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Castor Oil For Piles | DIY Pack To Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids that are commonly referred to as piles, are a part of your anal canal. It does the job of controlling the faeces. However, poor eating habits, excessive pressure on the abdomen, and such other things can cause it to swell. This results in severe inflammation while emptying the bowels. Among the different treatment methods, you can use Castor Oil for piles as it is completely natural and provide quick results.

Castor Oil For piles

The anti-inflammatory properties of Castor Oil reduce the swelling and inflammation associated with Hemorrhoids. Therefore, even doctors suggest using Castor Oil Hemorrhoids. In addition, regular application of Castor oil on the Hemorrhoids will reduce their size, and it will become easier for you to release your faeces.

How Castor Oil Helps Treat Various Types of Piles?

A person can suffer from different types of piles depending upon the position of the Hemorrhoids with respect to the anus. Each causes pain, burning sensation, and discomfort while completing day-to-day activities. However, the good thing is that Castor Oil can provide relief from all types of piles. In the below section, we will let you know how to use Castor Oil for piles of different types.

  • External Hemorrhoids: External Hemorrhoids occur when the Hemorrhoids are positioned over the anus. Though it is not as painful as the other types of piles, it can lead to severe discomfort while moving or walking. You can apply Castor Oil directly to the External Hemorrhoids to reduce their size. The fungicidal, bactericidal, and soothing properties of this oil heals the Hemorrhoids and provide comfort from the pain as well.
How Castor Oil Helps Treat Various Types of Piles?
  • Internal Hemorrhoids: When the Hemorrhoids are positioned inside the rectum, i.e., anal cavity, it is known as Internal Hemorrhoids. It causes great pain and inflammation while defecating and sitting. You can apply Castor Oil with the help of a cylindrical applicator that can be inserted inside the rectum. It works as a laxative and reduces painful conditions. Regular application of this oil on the Hemorrhoids will eventually heal them.
  • Prolapsed Hemorrhoids: It is the most severe among the other two types of piles. It happens when the Hemorrhoids located inside the rectum swell and hang out of the anus. On reaching a severe stage, there will be no other option rather than operating the Hemorrhoids. However, you can avoid it by applying Castor Oil to the Hemorrhoids.

Castor Oil Benefits for Piles Treatment

Pile is a painful condition that can be less severe when treated at an earlier stage. Castor Oil has proven to be beneficial for piles treatment due to its natural ability to heal inflamed and swollen Hemorrhoids.

Castor Oil Benefits for Piles Treatment

The laxative properties of Castor Oil helps to soothe the Hemorrhoids. Though it can be taken internally, it is recommended that you apply Castor Oil topically for best results. Using Castor Oil for piles externally is a good option because it is a natural ingredient that does not cause any side effects.

How to Use Castor Oil for Piles Treatment? - DIY Pack for Hemorrhoids

Applying Castor Oil on piles is beneficial in many ways, as seen in the above sections. However, the healing process can be accelerated when mixed with other ingredients. We will see a DIY Pack that will provide quick relief from piles symptoms.

Castor Oil For Piles

Tea Tree Essential Oil with Castor Oil for Hemorrhoids Treatment

Though Castor Oil can heal Hemorrhoids by itself, you can mix it with Tea Tree Oil to treat the condition faster. Tea Tree Oil exhibits antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities that work along with the anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties of Castor oil to reduce the size and inflammation of Hemorrhoids. The swelling is also reduced, and you get relief from symptoms like bleeding as well.



Step 1: Mix Castor Oil and Tea Tree Oil first.

Step 2: After that, apply on the Hemorrhoids using a cotton pad or ball. If the Hemorrhoids are located internally, you can use an applicator that can be inserted inside the anus.

What are the side effects of using castor oil for piles treatment?

What are the side effects of using castor oil for piles treatment?

Impure Castor Oil might not prove to be as useful for treating Hemorrhoids as pure and organic Castor oil. Also, Castor Oil should not be consumed internally as it contains ricinoleic acid. This fatty acid can disturb the lining of the intestines and cause severe pain or discomfort. Therefore, it is best to use Castor oil for piles via topical application.


We have seen how Castor Oil heals and reduces the painful condition associated with Hemorrhoids or piles. However, be careful while choosing Castor Oil as only natural and organic Castor Oil will provide the desired results. Also, if the condition is worse, it is better to consult a doctor and get the Hemorrhoids removed surgically.

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