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Shadow Box for Dried Flowers - Steps to Make Dried Flower Shadowbox Art

A shadow box is a wonderful way to present personal items like memories, collections, bouquets, or flowers in a way that is both lovely and meaningful. A shadow box, unlike a typical picture frame, can retain three-dimensional objects due to its depth, making it a fantastic container for handcrafted crafts like this one.

Our easy-to-make dried flowers shadow box would be a great ornamental addition to your wall or bookshelf or a meaningful present for someone. Our simple guide will show you how to make this magnificent work of floral art memento.

Best Dried Flowers For Shadow Box

Best Dried Flowers For Making Shadow Box

With so many beautiful flowers available, how do you decide which ones will go best with your shadow box? As always, we are here to help! Here’s the list of the best dried flowers for making a shadow box. Read on!

1.) Dried Hibiscus Flower

A friend to human health and beauty is dried hibiscus flower (also known as dried hibiscus tea), which contains 100% hibiscus flower components. These dried flowers have a lovely flavour that is ideal for relaxed periods. They make amazing ingredients for dried flower art as well.

2.) Dried Lavender Flowers

Lavender is grown entirely organically, plucked by farmers by hand, and dried naturally to preserve the blossoms' inherent beauty. Dried lavender flowers contain no extra ingredients, keeps the lavender's natural flowery scent, which is incredibly soothing and helps lower blood pressure. Ideal for use as picture props, gift box decorations, home décor, and business decor. They may be used to make sachets as well.

3.) Dried Rose Flowers

Yeats says that rose flowers are a marvel because of their beauty, but they are also a miracle because of their medical and ayurvedic powers. Along with having a nice calming perfume, they also offer vitamins and antioxidants that can help heal and soothe the skin. They make for amazing shadow boxes!

4.) Dried Rose Petals

Rose Petals may infuse creativity into DIY projects for the home, such as photo frames, vases, resin art, and nail art. They also enhance the qualities of the finished items with their vivid colours and lifelike effects. Dried rose petals may be used to decorate for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, as well as for ideas like bouquets and resin decorating pieces.

5.) Dried Lotus Flowers

Dried lotus flowers can be used as a garnish, decoration, and flavouring for beverages. In addition, because it is organic, you may use it to produce a face mask and hair mask. Their uses are wide and varied.

Dried Flowers For Shadow Box

How to Make Dried Flower Shadowbox Art?

This project is simple enough for anybody to finish at home, and since you'll be using a pre-made shadow box, no carpentry experience is necessary! and you may add whatever flowers you like to make it your own.

What You Need
  • Wood Shadowbox
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Decorative Paper
  • Hot Glue
  • Metal Hanger
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Dried Flowers

Step 1: Get Your Shadow Box Ready

This project is made exceedingly simple by a pre-built shadow box. Prepare the shadow box for painting. To make a whitewash, combine water and acrylic white paint in a bowl. Apply this with a brush to the shadowbox's exterior. After that, leave it alone to dry.

Step 2: Create The Backdrop

Cut a piece of ornamental paper to fit inside the box once it has dried fully, then attach it using hot glue. We advise picking a colour that won't overly draw attention away from the flowers and has a modest design.

Step 3: Include A Hanger

Once the paper is fastened, use your hammer to carefully attach a metal sawtooth hanger to the box's rear. This makes it simple to hang the shadowbox on the wall.

You can even get a variety of shadowboxes in different sizes to form an eye-catching floral gallery wall for your presentation.

Step 4: Select Your Flowers

Choose the dried flowers you wish to use for the project after the frame is finished. If you'd like, you may dry your own flowers at home or buy a set of dried flowers online. To ensure that no bloom is longer than the display box, cut the flower stems to a range of lengths.

Step 5: Add Your Flowers

When the display is complete, begin by packing the box with the shortest stems first. Each stem should have a little amount of glue applied to the end to attach it to the paper that lines the box using a hot glue gun. Till the glue hardens, press and hold each blossom.

Longer-stemmed flowers may be added on top of the initial layer, and you can keep doing this until you're satisfied with how the arrangement appears. Use the hook on the back to hang your artwork in your house once all the flowers are affixed and the glue has completely cured.


Once put together, it is such a great memento or souvenir. A shadow box is transformed into a significant work of art by the addition of dried flowers. If you're wondering where to get some dried flowers for yourself then look no further. VedaOils has a collection of some amazing dried flowers for your DIY crafts projects.


Q. How do you dry flowers for a shadow box?

A. You can get dried flowers online. You can even dry flowers with the help of silica gel.

Q. How do you dry rose petals for a shadow box?

A. The complete bouquet can be dried, or the petals can be delicately removed one by one from the stems, placed in a basin, and left to dry in a dry spot. Rose petals that have been dried have several applications.

Q. How long do dried flowers last in a box?

A. Although it may vary depending on the bloom, dried flowers often survive 1-3 years! You'll be able to enjoy your lovely blossoms for years as long as they are taken care of correctly, handled gently, and kept out of direct sunlight, wind, and humid conditions.

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