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Clay Face Mask Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Using a weekly clay face mask as part of your routine can benefit the skin. Clay masks help and address all the specific skin issues bothering you for a long. In addition, the masks are a fantastic self-care way to get completely nourished skin.

face mask mistakes

However, there are some mistakes that we often commit while getting the most out of the clay mask. In the following blog, we'll discuss common mistakes using clay masks that sometimes lead to side effects. Read about the mistakes below to ensure the best results on your skin using clay masks as a part of your skincare routine.

Mistake 1- You Apply The Mask On A Dirty Face

Always clean your face thoroughly before applying the clay mask to it. Your skin should be dry, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin's surface.

The effects of the mask would be more effective on a clean and dry face. If the face has impurities or dirt, it can catch bacteria. Use clean fingers or a mask brush to apply the clay mask evenly.

Mistake 2 - You May Use Too Much Of The Product

People habitually use skincare products more than the required quantity to get faster results. This creates a blunder. In the case of clay masks, less is more.

Typically you should apply one even layer of the mask on your face. A super thick layer of the mask won't result in anything effective rather may lead to side effects. So, apply a single layer and use the required quantity only.

You May Use Too Much Of The Product

Mistake 3- You Leave The Mask For Too Long

Many of us habitually exceed the time to put the clay mask on our faces. There is always a suitable time to apply and take off the mask, but we get busy and sometimes leave the mask for more than 30 minutes on the face.

It's important to remove the clay mask before it dries up. It shouldn't be cracking or flaking everywhere. Leaving this mask for too long can cause irritations on the skin as well as dryness. So, do remove the mask while there are wet patches on it.

Mistake 4- You Forget To Moisturize The Face Afterwards

Once you remove the clay mask from your face, it's important to complete the process by moisturizing it well.

By moisturizing the face, you would ensure the skin from drying too much. This way, you would lock plenty of moisture on the skin after the mask.

Mistake 5- You Are Not Using The Masks Consistently

A skincare routine should be followed like a diet. Investing time and effort for your skin to get the best results is important.

You Are Not Using The Masks Consistently

If you apply the clay mask once a month, then it might not give you any desired results. For best-nourished skin, increase the time to apply the mask. Apply it 2-3 times a week to maintain its consistency.

Mistake 6- Use A Clay Mask Suiting Your Skin Type

Clay masks are not one size fits all. Choose the right clay mask for your skin as that would not let your skin get dried up and completely meet your unique skin needs.

Like many other skincare products, clay masks too have different varieties suiting different skin types. Many don't use the specific clay mask for our skin type and often get side effects.

Mistake 7- You're Not Switching Up The Masks With The Seasons

In the winter, clay masks will be helpful to hydrate, whereas, in the summer season, clay masks can be used several times to keep normal healthy skin without any dryness or irritations.

Clay masks are of different types, suiting different seasons. Skincare in itself always depends on seasons. One of the mistakes people make is not using the right clay mask according to the season. This leads to side effects on the skin afterwards.

Mistake 8- You Apply The Mask With Dirty Hands

You Apply The Mask With Dirty Hands

It's important to have a clean face while applying the mask, but it's equally important to have clean hands so that there would not be any transfer of oils or bacteria on the face.

Always avoid smoothing a face mask on with your fingers unless they are clean. For maintaining a hygienic and mess-free way to apply the clay mask on your face, it is advisable to have clean hands.

Mistake 9- Not Shaking The Product Well Before Using It

Shaking the skincare products well is always advised before putting them on the face. The clay masks are more liquid than expected; therefore, shake them well before using.

The clay masks have many organic ingredients that should be evenly distributed while applying the mask to the face. To maximize the benefits of the clay mask, it is important to shake it well before use.

Mistake 10- You Apply A Mask In A Rush

You should have at least 20 minutes for the clay mask routine from the beginning to the end. A clay mask takes 10-15 minutes to dry fully, and it is advised to keep the mask on the face for a long time.

You Apply A Mask In A Rush

If you apply the mask in a rush and take it off within a few minutes, it will not show any positive results on the skin. As an indication, the wet green clay mask should turn into a light turquoise color when it dries up. Make sure to remove the mask once it dries up completely, and do not forget to moisturize the skin after use.


It's time to stop these clay face mask mistakes you've been making for a long time. It is advised to properly apply the clay face mask by following the instructions to get the best results. Many of us commit mistakes that lead to side effects and irritations on the face.

You must check the quantity you put on your face of the clay mask. Make sure to apply the right clay mask suiting your skin type to attain the best of its benefits. Follow the guidance above to get perfectly nourished and smooth skin with the clay mask.

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