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Calendula Oil For Hair: Benefits & How To Use

Although it's unlikely that you'll be able to identify "Calendula" by its name, you must be familiar with marigold blooms. Yes, calendula is also referred to as marigold and has its own aesthetic and therapeutic value.

Calendula Oil For Hair

Because of its distinct health and beauty advantages, it has been employed in numerous treatments to cure diseases. Calendula, a wonder plant for lifeless and dry hair, has anti-inflammatory properties and its oil has the ability to treat any scalp conditions. Read on to know all about calendula oil benefits for hair.

5 Amazing Calendula Oil Benefits For Hair

The term "calendula oil" refers to oil that has been blended with either fresh or dried calendula flowers. There are several advantages of calendula oil for the hair. Some of our favourites are:

1.) Calendula Oil For Dandruff

The nature of the calendula plant is to hydrate and moisturise. Calendula oil or hair care products with calendula in them moisturise your scalp and get rid of dandruff problems.

Calendula Oil for Dandruff

Calendula hydrates and moisturises your scalp, preventing itching and dryness. Additionally, calendula repairs the damage done to the scalp when washing, brushing, detangling, or styling.

2.) Calendula Oil for Hair Growth

Use of calendula oil or other products containing calendula efficiently conditions and cures the scalp while promoting the growth of stronger hair.

Calendula oil has healing capabilities and helps repair your scalp's damage, which is one of the causes of hair loss. Additionally, calendula oil for hair strengthens hair follicles, aiding in the promotion of healthy hair growth at a quicker rate.

3.) Natural Dye For Hair

Calendula tea addresses the dryness and frizziness of the hair and making them smooth and nourished, unlike the chemicals used in hair colouring treatments.

Natural Dye For Hair

Depending on your natural hair colour, rinsing your hair with calendula tea might give it a golden or red tint. Your hair gets a soft, brilliant colour from it without any negative side effects.

4.) Calendula Oil For Scalp Acne

Calendula oil has anti-bacterial properties that aid in the treatment of acne. Since blocked pores are the major cause of acne outbreaks, its cleaning capabilities help to clear the pores and keep them open. Additionally, it gets rid of the bacteria that causes acne, protecting your scalp from flare-ups in the future.

5.) Calendula Oil For Scalp Soothing

Calendula oil is well known for its ability to reduce inflammation. It aids in calming the scalp and expedites the healing of any problems. Calendula oil is frequently included in medications that are intended to treat burns, irritated scalp, and other skin conditions. Aside from that, it safely and efficiently reduces skin redness.

Calendula Oil For Scalp Soothing

It should come as no surprise that this calendula oil is perfect for hair and scalps. To moisturise dry scalps, get rid of dandruff, and enhance scalp health, many people use calendula oil. The antioxidants help shield the hair and scalp from free radicals that can damage cells, and the regenerative characteristics of the oil encourage the growth of numerous hair follicles, resulting in voluminous hair.

How You Can Use Calendula Oil for Hair and Scalp?

Step1: Take some calendula oil in the palm of your hands.

Step2: Start massaging it into your hair and scalp, it can be used on both wet and dry hair. Make sure to completely soak the scalp with calendula oil.

Step3: Make sure to completely soak the scalp with calendula oil before massaging it into wet or dry hair.

Step4: Prior to shampooing and rinsing as usual, let the oil sit on your hair and scalp for at least ten minutes (or as long as several hours, it is entirely up to you).

Step5: You can use calendula oil for hair and scalp this way twice a week for best results.

Calendula Oil Dye

Calendula Hair Dye Recipe

For this method, we will be brewing calendula tea first. All you need is:


  • Dried Or Fresh Calendula Blossoms - 2 Tablespoons
  • Boiling Water - 1.5 Cup

Step1: Fill the bottom of a heat-resistant cup or mug with the dried calendula flowers. Add the boiling water on top. Allow it to steep for ten minutes.

Step2: Pour the tea over properly cleaned, damp hair, and let it sit for at least an hour before rinsing. To achieve and maintain desired effects, repeat as frequently as necessary.

Uses of Calendula Oil in Different Hair Care Products

Would you rather spend money on some expensive, chemical-laden commercial calendula oil hair products rather than make your own? Yes, you can easily create your own calendula infused hair products! One way you can create your own calendula oil blend is like this:

Uses of Calendula Oil in Different Hair Care Products


Simply blend all the oils together and store it in a roller bottle. This blend can easily be applied to your hair and scalp.


If DIY projects don't appeal to you, you may still easily try one of these hair products that have the beautiful Calendula oil in their components - it is that easy! Calendula is a potent plant ally to have in your toolbox, which we believe is beyond dispute at this point.

We hope that by reading this article on using calendula oil for hair, you have gained some knowledge and are motivated to apply it in your own routines. If yes, then check out VedaOil's premium calendula oil and get on with your journey of getting a healthy scalp.

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