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Olive Oil For Dark Circles - Fight Off Under Eye Darkness

 If you have a hectic schedule and find yourself experiencing stress, then dark circles under your eyes may be something you suffer from.

Olive Oil For Dark Circles

They can be challenging to get rid of if you don't take excellent care of your eyes, but there is a little secret that can help - olive oil for dark circles!

What Causes Dark Circles

There are a few things that can cause dark circles under your eyes. Sleeplessness and sleep deprivation are two of the leading causes. Blood vessels and darker tissues become more noticeable when you don't get enough sleep because your skin becomes paler. 

Why olive oil for dark circles?

Although it is not a widely used cure, olive oil for dark circles is beneficial. Applying this oil close to the eyes is safe and healthy, and it's one of the quickest and easiest ways to eliminate dark circles. 

It also aids in obtaining youthful-looking skin that is beautiful and luminous. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced with olive oil.

Olive Oil Benefits For Dark Circles

Let's first look at the advantages of olive oil for dark circles treatment before learning how to utilise it. It has quite a few benefits!

Olive Oil Benefits For Dark Circles

Even Tone Under Eye Skin

It contains vitamin K, a crucial component when dealing with dark circles. It helps to even out and normalise the skin tone around your eyes.


Olive oil antioxidants provide prominent nourishment & vital oils. It also helps in keeping the skin looking younger and more supple.

Prevents wrinkles

Olive oil eliminates the wrinkles and signs of ageing that form around your eyes if you have them. It does so by boosting collagen production and soothing your skin.

Soothes skin

It soothes the region around the eyes and calms the skin. This oil is highly beneficial when eliminating dark circles since the primary cause of dark circles is the weariness of the skin.

Olive Oil Recipes To Rid off Dark Circles

Want to get rid of those pesky dark circles? Olive oil could be the answer. Not only is it practical, but it's also a natural and inexpensive way to fight dark circles. 

Check out these DIY olive oil recipes for dark circles and see how well they work!


Olive Oil

Pure Olive Oil To Fight Dark Circles

Our first method will use only olive power to remove dark circles. This method will undoubtedly aid you in providing a calming and additional cooling sensation and balance the discolouration issue around the eye area.


How to Prepare 

Apply some olive oil to a cotton ball. You can even pour some on your fingers,

Direction to apply

  1. In a circular motion, apply olive oil to the dark circles beneath the eyes.
  2. Allow it to work its magic overnight.
  3. Use it every night before bed to experience the benefits for yourself.
Olive oil for revitalizing eyes

Olive Oil Recipe For Revitalizing Eyes

Since cucumber contains vitamins and bioactive components, it suppresses tyrosinase activity, diminishing the pigmentation beneath your eyes. It has a calming impact on you and helps you feel at ease. Regularly utilising this therapy may revitalise your eyes, making them appear fresh.


  • 1 cup cucumber slices
  • ½ tbsp aloe vera gel
  • ½ tbsp olive oil
How to prepare 

Blend the aloe vera gel, olive oil, and cucumber slices in a blender. A smooth paste is created by thoroughly blending the ingredients.

Direction to apply
  1. Apply the paste beneath your eyes gently.
  2. Give it at least 15 minutes to remain there.
  3. Rinse off with normal water.
  4. It can be beneficial to apply this paste once daily.
Turmeric & Olive Oil

Turmeric Powder & Olive Oil Recipe For Undereye Circles 

Let's look at a different approach to using olive oil to cure dark circles. With this mixture, you get a quick and effective way to both soothe and repair dark undereye circles. The natural healing qualities of turmeric can give you effects right away.


How to prepare 

Take a mixing bowl and combine both ingredients. Ensure that you mix them well together to create a consistent paste.

Direction to apply

  1. Apply this paste to the dark circles, then wait a few minutes before removing it.
  2. Rinse it with warm water once it has dried.
  3. Apply this face mask once a week before a bath to eliminate dark circles.
Olive oil & honey

Olive Oil Recipes For Fading Dark Circles

Honey is an excellent solution for several skin problems due to its anti-microbial and wound-healing characteristics. Additionally, honey suppresses tyrosinase activity, lessens pigmentation with polyphenols and aids in fading dark circles.


  • ½ tbsp honey
  • ½ tbsp OLIVE OIL
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

How to prepare 

  1. Combine the honey, olive oil, and lemon juice in a small bowl.
  2. Mix thoroughly to create a proper blend.
  3. Dip a cotton ball into this mix.
Direction to apply
  1. With the assistance of cotton balls, apply the mixture beneath your eyes.
  2. Give it at least 15 minutes to sit.
  3. Rinse with water.
  4. Apply this every day to get the best results.
Olive Oil & Coffee

Coffee Powder & Olive Oil For Skin Tightening

Coffee contains natural bleaching chemicals that brighten the dark circles beneath your eyes by reducing their intensity. By tightening the skin, the combination of coffee and olive oil helps smooth the skin beneath your eyes.


How to prepare 

The ingredients should all be put in a bowl. Add water to the mixture after completely blended to give it consistency.

Direction to apply

  1. Gently pat the paste around your eyes, then leave it in place for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Rinse your face with cool water.
  3. Use this treatment up to three times per week.

Tips & Precautions

Remember that light, air, or heat can degrade olive oil quickly.

It must be patch tested before use if it's the first time. Apply a drop of olive oil on the wrist or back of your hand, and wait 48 hours to observe.

You may apply it to your face if you don't notice any sensitivity or redness.


Although it is not a widely used cure, olive oil for dark circles is beneficial. Applying this oil close to the eyes is safe and helpful, and it's one of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of dark circles.

Veda Oil's 100% organic extra virgin olive is one of the finest that you can get. Try it out for yourself and notice the difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Olive Oil For Dark Circles:

Q1. Can I use olive oil for under the eye?

Ans. Yes. Olive oil, high in antioxidants, can be applied to the under-eye region for additional hydration. More moisture is necessary for the delicate skin around the eyes because it is so soft.

Q2. Does olive oil lighten dark spots?

Ans. Vital vitamins included in olive oil have the power to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolouration. Olive oil is rich in vitamin C, which helps to prevent cell damage and encourage cell development.

Q3. Is it OK to put olive oil on your face?

Ans. Yes. It kills bacteria and hydrates. By eliminating the bacteria that causes acne, using olive oil can help reduce acne in those prone to it. Olive oil is also renowned for hydrating and moisturising skin.

 Q4. Are dark circles permanent?

Ans. No. Dark circles are not permanent.

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