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Dried & Pressed Flowers For Candle Making

If you can't decide between flowers and candles while gifting someone, then a few homemade dried flower candles work best to surprise someone.

Dried & Pressed Flowers For Candle Making

This is unique and gives an aromatic effect in the house, making it unique and special. While many may think making dried flower candles is difficult, it is very easy to make and requires simple ingredients that don't cost you too much time.

Supplies Required For Making Dried Flower Candles

  • Wax- Any type of wax will work, but organic wax works best for candles.
  • Cotton wick- The size must fit your jar or container.
  • Dried Flowers- You can get them from a store or simply dry some flowers at Home
  • Jar or Container- Take any whichever is available
  • Pencil- It is required to adjust the wicked set
  • Essential Oil- Lavender or any.

Steps to Make Dried Flower Candles

Let's See How to Make-

1.) Melt the Wax

First, you need to melt the wax in a container or a saucepan.

Melt the Wax

It is advisable to let the wax melt on low heat to ensure that it cools down quickly because we don't want to damage our dried flowers.

2.) Add Dried Flowers to the Glass or Container

Just clean the container really well if you are using a transparent one before adding any wax or flowers to it. You can stick some of the petals of the flowers to the side of the glass if you want to display them or simply add some wax to the glass and gradually add some flowers.

3.) Pour the Wax

Turn off the stove and add the melted wax to the jar or container after it is cooled down. Spread some more flowers on top of it, and you can take the help of a skewer to adjust it properly in the wax.

4.) Add Wick and the Oil (Oil is Optional)

Ensure that your wick is properly set beforehand so that it can be placed immediately in the candle. If you plan to use any essential oil, do it after the wax is cooled down so that it doesn't create any smoke.

Add Wick and the Oil (Oil is Optional)

Add a few drops of any essential oil and give this mixture a light stir, and then you can place the wick in the wax. Make sure it is placed right at the center.

5.) Wrap the Wick in Place

Once the wick is set in the center and down in the wax, make sure to use a pencil to protect the excess wick from sinking in the wax.

6.) Let the Wax Cool

Now when you have followed all the steps, keep aside the candle to cool. It normally would take a day to settle completely. Once it is set, you can also decorate it additionally. One can also add the name to the candle.

Different Dried Flowers and Herbs Work For Aromatherapy (Used in Candles)

1.) Lavender Dried Flower

Lavender is best known for its de-stressing. Dried lavender flowers helps you with relaxation and gives that smoothness.

Lavender Dried Flower

Make sure you blow the lavender, dried flower candle, which is known for its beautiful colour and smell.

2.) Rosemary Dried Flower

After a stressful day of work, treat yourself with the therapeutic and flowery fragrance of rosemary perfectly captured in our hand-poured soy wax candles encased in a beautiful shell of a coconut. Feel relaxed instantly!

3.) Chamomile Dried Flower

Chamomile is known for its soothing properties both for the mind and body. One can use lovely flowerheads for their calming aroma or just add them to the candles for amazing fragrance.

4.) Mint Dried Flower

Mint Dried flower candles are scented with a unique blend of essential oils. They are soothing and uplifting, and the mint fragrance leaves a lingering and sensual aroma.

Mint Dried Flower

5.) Lemon Dried Flower

With refreshing notes of lemon, this candle is sure to make you long for a tall glass of iced lemonade. This tangy fragrance will make you feel brighter and is perfect for any day.

6.) Sage Dried Flower 

This candle helps you relax and enjoy a therapeutic stress-free time. If you are into Aromatherapy, then this candle, inspired by sage, will fit all your needs.


Whatever the celebration calls for, this homemade candle is the Perfect gift for your loved ones or even to place at your own place. It's easy to make, light and full of fragrance. 

So gift your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary or housewarming party to remind them to have a self-care session. After all. There's nothing better than having a handmade gift like dried flower candles by your side to treat your loved ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section on Dried Flowers For Candle Making!

Which flowers are best used for candles?

Q: Which flowers are best used for candles?

A. You can use any flower of your choice, but lavender or rosemary works best as they don't lose their colour when dried.

Q: What other things can one put in candles for decoration?

A. Besides flowers, one can add crystals or seashells for a glittery effect.

Q: Can we use fresh flowers instead of dried ones in candles?

A. It is advisable to use only dried flowers as fresh flowers as they don't retain moisture.

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