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Benzaldehyde Brands In India 2023

Benzaldehyde serves diverse industrial purposes. It's a key ingredient in fragrance and flavor production, imparting almond-like scents and flavors. In the pharmaceutical industry, it's utilized as a precursor for various drugs.

Best Benzaldehyde Brands In India

Additionally, it's employed in producing dyes, perfumes, and agrochemicals, making it integral to these sectors' manufacturing processes. In India, several reputable brands offer high-quality Benzaldehyde for diverse applications. Here's a list of some of the best Benzaldehyde brands in India.

List of Top 5 Benzaldehyde Brands In India

Benzaldehyde, a versatile chemical compound, finds applications in various industries. In India, several reputable brands offer high-quality Benzaldehyde for diverse industrial uses. Here's a list of the best Benzaldehyde brands in India.

1.VedaOils' Benzaldehyde

VedaOil, a trusted name in the chemical industry, proudly presents its premium Benzaldehyde variant, a versatile chemical solution with a wide range of applications. Renowned for its exceptional quality, VedaOil's Benzaldehyde is highly regarded in perfumery, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical synthesis industries.

VedaOils' Benzaldehyde

In the pharmaceutical sector, where precision and purity are paramount, VedaOil's Benzaldehyde is a valuable precursor in synthesising pharmaceutical compounds. Its consistent quality and adherence to strict standards make it a preferred choice for drug manufacturers, contributing to producing high-quality medications.

2.Ibuychemikals Benzaldehyde

Ibuychemikals is a leading chemical supplier offering a diverse range of Benzaldehyde products. Their offerings cater to various industrial needs, guaranteeing high purity and reliability.

Ibuychemikals Benzaldehyde

Ibuychemikals has gained a reputation for both convenience and quality in the chemical procurement sector. They offer Benzaldehyde (For Synthesis) and various other chemicals for various applications.

3.Biomall Benzaldehyde

Biomall is a trusted platform for sourcing laboratory and industrial chemicals, including Benzaldehyde. They provide a selection of Benzaldehyde grades suitable for research, testing, and manufacturing purposes.

Biomall Benzaldehyde

Biomall ensures rigorous quality assurance and quick delivery, making it a reliable choice for laboratories and industries across India. Benzaldehyde, 98%, is one of their offerings supplied by Avra Synthesis.

4.Desertcart Benzaldehyde

Desertcart is an online marketplace featuring various Benzaldehyde products from different brands. They offer options for both domestic and industrial use, providing consumers with a wide range of choices.

Biomall Benzaldehyde

Desertcart's user-friendly interface and extensive product listings make it a convenient platform for purchasing Benzaldehyde from various manufacturers. They provide information about Benzaldehyde and its uses.

5.Trade India Benzaldehyde

Trade India is a renowned B2B platform connecting buyers and sellers of chemicals, including Benzaldehyde. Their comprehensive directory lists numerous Benzaldehyde suppliers, helping businesses find the right source to meet their requirements.

Trade India Benzaldehyde

Trade India's platform facilitates seamless communication and negotiation between buyers and sellers, making it a valuable resource for industrial procurement. They offer a wide range of Benzaldehyde products from different locations across India.


In India, the availability of high-quality Benzaldehyde from reputable brands is essential for various industries. Professionals and businesses can rely on these brands to meet their chemical requirements while maintaining the highest quality and performance standards. Visit us at www.VedaOils.com to get the best Benzaldehyde brands in India at affordable prices.

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