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Homemade Body Butter For Stretch Marks

Are you troubled by stretch marks that speak volumes about the milestones in your life? Yes, pregnancy, puberty, weight gain, or weight loss can leave behind stretch marks on your hips, breasts, thighs, arms, and other parts of the body. Stretch marks can mar your beauty and can hamper your confidence.

Body Butter for Stretch Marks Recipes

But, what if we tell you that these stretch marks are extremely common and there are ways to reduce their appearance with some simple home remedies. Yes, read on to know how you can visibly reduce the stretch marks with this Body Butter for stretch marks recipe given below and put on your favorite dress without worrying about those stretchy lines.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are long ripped lines also called stria that appears because of the expansion of the skin during body changes. These lines are not harmful to the human body however, they look annoying. They mainly occur when the skin expands quickly or suddenly and the skin is not prepared to face the unprecedented stretch.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Skin elasticity is mainly influenced by collagen production in the body. A lack of collagen causes the stretch marks to show up more visibly on the skin. Genetics and stress on the skin also affect the occurrence of stretch marks on the skin. The hormone cortisol is also a vital hormone that affects skin elasticity as it weakens the elastic fibers of the skin.

Top 5 Body Butter For Stretch Marks

Dermatologists believe that stretch marks are stubborn and cannot be completely erased. Regular use of body butter lightens the stretch marks and improves skin elasticity. However, the choice of body butter depends upon its key ingredients and your skin type, and how they combine to deliver goodness to your skin.

However, the good news is that there are various herbal products like body butter and essential oils that can visibly fade the stretch marks and make them less annoying on your skin. Here we bring you a detailed list of some of the most amazing body butter that helps to visibly reduce the stretch marks and help you achieve an even skin tone.

1. Shea Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin E Shea Body Butter has natural healing properties that heal the skin making it super soft and moist. It makes the skin soft, smooth, and youthful.

Shea Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Shea Body Butter is an effective and economical treatment for stretch marks that is easy and convenient to use as well. The anti-inflammatory properties of Shea Butter reduce the redness and scars on the skin that are formed by stretching the skin.

2. Almond Body Butter for Stretch Marks

The rich body butter is loaded with natural Vitamin E that nourishes and protects dry and sensitive skin. Almond body butter leaves the skin silky smooth and has a non-greasy finish which makes its use and application easier.

Almond Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are often caused by inflammation and loss of elasticity of the skin cells. Almond body butter is your perfect skin companion as it penetrates deep into the skin offering intense hydration and restoring the lost elasticity of the skin.

3. Coconut Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Dry skin is less elastic and more prone to stretch marks. Coconut oil deeply hydrates the skin, restoring collagen and preventing the occurrence of stretch marks. It also helps to lighten and fade the stretch marks.

Coconut Body Butter for Stretch Marks

With the presence of lauric acid and capric acid, coconut oil has rich fatty acids that absorb easily within the skin and offer deep nourishment. The antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral properties in coconut body butter repair the damaged skin cells that have lost their elasticity due to stretching and expansion.

4. Jojoba Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Infused with jojoba oil, jojoba body butter offers natural healing and fading of stretch marks. With the outstanding property to mimic your skin’s sebum production, jojoba oil offers easy penetration into the skin offering deep hydration and intense moisture.

Jojoba Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Packed with natural vitamins A, D, and E it offers your skin the daily dose of fatty acids that keep it well moisturized and improve skin elasticity. It prevents the breakage of elastic fibers within the skin cells thus healing and preventing the occurrence of stretch marks.

5. Olive Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Say goodbye to stretch marks with the regular application of olive body butter. Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, olive body butter is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that promote skin healing.

Olive Body Butter for Stretch Marks

Offering deep nourishment, it restores the skin's elasticity preventing dryness and breakage of elastic fibers that most likely cause stretch marks. It improves blood circulation making the skin soft, supple, and less prone to damage and dryness.

DIY Body Butter For Stretch Marks Recipes

Try these natural and homemade solutions for stretch marks that are made using simple body butter and everyday items. They not only pamper your skin with extra nourishment but also improve skin elasticity and quality.

Olive Oil & Shea Body Butter Recipe for Stretch Marks

As a rich moisturizer, shea body butter is used in a wide variety of cosmetics and beauty products. When combined with Olive Oil, the mixture deeply hydrates the skin, moisturizing each layer of the skin and promoting collagen production needed for increasing skin elasticity.

Olive Oil & Shea Body Butter Recipe for Stretch Marks


  1. ¼ cup raw Shea Body Butter
  2. ¾ cup olive oil
  3. Few drops of lavender essential oil (optional)


  • In a double boiler melt the shea butter till it becomes liquid.
  • Remove from heat and add the olive oil. Mix thoroughly.
  • Keep the mixture in the freezer till it is semi-solid in the state.
  • Now remove from the freezer and use an electric whisk or hand blender whisk till the consistency of the mixture changes and it becomes white and creamy.

How to Use

  • Apply the mixture to the stretch marks and massage gently at bedtime.
  • For best results repeat the process every day.

Almond Oil & Jojoba Body Butter Recipe for Stretch Marks

Jojoba body butter and almond oil make the perfect combination to lighten stretch marks and help them fade over time.

Almond Oil & Jojoba Body Butter Recipe for Stretch Marks


  1. 1 cup jojoba body butter
  2. ½ cup kokum body butter
  3. ½ cup almond oil
  4. Few drops of essential oil


  • In a mixing bowl add both the butter and heat them in a double boiler till they melt completely. Then let it cool.
  • Once the mixture reaches room temperature add the almond oil and mix thoroughly
  • Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice, mix and put the mixture in the freezer for about 20 minutes till the mixture turns semi-solid.
  • Take out the mixture from the freezer and whip with an electric whisk or hand blender till you get a creamy mixture that turns white.

How to use

  • Apply the mixture gently to the stretch marks at bedtime and leave it overnight.
  • Repeat the application every day for the best results.


For best results try the VedaOils Body Butter range for stretch marks that are curated to target tough stretch marks and help in their quick healing and fast fading so that you get a natural and even skin tone with improved skin elasticity that is less prone to stretch marks and skin stress.

While stretch marks can be annoying and stubborn, remember they are natural and it is perfectly fine to have them. Rather than feeling embarrassed about them, it is good to opt for natural remedies like the use of heavenly body butter for stretch marks recipe to make body butter that keeps the skin nourished and improves its elasticity.

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