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Tea Tree Oil For Dry Skin: The Ultimate Oil for Skin Relief

Worried about the harsh winter season making your skin rough and dry? Well, we have a one-stop solution that helps you encounter skin dryness with great results. Yes, try tea tree oil for dry skin and see how your skin becomes soft, supple, and smooth despite any season.

Tea Tree Oil For Dry Skin

Tea Tree Oil scientifically known as melaleuca oil acts as a natural skin enhancer that purifies the skin, keeps it moisturized and hydrated lending a natural glow and radiance. It is loaded with anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties making it a perfect elixir for skincare problems. The oil is best known to fight acne and moisturize the skin with its natural oil content

Why Tea Tree Oil For Dry Skin?

Tea tree oil that is extracted from the leaves of the melaleuca plant is loaded with natural and organic oils that hydrates and nourishes the skin. It is loaded with healing compounds like terpinen-4-ol that help to curb skin infections.

If you are troubled by itchy skin then Tea Tree Oil is one remedy you need and see how it can transform your skin. Tea tree oil when combined with a carrier oil works wonderfully well to nourish the dry skin cells deeply hydrating them and giving your skin a natural glow.

Consequences of Dry Skin

Dry skin in itself is not a serious condition but yes, it can surely steal the beauty from skin. The skin is subject to environmental conditions and is prone to be dry and damaged through external pollutants.

Consequences of Dry Skin

In many instances like changes in weather conditions, pollution, and sun exposure the skin tends to be dry, dull, and weak. Some of the major consequences of dry skin are listed below.

  • Redness and Rashes: Skin dryness often leads to skin rash and irritation. It may develop into redness and rashes that spread throughout the dry patches. If left untreated the redness and rashes can grow in severity leading to more complications. Skin rashes due to dryness are most observed on the legs, arms, and hands and are most likely to occur during winters.

  • Cracking: Moisturized skin acts as a barrier preventing the occurrence of cracks and scales. However, dry skin can lead to cracking of the skin that may be shallow or deep depending upon the severity of the dryness. Cracking of the skin mostly happens in the hands, feet, and lips.

  • Inflammation: Excessive skin dryness can lead to inflammation of the skin, redness, rashes, and deep cracks that may bleed sometimes. Skin inflammation can give rise to itchiness which can further trigger the condition of rashes and redness.
  • Aging: Dry skin tends to sag faster with fine lines and wrinkles. It makes the skin look dull, lifeless, and damaged. This can visibly make your skin look old and promotes signs of aging.

  • Itchiness & Bleeding: Dry skin is most associated with the conditions of flakiness and scaling. It can lead to bad itching conditions and an irresistible urge to keep itching the dry patches. Excessive itching can further harm the dry spots leading to wounds and bleeding.

  • Infection: Dry skin when left untreated can give rise to other complications like infections. Cracked skin can lead to bleeding or pus oozing out and serving as breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. All this can lead to skin infections, fungal infections, and other skin disorders.

  • Eczema: Dry skin is one of the prime reasons behind Atopic dermatitis or eczema. Patches of dry skin can become red, inflamed, itchy with inflammation, and eventually lead to cracks and bleeding.

How To Apply Tea Tree Oil on Dry Skin?

We have learned so far that tea tree oil works wonders for dry skin but how do you apply tea tree oil and how to make the best use of it for dry skin? Well, the answer is simple first and foremost use a tea tree oil that is 100% pure and organic.

How To Apply Tea Tree Oil on Dry Skin?

However, remember that pure tea tree oil is high in potency, so you should dilute it with a carrier oil like coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, or sesame oil to mild down its effects. The most recommended dose of tea tree oil is 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil mixed with 12 drops of carrier oil. Mix it thoroughly and apply it to the dry patches of the skin at least twice a day.

    Tea Tree Oil Homemade Recipes to Treat Dry Skin 

    How about using this wonder oil in some homemade DIY recipes to treat dry skin? Yes, here we share with you the multiple uses of tea tree oil and how it can offer you instant relief from skin dryness that too following your customized ways.

    Tea Tree Oil Face Mask

    Aspirin contains Acetylsalicylic acid that helps to tighten the skin and when combined with tea tree oil it helps to tighten the skin tissues and moisturizes the skin.

    Tea Tree Oil Face Mask

    Popping an aspirin can relieve you of pain but it can enhance your beauty as well. Prepare this simple DIY face pack using aspirin tablets and tea tree oil to combat dryness on your face and neck area.


    • 1-2 drops of tea tree oil
    • 8-10 uncoated aspirin tablets
    • 1 teaspoon of water

    Method: In a small bowl crush the aspirin tablets using a spoon. Slowly add enough water to make a paste that easily spreads. Apply the paste on the face and neck area and leave it on for 15 minutes. As the mask dries, it may crumble and become powdery. Rinse it with lukewarm water. Apply the mask 2-3 times a week for best results.

    Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer

    Moisturizers come in handy when combating dry skin issues. So, why not make your moisturizer infused with the benefits of pure tea tree oil? Follow these simple steps to try one today

    Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer


      • 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera Gel
      • 12-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil
      • An empty airtight container

      Method: All you need to do is mix the aloe vera gel and tea tree oil well to make a smooth paste. Fill the paste in the air-tight container. While using take a spoonful of the mix and apply it evenly on the dry patches of your skin.

      Tip: Since it has no added preservative, it may not last long. So, it is best to use it in small batches and try finishing the contents within a couple of weeks.

      Tea Tree Oil Toner

      Toning helps to tighten the skin and reduce signs of aging. Try this DIY homemade toner using tea tree oil to reduce skin dryness.

      Tea Tree Oil Toner


      • 25 ml of rose water
      • 10 drops of tea tree oil
      • A clean spray bottle

      Method: To make your DIY homemade toner add 25 ml of rose water to the spray bottle and mix in 10 drops of tea tree oil. Shake the bottle containing the ingredients before every use.

      Tea Tree Facial Oil

      How about massaging your face with a DIY homemade facial oil that understands your skin and helps control skin dryness? Try this simple recipe and fight skin dryness like never before.

      Tea Tree Facial Oil


      • 10 ml of carrier oil ( of your choice)
      • 15-16 drops of Tea Tree Oil

      Method: In a bowl mix, the carrier oil and tea tree oil thoroughly to make a smooth blend. Massage your face and neck area gently with a few drops of this mixture and allow your skin to absorb the oils.

      Precautions of Tea Tree Oil For Dry Skin

      Though tea tree oil is safe for most skin types, yet there are certain precautions to consider when using this herbal remedy.

      • When using it the first time, do a small patch test to rule out the possibility of any allergies. For this, you can rub a few drops of the tea tree oil on the skin of your inner arm or elbow. If you do not see any rashes or redness the next day then you are good to go.
      Precautions of Tea Tree Oil for Dry Skin
      • When using tea tree oil on your face avoid the sensitive areas around the eyes, eyelids, and lip area.
      • Avoid using tea tree oil around irritated skin, wounds, cuts, and rashes.
      • If you are pregnant or nursing consult a doctor before using any essential oil.


      Tea Tree Oil has been used for years to combat skin issues and is fast gaining traction as a dryness combating skin ingredient. With its high nutritional profile and easy-to-combine properties, it works well in association with other carrier oils to benefit your skin and rejuvenate it with a profound glow and newfound health. So, go grab a bottle of tea tree oil and make it a part of your daily skincare regime today!

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