  1. Acne: Include White Vinegar use for skin treatment of acne and pimples as it kills bacteria that are responsible for their formation. It is also effective against warts and purifies skin totally by removing excess oil and dirt. Moreover, it does job of lightening acne scars and minimizes wrinkles and fine lines too.
  1. Skin Tightening: Skin tightening properties of White Vinegar reduce the size of skin pores and gives smooth and healthy-looking skin. It prevents blisters and promotes skin regeneration as well. If you are suffering from itching or skin irritation, applying a diluted mixture of White Vinegar and water will provide instant relief.
  1. Exfoliates skin: Exfoliating properties of White Vinegar eliminate dead skin cells from outer layer of skin. It gives fresh, clean, and youthful skin. You can also apply the face mask containing White Vinegar for treating flaky and dry skin. It also purifies skin from toxins like pollutants, dust, and dirt.
  1. Acne Scars: White Vinegar works against all types of blemishes and scars. The powerful healing and skin regenerating properties of this ingredient make it effective for healing acne scars. If there are any unwanted marks of cuts or injuries, it gets healed completely by including it in your skincare routine.

White Vinegar Uses for Skin

White Vinegar can be incorporated in numerous skincare recipes like face masks, face packs, face scrubs, etc. However, only blend it with natural ingredients to get instant freshness without any side effects.

white vinegar face mask

White Vinegar Face Mask 

Prepare a face mask with White Vinegar and Bentonite Clay in just two minutes. No need for any other ingredients and these two ingredients are capable enough of handling multiple skin issues.


  •       White Vinegar - 1 tbsp.
  •       Bentonite Clay/Fuller’s Earth - 2 tbsp.

Directions: Mix the ingredients well and apply it as a thick paste on your face. Cover the entire area and apply the face mask in a circular motion. Wash your face after 10 minutes and experience a rejuvenating and refreshing feeling. This face mask removes the impurities from your skin pores and White Vinegar does the job of balancing the pH level.

white vinegar face cleanser

White Vinegar Face Cleanser 

Instead of using artificial foaming face wash or face cleanser, use white vinegar face cleanser infused with natural goodness. It will not only cleanse germs, bacteria, and other toxins from your skin but will also improve its texture naturally. You can also use this face cleanser as a makeup remover to obtain a clean and fresh looking face after removing makeup.


  • White Vinegar - 1 tbsp.
  • Warm distilled water - ¼ cup 

Directions: Add 1 tbsp. of White Vinegar to 1⁄4 cup of warm water and mix it nicely. Fill it in a spray bottle and spray it all over your face. Tap in gently to ensure that the solution gets soaked in your skin cells completely. No need to wash your face after cleansing it as it contains enough water already to flush out the toxins.

white vinegar use for acne scar remover

White Vinegar Acne Scar Remover 

Acne scars are rigid and do not fade away easily. However, the natural acids present in White Vinegar disintegrate these scars and help them to fade away eventually. The astringent properties of White Vinegar promote cell regeneration and boost blood flow to provide a clear and spotless complexion to your skin! 


  • Rosewater - ½ cup 
  • White Vinegar - 2 tbsp.

Directions: Mix White Vinegar and Rose water and fill the solution in a bottle installed with a spray pump. Clean your face thoroughly first and then pat it dry. Spray the liquid on your face and massage it gently over the scars and blemishes. Once again wash your face with lukewarm water after a couple of minutes. This DIY recipe will make your scars disappear within a couple of weeks! 

white vinegar body lotion

White Vinegar Body Lotion 

Body lotion infused with the therapeutic properties of White Vinegar prove to be excellent for your skin. It makes your skin smooth and soothes dryness and irritation instantly. Pour a few drops of White Vinegar directly in the body lotion or follow the below steps to make DIY body lotions at home! 


  • Coconut Oil - 2 tbsp.
  • White Vinegar - 1 tbsp. 
  • Shea Butter - 2 ounce  

Directions: Melt 2 to 3 ounces of Shea butter and add Coconut Oil and White Vinegar to it. Whisk it thoroughly and let the mixture cool down. Apply the lotion all over your body and experience the texture of your skin improving after using it regularly for a week. 

Precautions for using White Vinegar for Skin

As White Vinegar contains acids that can erode your skin, always dilute it before applying it to the skin. Do not apply it over cracked and damaged skin. Do not leave it on your face overnight. Wash face packs and face masks containing White Vinegar after 10 minutes to avoid any side effects.


White Vinegar is widely uses for skin care routine. It is excellent for skin if you follow some precautionary methods and tips. Also, get it only from authentic sources as poor quality or impure White Vinegar can harm your skin. White Vinegar suits all skin types as it works for dry, combination, and oily skin.

However, be careful while choosing ingredients for DIY skincare recipes as you should select only ingredients that are suitable for your skin. If you are not sure of any ingredient that you are mixing with White Vinegar, perform a patch test before proceeding with entire routine. Include White Vinegar in skincare regime and experience both short and long-term benefits!

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