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Best Oil for Foot Massage Before Bed | Massage Oils for Foot Pain

Our feet work as a foundation for our whole body. How can we not look after them? Be it a problem of cracked heels or some pain due to long standing hours, and we put them through so much. Moreover, you might not know, but the bottom of the feet is seen as the area where all nerve endings meet, making it one perfect place for a massage.

massage oils

After all, with just one point, you can easily increase blood circulation in your entire body. Foot massage not only helps moisturise your feet's skin but also eases pain, muscle ache and loads more things. And when it comes to foot massage, nothing beats an oil, especially the natural ones. Thus, we have compiled a list of the best oil for foot massage. Let’s understand them in detail. 

List of Best Oils for Foot Massage

There are a plethora of natural oils for foot massage. However, different oils come with various benefits. In order to help you choose the best, here are some of the best oil for foot massage before bed and how they are helpful.  

  • Coconut Hibiscus Oil for Foot Massage

Coconut Hibiscus Massage Oil

Enriched with the goodness of coconut and hibiscus, this foot massage oil is one of the best oil for a foot massage. It is also loaded with nutrients that help in exfoliating and healing your foot skin more quickly. Additionally, it is also known as muscle relaxant oil which helps relieve pain and tension in your foot. It is also helpful in easing the pain of sore muscles. After a long stressful day, a foot massage with coconut hibiscus massage oil will do wonders for you. 

  • Olive Oil for Foot Massage

Olive Massage Oil

Olive massage oil is another popular oil for a foot massage oil as it helps in relieving pain from the whole body with just one point of centre. Moreover, it also helps in relaxing inflamed and strained muscles. By using olive oil for your massage, you can quickly get relief from the stress of the entire day that leads to symptoms like swelling, muscle sprains, etc. It penetrates deep into your skin layers and muscles, thus providing quick relief. 

  • Lavender Oil for Foot Massage

Lavender Massage Oil

Lavender is one of the most popular foot massage oil as it relieves stress and tension. Apart from its popularity for aromatherapy, this oil is also known for its great calming effect and its ability to reduce muscle aches in the body. Lavender massage oil also lessens inflammation and pain in your feet by relaxing the tight muscles. Hence, we can say that it is one of the best massage oils for the bottom of the feet to use before bed.  

  • Rose Geranium Oil for Foot Massage

Rose geranium massage oil is a powerful oil when it comes to a foot massage oil. As we know that our feet carry a lot of weight, and thus it causes a lot of tension to build up in the feet. With the help of Rose geranium massage oil, you can get relief from stress and anxiety. It is also helpful in relieving fatigue and leaves you with a refreshing feeling, and releases all kinds of tension from your foot.  

  • Peppermint Massage Oil for Feet

Peppermint massage oil is known for its potent anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. These properties are very helpful when you use this foot massage oil. It helps in reducing muscle spasms and pain. Moreover, using this oil regularly for foot massage can help you get rid of migraine, joint pain and any kind of unease that is due to muscle tension. Moreover, it contains biologically active elements that also help you feel cheerful and lets you sleep peacefully at night. 

  • Til Oil for Foot Massage

You might not know, but til oil is known as one of the best natural pain relievers, and thus it is regarded as a good foot massage oil for the foot too. It helps combat aches and pains in our whole body by reducing stress and muscle tension. It is also rich in various nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce swelling and inflammation on your foot that causes extreme discomfort. It is one great idea to apply til massage oil on your foot to get a good sleep. 

  • Jojoba Oil for Foot Massage

Jojoba Massage Oil

Natural and pure jojoba massage oil is one excellent oil for a foot massage as it is known for reducing stress and anxiety. As we know, our foot is the centre point for all nerve endings; thus, massaging this specific area with jojoba oil can help relax our body and mind. It also helps fight insomnia and relaxes your entire nervous system. Therefore, we can call it one great oil to massage our feet with before going to bed. 


Using these natural foot massage oils for your feet can provide great relief for the part you are massaging and the entire body. With the help of our list of the best oil for foot massage, you can find which oil is best suited for your needs—time to say bye-bye to your everyday foot stress and prepare yourself for a good night's sleep.

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