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Fenugreek Oil Brands in India 2023

Fenugreek oil is a popular ingredient in Indian households and has been used for centuries for its numerous health benefits. The oil is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals that can help promote hair growth, improve skin health, and aid digestion, among other benefits.

Fenugreek Oil Brands in India

With the growing demand for fenugreek oil in India, several brands are offering different types of fenugreek oil products in the market. In this blog, we have compiled a list of India's top 5 fenugreek seed oil brands. Let's discuss these brands and what's the best part about fenugreek oil in detail.

Top 5 Fenugreek Oil Brands In India 2023

According to their quality, popularity, and customer evaluations, India's top 5 fenugreek oil brands. Suppose you're seeking the best fenugreek oil brand, whether a first-time customer or an experienced user; refer to this list below. Let's explore and learn about the top Fenugreek oil companies in India!

1. VedaOils Fenugreek Oil

One of the top manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, and exporters of fenugreek oil and other essential oils in India is VedaOils. The brand provides its clients with the purest types of oils. They do not contain any additions, chemicals, or fillers. Additionally, they are free of synthetic flavours, colours, and preservatives. They so prove to be perfect for everyday use.

VedaOils Fenugreek Oil

VedaOils Fenugreek Oil is 100% natural, but you must dilute it before applying it topically because it is so intense. In addition to that, Vedaoils also delivers fenugreek seed oil in bulk quantity by following the highest standards. Whether you want this oil for haircare or skincare, VedaOils fenugreek seed oil is the perfect answer to your concerns.

2. Deve Herbes Fenugreek Oil

Deve Herbes Fenugreek Oil

Deve Herbes Fenugreek oil is a high-quality product widely used for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. The oil is extracted from the seeds of fenugreek through a cold-pressing method, which preserves its natural nutrients and aroma. The oil is a popular choice among customers looking for a high-quality and effective fenugreek product.

3. Salvia Fenugreek Oil

Salvia Fenugreek Oil

Salvia fenugreek oil is a top choice amongst customers in India due to its high quality and effectiveness. The oil is beneficial for hair and skin as it helps moisturize and nourish dry and flaky skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce acne and other skin irritations. It's natural potent ingredients properties that promote overall health and wellness.

4. Vihado Fenugreek Oil

Vihado Fenugreek Oil

Vihado Fenugreek Oil is a popular fenugreek oil brand known for its purity and effectiveness in India. It is extracted from high-quality fenugreek seeds through the cold-pressed method and is free from harmful chemicals and additives. The oil is used for promoting hair growth and improving skin health. The brand supplies its fenugreek oil in various quantities at an affordable price.

5. Earth Rhythm Fenugreek Oil

Earth Rhythm Fenugreek Oil

Earth Rhythm is a popular organic fenugreek oil brand that supplies great products for skincare. The oil offers natural and organic fenugreek oil from high-quality fenugreek seeds. The brand is known for its purity and effectiveness. The oil is widely used to promote healthy hair growth and improve skin health. The best part? The oil is completely free from any chemicals.


Fenugreek oil is a natural remedy used for centuries in India for promoting hair growth, improving skin health, and other health benefits. We have shared the list of top fenugreek oil brands and what's special about them. From VedaOils to Indus Valley, there are many brands you can trust. Check out the list and find the most suitable one for you.

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