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How To Dry Rose Petals? Methods Of Drying Petals

Dried rose petals can be used in DIY skin care recipes. It is also used as an ingredient in desserts and other food products. While many of us have roses in our gardens, we often wonder about the exact process of drying them.

How To Dry Rose Petals

As roses are rich in aroma and flavor, dried rose petals can serve various purposes. This article will teach us how to dry rose petals through easy methods. It includes details on how to preserve rose petals without using chemicals.

Top 7 Ways To Dry Rose Petals

Rose petals are usually thin, but they contain some moisture inherently. The drying process starts right from plucking the roses from the garden to disintegrating the petals. Once you have removed all the petals from the roses, you can use any of the below four ways that reveal how to dry rose petals:

1. Air Drying

Air drying means leaving the rose petals to dry on their own. While it looks simple, there are a few things you should be aware of while trying out this method. The below steps will guide you in the same:

Air Drying

Step 1: Place all the petals on an even surface that is big enough to place them. Maintain some distance between the petals to dry them faster. Please get a mashy surface, as it will also help the rose petals dry from below.

Step 2: Keep the surface in a dry area. Also, avoid places that are windy or receive sunlight. Sunlight can burn the petals, whereas wind can blow them away.

Step 3: You need to turn the petals twice a day to ensure that both the surfaces of the petals get evenly dried.

Step 4: Once they dry completely, the petals become crisp. You can store these petals in an airtight container that is clean and moisture-free. You can now use the fragrant rose petals for different purposes!

2. Dehydrating

You can also use a dehydrator to dry rose petals in quick time. The benefit of knowing how to dry rose petals with a dehydrator is that it saves time. Also, it spreads the blissful and enchanting fragrance of roses throughout your house. Follow the below steps to understand how to dry rose petals at home using a dehydrator:

How To Dry Rose Petals In A Dehydrator

Step 1: Place a container containing rose petals in a dehydrator. Ensure that the container is dry and moisture free.

Step 2: Adjust the settings of the dehydrator to set the dehydrating process for a fixed time. The number of hours required for dehydrating the rose petals depends on the kind of dehydrator you use. It may require 1 to 2 hours to dehydrate the rose petals completely.

Step 3: Use the lowest possible settings to prevent the rose petals from burning. Once the rose petals dry, they acquire a flaky texture. Your rose petals are now dried completely and ready to be used!

3. Microwaving

If you don’t have a dehydrator at home, you can also use a microwave oven to learn how to dry rose petals. The microwave generates enough heat to dry the rose petals in seconds. Follow the below process to understand how to dry rose petals in a microwave:

How To Dry Rose Petals In A Microwave

Step 1: Take a microwave plate and line it with paper towels. Place your rose petals in between the paper towels. Maintain enough space between the petals to prevent them from touching.

Step 2: Heat the rose petals in the microwave for 30 seconds. Stop the microwave and check the petals. Remove the petals that are dried completely and keep the rest in the microwave again. Heat them for a few seconds more to dry the remaining rose petals.

Step 3: Store the dried rose petals in an airtight container for future use.

4. Book Pressing

Book pressing is one of the most preferred methods of drying rose petals. You leave the rose petals in a book and let them dry. Check the following steps to understand how to preserve rose petals in a book:

How To Dry Rose Petals With Book Pressing

Step 1: Use a book that has thousands of pages. Now, choose the exact center of the book to place the petals. It will ensure that the petals are pressed with equal weight from both sides.

Step 2: Place the petals in horizontal lines. Do not overlap the petals on each other. If the petals are more, you can use multiple pages or books to dry them.

Step 3: Close the book slowly. Ensure that the petals don’t fold from between, or they will break after drying. The rose petals should dry in a couple of weeks. After that, you can store them in a moisture-free container.

5. Conventional Oven Roasting

You can also roast the rose petals in a conventional oven. The oven with multiple racks can help dry several rose petals at once. To learn how to dry rose petals using a conventional oven, check the following steps:

How To Dry Rose Petals In A Microwave

Step 1: Place the rose petals on a baking or cookie sheet. Maintain enough distance between the petals. Now, preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Step 2: Heat the petals for around 10 minutes. Check them multiple times in between to prevent them from burning. A low-temperature setting can be used to dry the rose petals slowly.

Step 3: Once the petals become dry and crisp, you can store them in a container.

6. Freeze Dry Rose Petals

Use this method to learn how to preserve rose petals for a long time. You need to place the rose petals in the freezer. It would help to be careful about a few things while freezing rose petals. The following steps will guide you in the same:

Freeze Dry Rose Petals

Step 1: Load the rose petals in a freeze drier. Set the temperature up to -6 degrees Celsius.

Step 2: Two weeks would be enough to dry all the rose petals. You can use a vacuum pump to draw the remaining moisture if required.

Step 3: Do not keep the rose petals in the freezer once they are dried. Store them at room temperature by using an airtight container.

7. Sun Drying

Sun drying is one of the most natural methods to dry rose petals. It preserves the natural properties and aroma of the rose petals well. Follow the below steps to learn how to dry rose petals using sunlight:

Sun Drying

Step 1: Keep all your rose petals in the drying tray. Place this tray in a place that receives enough warmth from the sunlight. The place must be ventilated but not too windy as it can blow away the petals.

Step 2: Turn the petals twice daily to ensure that both sides dry evenly.

Step 3: The petals should dry within a week or so. Store them in a dry container once they dry completely.

How To Preserve Dry Rose Petals?

There are multiple ways of storing and preserving dry rose petals. The idea is to prevent moisture from entering the rose petals. Some effective ways to do so have been discussed below: You can store them in sand or marbles to avoid moisture.

How To Preserve Dry Rose Petals?

Some people also preserve rose petals by placing them over silica gel. If the petals become slightly wet after drying, you can iron them or heat them in an oven for a couple of minutes. This method will preserve their dryness and help you use the dried rose petals longer.


These methods will help you learn how to dry rose petals and preserve them safely. You can also purchase dried rose petals directly. VedaOils is one of the best places to find dried flower petals at discounted rates. Visit their portal today and explore the various types of floral petals available on their site!

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Dry Rose Petals !

Q1: How Long Do The Dried Rose Petals Generally Last?

Ans: Dried rose petals can be used for up to 1 year if stored properly. You can even dye or bleach the petals if you intend to use them for decorative purposes.

How Long Do The Dried Rose Petals Generally Last?

Q2: What’s The Simplest Way To Dry Rose Petals?

Ans: Drying the rose petals in a book can be one of the simplest ways to dry them. Placing them in sunlight to dry is also one of the easiest methods.

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