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DIY Toner With Essential Oils with Natural Ingredients

Your skin is unique, just like you. Thus, it would help if you had a tailor-made skincare toner solution. Making your DIY toner can make a world of difference for your skin. This is especially true if you have acne-prone skin or a blotchy complexion.

DIY Toner With Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for decreasing redness, mending scars, and keeping pores unclogged and clear of bacteria to avoid recurrent breakouts in acne-prone skin. This blog provides an in-depth look into DIY toner with essential oils, the best oils, and how to apply them.

Best Essential Oils For Facial Toner

Essential oils are extremely useful in skin care, but which are the finest? Here is a list of the top essential oils for face toner.

  • Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender not only helps you relax, but it also helps to calm your skin. It may even aid in the reduction of wrinkles. Lavender essential oil can also treat dry skin, acne, and scarring. This is a multifunctional oil that is wonderful for your skin, especially in facial toner.
  • Geranium Essential Oil: Geranium oil includes antioxidants that boost the health of your skin and make it smooth and radiant. This oil has antibacterial and antiviral characteristics that can help minimize skin irritation, acne outbreaks, and the effects of age. Mix geranium essential oil with any carrier oil to balance and renew the face and use it as a facial toner.
  • Patchouli Essential Oil: Patchouli oils have long been used in oriental medicine. It's excellent for treating skin and hair issues like eczema and dandruff. It also has anti-scarring qualities. This oil is ideal for dryness, aging, and scar reduction. Patchouli oil is beneficial to oily skin and provides anti-aging, radiant skin.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: Frankincense essential oil is suitable for practically all skin types and can help with several skin ailments, such as dry skin, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles. This oil has anti-inflammatory qualities and may aid in improving skin elasticity. Frankincense is a unique oil that benefits dry and oily skin, making it smooth and bright.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: Tea Tree oil is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, making it ideal for treating various skin issues such as acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and blemishes, as well as preparing DIY toner. It's also an excellent choice for aromatherapy. Tea tree oil is a multipurpose oil that may be used in various DIY skin and hair care recipes.
  • Cypress Essential Oil: This oil has antibacterial and antiviral characteristics and may aid in treating acne. Toner with cypress essential oil will aid in the removal of excess sebum from the skin. This will help prevent greasy areas during the day. It will also assist in keeping your pores clean, which helps minimize outbreaks.
  • Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon oil toner balances the skin's pH and includes vitamin C, which may help reduce damage and irritation and lighten skin. This oil provides unparalleled refreshment and clean, shining skin. Lemon oil toner also removes sunburn and tanning, tightens large pores, and offers youthful skin.
  • Rose Mary Essential Oil: Rose oil hydrates the skin, balances the oils naturally, tightens pores, and decreases inflammation. Because of its hydrating characteristics, it is frequently used to treat various dry skin disorders and as an anti-inflammatory drug. Rose essential oil, unlike rose water, must be diluted before usage.

Homemade Facial Toner With Essential Oils Recipe

Using the magic of essential oils, make a refreshing and revitalizing DIY face toner. This DIY recipe is an excellent addition to your skincare routine, providing your skin with a natural and aromatic boost. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to a customized toner that is tailored to your skin's specific needs.



Step 1: In a clean and sterilized glass bottle, combine 1 cup of distilled water.

Step 2: Add 1/4 cup of witch hazel to the water. Witch hazel acts as a natural astringent, promoting balanced skin.

Step 3: Pour in 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, known for its exfoliating and pH-balancing properties.

Step 4: Carefully add five drops each of lavender, tea tree, chamomile, and geranium essential oils to the mixture.

Step 5: Close the bottle and shake well to ensure all ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Step 6: After cleansing your face, apply the toner using a cotton pad or gently spraying it onto your skin.

Step 7: Allow the toner to dry on your face before applying your regular moisturizer.


Let us know what you think of our selection of the finest essential oils for skin toner. Visit www.VedaOils.com to get high-quality oil for your skin. Visit us right now to receive discounts on your first purchase.

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