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Essential Oils for Athlete's Foot

While some medical disorders are quite dangerous, others are only mild. Even so, something seemingly unimportant as "athlete's diet" can dramatically lower your quality of life and cause discomfort and irritation. It is crucial to combat it, and organic remedies like essential oils are the best way to do so.

best essential oil for athlete's foot

Numerous essential oils have antifungal or antimicrobial properties, which can prevent the spread of germs that could harm your health. Essential oils are being utilized for this purpose more and more frequently because they don't have the same negative side effects as some synthetic substances used to fight bacteria and fungus.

Top 8 Essential Oils Treatment For Athlete's Foot

A fungal skin illness called athlete's foot (tinea pedis) typically starts between the toes. People who wear tight-fitting shoes and have highly sweaty feet are more likely to experience it. So let's look at some natural remedies using essential oils to combat them.

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

Tea tree essential oil might lessen the burning, stinging, scaling, and swelling of athlete's foot when applied topically twice daily.

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

People have used it as a home remedy for many years because it can kill some types of bacteria and fungus. If you're on a tight budget, tea tree essential oil is the best anti-fungal oil for the athlete's foot.

2. Oregano Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

Oregano essential oil is a potent antifungal and essential oil compared to many commercial solutions. They are beneficial in treating ringworm and athlete's foot, which are fungal skin infections.

Oregano Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

Three times a day are allowed for application. Use this essential oil regularly, soaking your feet, to fully eliminate the athlete's foot. Additionally, highly good at easing pain and discomfort is oregano essential oil.

3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

Topical eucalyptus essential oil is more effective when treating toenails with fungal infections that do not have nail matrix infections. With soap and water, wash your feet, toes, and toenails. Dry completely using a soft cloth.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

This essential oil is a great option for treating an athlete's foot because of its strong anti-bacterial properties. Put one or two drops of the essential oil mixture on the diseased nail. Give the eucalyptus essential oil around 10 minutes to absorb.

4. Peppermint Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

The skin is soothed and cooled by peppermint essential oil. Additionally, it can relieve indigestion, headaches, and bug bites. For best results, use this essential oil frequently.

Peppermint Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

As it will combat the odor, fungal infection, and itch associated with athlete's foot, it is a particularly beneficial essential oil for the condition. Peppermint essential oil also offers calming relief and long-lasting protection due to its high menthol content.

5. Clove Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

The present investigation showed that clove essential oil's volatile vapor is a potent antifungal agent against a variety of human pathogenic fungi, including athlete's foot.

Clove Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

Additionally, clove essential oil offers advantages that help with pain relief. It advises using two tablespoons of coconut oil and 6 to 8 drops of this essential oil on your toenail fungus several times daily.

6. Lavender Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

The lavender essential oil has relaxing characteristics that can help you unwind. In addition to treating a number of skin ailments, this essential oil also destroys the germs that cause fungal infections like athlete's foot.

Lavender Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

Even greater alleviation is obtained by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil. It also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can offer natural pain relief for painful and achy feet and joints.

7. Orange Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

A natural fungal killer is bitter orange essential oil. Due to its antioxidants, anti-bacterial, and vitamin C properties may also help treat ringworm and jock itch in addition to athlete's foot.

Orange Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

Ornage essential oil is a fantastic all-natural solution for athletes' feet. In one study, participants who applied diluted This essential oil to their feet three times daily had the fungus disappear within a week or two.

8. Rosemary Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

The anti-microbial characteristics of rosemary essential oil significantly impact the decline of athletes' foot and ringworm. It is well recognized that phenolic chemicals play a major role in how biologically active rosemary is.

Rosemary Essential Oil for Athlete's Foot

The biological bioactivities of rosemary extracts, including their hepatoprotective, antifungal, insecticide, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties, have been the subject of several investigations. When used correctly, rosemary essential oil offers protection from all types of fungi.

DIY Essential Oils for Athlete's Foot Recipes

You'll thank me later for sharing these easy DIY essential oil solutions for treating athletes' feet. An itchy, scaly rash is one of the indications that someone has an athlete's foot. Athletes' foot is pretty common, highly annoying, extremely itchy, and uncomfortable.

1. Cotton Balls

Step 1: Apply a few drops of tea tree essential oil on cotton balls.

Step 2: Lay them between the affected toes if you have the beginnings of an athlete's foot between the toes.

Step 3: Tea tree essential oil is gentle enough to use topically.

Cotton Balls

Step 4: It's a good idea to dilute it in a carrier oil first to make sure you don't react.

Step 5: You may then gradually increase the amount of tea tree essential oil.

2. Foot Soak: Essential Oil Foot Bath

Along with being beneficial, essential oils will help cover up vinegar's odor. Peppermint oil should not be used if taking a foot soak at night because it can be stimulating.


  • Lavender Essential Oil - 5 Drops
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil - 8 Drops
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - 2 Drops
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - ½ Cup


Step 1: To ensure that the oils are distributed evenly in the foot bath of your choice, add the oils to the apple cider vinegar first.

Foot Soak: Essential Oil Foot Bath

Step 2: Before putting your feet in the water, always test the temperature.

Step 3: Soak feet for 15 to 20 minutes each day while the infection is active.

Step 4: As a less common prophylactic measure, it can also be utilized.

3. Foot Massage Oil

Massage oil is suitable for everyday use and works effectively to treat fungus infections and soreness. When utilizing essential oils, always conduct a patch test to ensure that you won't react to them. There is always the option of adding extra carrier oil or more water if taking a foot bath.


  • Tea Tree Essential Oil - 6 Drops
  • Lavender Essential Oil - 4 Drops
  • Lemon Essential Oil - 2 Drops
  • Sweet Almond Oil - 40 Ml


Step 1: Combine all the essential oils with the specified amount of carrier oil in a bottle.

Foot Massage Oil

Step 2: To preserve the integrity of the oils, pour the mixture into a dark glass bottle. Every day, massage your feet.


A promising natural treatment for fungal skin diseases uses essential oils. However, it could take a few applications—and perhaps more—to determine whether your infection's symptoms vanish. You'll need strong, pure essential oils if you want speedy results. Visit VedaOils.com to get incredible deals on your order and to become a member of our family.

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