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Prenatal Massage - What Is It & How It Beneficial

A prenatal massage is a body massage performed on an expecting mother. It relieves back pain, swelling, and other common issues a mother suffers during pregnancy. It is to be carried out with the help of a massage therapist who is an expert in prenatal massage.

What is a prenatal massage

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Here are some of the top 3 benefits of prenatal massage:

1. Hormonal Regulation: When a woman is pregnant, she experiences mood swings, fatigue, and other symptoms. These symptoms are mainly due to the hormonal imbalance that causes due to pregnancy. A prenatal massage regulates the hormonal balances and also regulates blood circulation. This also helps women to deliver a healthy baby.

2. Reduction of Swelling: Swollen legs, hands, and feet are common issues women face while pregnant. A prenatal massage regulates blood circulation and reduces the pressure on the blood vessels. This causes a reduction of swelling and provides more relief from the pain associated with it. It also comforts the expecting mother.

3. Improve Sleep: The nervous system is tense due to the ongoing changes in the body during pregnancy. It also affects the sleep quality. With prenatal massage, the nervous system relaxes and helps release the hormones that make the woman feel good. This improves their sleep quality and gives their body a proper rest!

Prenatal Massage Techniques

Here are some prenatal massage techniques that you should be aware of:

1. Gentle Foot Rub With Prenatal Massage Oil

Gentle Foot Rub With Prenatal Massage Oil

Most of the body's pressure points are present on the foot. So, rubbing it creates a sense of relaxation and comfort. The prenatal massage usually starts by rubbing the feet gently using thumb pressure. After that, the therapist can focus on other body parts.

2. Back Rub With Prenatal Massage Oil

Back Rub With Prenatal Massage Oil

Back is a sensitive part of the body during pregnancy. So, the therapist must rub the back gently without putting extra pressure on the muscles and ligaments. Techniques like deep tissue massage are to be avoided during prenatal massage.

3. Shoulder Rub With Prenatal Massage Oil

Shoulder Rub With Prenatal Massage Oil

Pregnant women feel stress and pain in their shoulders. So, their shoulder joints are to be rubbed gently using circular strokes. Here also, extra pressure should be avoided, and focus must only be on the painful areas like shoulder joints.

4. Leg Massage With Prenatal Massage Oil

Leg Massage With Prenatal Massage Oil

While massaging the legs, the therapist must use light strokes. Areas like inner thighs and calves must be avoided as they may contain blood clots that can open up and cause complications. All the massage strokes must be directed towards the heart. It keeps the circulation healthy and prevents any risks.

Top Prenatal Massage Oils List

Here are the top brands for obtaining prenatal massage oils:

1. VedaOils

VedaOils Mother Massage Oil

VedaOils offers high-quality prenatal massage oil. It contains a healthy mix of coconut, sesame, turmeric, olive, sweet almond, and mustard oils. This oil is highly recommended during pregnancy due to its relaxing properties. Ageing women can also use it to relieve joint and muscular pain.

2. Mamma's - Prenatal Aromatherapy Body Massage Oil

Mamma's Prenatal Aromatherapy Body Massage Oil

An oil by La Flora Organics, Mamma’s prenatal aromatherapy body massage oil is a mix of Ylang Ylang and Lavender essential oils. As it contains essential oils, mix it with carrier oils like coconut or jojoba before using it for massages. It is a high-quality oil that relaxes the body and stiffs muscles.

3. Vital Touch - Prenatal Massage Oil

Vital Touch Prenatal Massage Oil

Vital Touch offers the best-quality prenatal massage oil from pure and natural ingredients. It is a combination of Lavender essential oil and Sunflower oil. It is a lightweight oil that gets absorbed in the skin easily and provides soothing effects.

Precautions For Prenatal Massage

Avoid massaging on elbows, ankles, and other areas that may stimulate the uterus and pelvis. Do not massage in the first trimester, as the body is sensitive during this period. Avoid putting any pressure on the belly. Do not apply deep pressure, and use long strokes while massaging. Avoid using concentrated essential oils for massages. Stop massaging if you experience any issues during the massage session. Consult a doctor immediately if the issues persist for some time.


These were some pro tips and techniques for prenatal massage. Use these techniques to relieve pregnant women from stress and tension quickly. Use only natural and high-quality oils for massage. Order the best prenatal massage oil from VedaOils, which contains no chemicals or fillers.

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