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Shikakai Powder Brands In India 2024

The best self-grooming techniques are those that use conventional and natural cosmetic products. One such organic plant that is plentiful in important vitamins and antioxidants is shikakai.

Best Brands For Shikakai Powder

It can support your hair's ability to fend against numerous conditions like hair loss, dandruff, split ends, and lice. Shikakai powder is an easy-to-use product that adds shine to your hair and gives your scalp the nutrition it needs to be healthy, gorgeous, and bouncy. Below, we have listed the top 10 best shikakai powder brands in India.

1. VedaOils Shikakai Powder

Pure all-natural shikakai powder from VedaOils is a premium product that is full of vitamins A, C, D, and K, which can prevent hair loss and dandruff. When used as a shampoo and conditioner, it may untangle the hair, provide shine and softness, and guard against a dry scalp.

Best Brands For Shikakai Powder

All hair types can use the powder because it is free of dangerous chemicals like synthetic colours and scents. The cruelty-free and ecological shikakai powder brand is an environmental favourite.

2. Merlion Naturals Organic Shikakai Powder

Merlio Naturals delivers a mild herbal powder and conditioner for everyday use that is devoid of the many toxins found in chemical shampoos, produces good results, and is kind on the skin.

Merlion Naturals Organic Shikakai Powder

It has hibiscus benefits and may thoroughly wash the hair as well as strengthen the scalp. It offers deep conditioning which helps to lessen surface-level damage.

3. Khadi Omorose Shikakai Powder

Khadi Omorose Shikakai Powder

The simple-to-use shikakai powder, which has a lemon aroma, may be combined with other organic products like henna, water, and curd to create a potent hair pack. All hair types can benefit greatly from Khadi Omorose, which has sculpting and strengthening capabilities and can improve the nutrition and health of the hair.

4. Khadi Herbal Organic Shikakai Powder

This powder is natural, and adulterant-free. Shikakai thickens hair strands, slows hair loss, and prevents hair from going grey. Similar to reetha or soapnuts, organic shikakai powder contains saponin, which produces foamy lathers.

Khadi Herbal Organic Shikakai Powder

Shikakai is a natural hair-cleansing product that aids in removing impurities from the hair. It may be used as a paste on the hair and scalp and can be combined with other herbs or just water.

5. PureOnly Homemade Shikakai Powder

This traditional hair care shikakai powder is a potent blend of more than 20 organic herbs, which, when compared to chemical shampoos, may deeply cleanse the hair and offer greater care and moisturising benefits.

PureOnly Homemade Shikakai Powder

The powder is appropriate for both men and women, and relieves dullness, excess oil, and dandruff. The natural remedy is simple to mix with water and can guard you against fungus-related skin issues.

6. MR Ayurveda 100% Organic Shikakai Powder

MR Ayurveda 100% Organic Shikakai Powder is a seedless, all-natural product that is sun dried. With no other herbal products blended in, it guarantees the best quality. So, you receive a chemical-free, pure shikakai powder.

MR Ayurveda 100% Organic Shikakai Powder

Shikakai powder can be blended with other herbs or used straight to the hair by adding water to make a paste. Dandruff can also be eliminated with the use of shikakai.

7. Luxura Sciences Shikakai Powder

The shikakai powder from Luxura Sciences is abundant in natural saponins, which may clear the scalp of excess oil, filth, and grime while also nourishing and purifying it deeply.

Luxura Sciences Shikakai Powder

The cost is also reasonable. Shikai may be used by combining it with regular water and putting it straight on the skin. Or you could simply boil some water and use this powder as a rinse for your hair.

8. MI Nature Organic Shikakai Powder

Amla powder, reetha powder, and other high-quality organic powders are produced by Mi Nature. This shikakai powder is unadulterated and pure, free of additives and fillers.

MI Nature Organic Shikakai Powder

Therefore, applying this powder to the scalp is simple; simply combine it with water in a dish. Shikakai powder might promote greater hair growth when used once each week.

9. Heilen Biopharm Shikakai Powder

This very efficient solution keeps your scalp healthy and lessens dandruff and irritation thanks to its potent combination of antifungal qualities and necessary minerals. The astringent, all-natural hair powder helps to prevent infections and maintains the pH balance of the scalp.

Heilen Biopharm Shikakai Powder

The vitamin C and natural oils in this hair care product ensure hair growth and considerably lower hair breakage. It detangles tight knots and delays greying of the hair.

10. SriSatymev Shikakai Powder

This premium shikakai powder is a natural substance rich in vitamins C and D, which give your hair more power, nourish the hair follicles thoroughly, and keep your hair looking healthy and bouncy.

SriSatymev Shikakai Powder

It offers various skin advantages. Regular use of this product helps keep the pH balance of the scalp in check and greatly lessens dandruff. There are no harsh chemicals, additives, or pesticides in the herbal hair powder.


Shikakai, a traditional herb that is recognised to be a healthier alternative to shampoos packed with chemicals, may nourish the scalp, delay greying, and give shine to your hair. In addition to providing these advantages, the powders on this list, the best being Veda Oils, are kind to hair and have been created with components specifically for treating dandruff, lice, and hair breakage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shikakai Powder carries countless benefits for our skin and hair health, which can cause some confusion, let’s fix that in this section on frequently asked questions.

Q. Which Shikakai Powder is Best in India?

Ans. Veda Oils has the best shikakai powder on the internet.

Q. Can We Use Shikakai Daily?

Ans. Yes, it's okay to use shikakai powder brands to wash your hair every day. Actually, applying Shikakai on your hair is preferable to using commercial shampoos. Shikakai powder brand has natural saponins that clean the hair since they are found in it.

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