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Ratanjot Powder For Hair - Natural Haircare Solution

Ratanjot, which is also known as alkanet, is a spice that is mostly used to add a distinct flavour to chicken recipes. Due to its deep red colour, it is also used as a natural food colour. However, very few people know about its benefits for hair.

Ratanjot Powder For Hair Growth

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of ratanjot powder for hair. We will also discuss the ratanjot powder uses for hair when it comes to treating different hair issues.

Ratanjot Powder For Hair Growth

Ratanjot powder can be used in your DIY hair care recipes. It cures scalp infections and promotes healthy growth of hair follicles. Ratanjot powder can be added to coconut oil to maximise its benefits for hair growth. Due to its ability to strengthen hair roots, it can also resolve issues like balding or hair fall. Massaging coconut hair oil mixed with Ratanjot root or powder also boosts hair growth and provides you with thick and long hair.

Ratanjot Powder Benefits For Hair Care

Now, let’s discuss Ratanjot powder’s benefits for hair in detail:

1. Prevents Hair Loss

ratanjot powder benefits for hair loss

Ratanjot powder has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Due to this, it cures hair and scalp infections. When used in hair oil, it makes hair roots strong and improves hair density. Ratanjot powder uses for hair loss, it is also used in DIY hair care recipes to treat hair loss and balding patterns.

2. Strengthen Hair

ratanjot powder benefits for hair strengthen

Ratanjot powder adds more vitality and nourishment to your hair. As a result, the hair follicles become strong and do not come off easily. This ratanjot powder uses for hair strengthen & also makes your hair look lustrous. Regular application of ratanjot or alkanet root powder for hair makes your hair healthy.

3. Avoid Symptoms of Baldness

Ratanjot Powder For Hair Baldness

Though it is not proved by any research, using Ratanjot powder for hair-related problems provides instant results. The strengthening of hair roots and quick growth of hair provides relief from balding symptoms. So, you can also use ratanjot or alkanet root powder for preventing baldness-related issues.

4. Premature Greying

Ratanjot Powder For Premature Hair Greying

Ratanjot powder contains powerful antioxidants that prevent premature hair greying. Moreover, it is also used to dye hair naturally by mixing it with henna powder. Ratanjot powder for grey hair is good and revives its natural hue.

Ratanjot & Henna Powder – DIY Recipe For Grey Hair

Ratanjot & Henna Powder DIY Recipe For Grey Hair

This recipe is used for treating premature grey hair. Henna powder contains natural hair-darkening properties. The same goes for Ratanjot powder for grey hair. Among many Ratanjot powder uses for hair, you can also use it for colouring grey hair. The list of ingredients and process has been shared below!


Directions & How To Use It?

Step 1: Mix both the powders in a glass bowl. Add some water to form a paste of the desired consistency.

Step 2: Don’t make it too runny or too thick. Just use the right amount of water so that the application becomes easier.

Step 3: Now, part your hair into multiple sections and apply the paste on your hair and scalp. The dyeing properties of henna and Ratanjot powder will restore the natural colour of your hair. This recipe is also good for reducing hair fall.

Ratanjot & Coconut Oil - DIY Recipe For Hair Growth

Ratanjot & Coconut Oil DIY Recipe For Hair Growth

When mixed with coconut oil, you will experience faster hair growth. This recipe also strengthens hair roots and reduces hair fall to a great extent. The key details of this recipe have been shared below!


  • Coconut Oil - 1 cup
  • Castor Oil - 2 tbsp.
  • Ratanjot Powder - 3 tbsp.

Directions & How To Use It?

Step 1: Boil coconut oil first, and once it melts completely, add castor oil to it.

Step 2: Mix both the oils well and let them cool down a little. Turn off the gas and add Ratanjot Powder to it. You can also add a few fenugreek seeds to make it more effective.

Step 3: Let the mixture cool down. Filter the particles of Ratanjot powder if needed. Or else, apply the mixture directly on your scalp and hair. Wash your hair with a natural shampoo after 2 hours. Follow this recipe at least thrice every week for best results.


These were a few recipes and benefits of Ratanjot powder for hair. If you want to obtain best results with Ratanjot powder, get it from a trusted source like VedaOils. VedaOils is the leading manufacturer and provider of natural ingredients and oils. Check their website today to get Ratanjot powder for hair care purposes!

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