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Argan Oil For Tattoo | Is Argan Oil Good For New Tattoos Aftercare?

Argan oil is a type of plant oil that is obtained from the kernels of the fruit pit of the Moroccan argan tree, also known as Argania spinosa. This oil is traditionally extracted using a cold-pressing method, which involves applying mechanical pressure with little to no heat.

argan oil for tattoo

Although argan oil is most recognized for its ability to improve the appearance of dry, dull skin, it has also been used to treat acne because it is non-comedogenic and won't make the face feel greasy. It is not only secure but advantageous for all skin types including tattooed skin. Now, let's get straight into how you can use argan oil for tattoos.

What Are Tattoos?

A tattoo is a kind of body modification in which a design is etched into the skin's dermis layer either permanently or temporarily using tattoo ink, dyes, or pigments.

Is Argan Oil Effective As Aftercare For Tattoos?

Yes, argan oil is quite effective as aftercare for tattoos. You are undoubtedly aware of the advantages of vitamin E present in argan oil for your skin, but these advantages also apply to tattoo aftercare. Argan oil has therapeutic characteristics, so applying it to your tattoo will reduce itchiness, irritation, and pain without affecting the ink or color.

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Tattoos

The best oil to apply to a fresh tattoo is pure argan oil. It is important to properly care for tattoos because they are essentially skin sores.The discomfort brought on by receiving a tattoo is naturally soothed with the use of argan oil for tattoo, here is how:

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Tattoos
  1. Soothes Skin: Additionally known as "Liquid Gold" due to its restorative capabilities, argan oil heals tattoos quickly without affecting the color or ink. It is also very effective at soothing skin irritation.
  2. Restores Damage: Castor oil has high content of carotenes and vitamin E also known as tocopherols, a form of Vitamin A. It is well known that these vitamins can prevent and reverse skin damage.
  3. Rich In Antioxidants: Castor oil is rich in antioxidants which shield skin cells from the free radicals produced by chemicals, medications, pollutants, and ultraviolet rays that harm healthy cells and cause skin damage.
  4. Anti- Inflammatory: Argan oil is a healthy source of phytosterols, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-irritating properties. They aid in skin restoration and conditioning and are beneficial for scars and tattoos.
  5. Moisturizes Skin: Unsaturated fatty acids are abundant in argan oil which helps to soften skin and relieve itching. It also gets absorbed very quickly and does not leave an oily or greasy feeling.

How To Use Argan Oil For Tattoos?

Always use clean hands when you are caring for your new tattoo since the skin is more prone to infection. It is advised to wash the tattoo with an alcohol free soap. Once washed, carefully pat dry the area with a clean towel.

How To Use Argan oil for tattoos
  • Take a few drops of argan oil on your hands and gently massage in and around the area of your tattoo.
  • Make sure to apply 2 to 3 times a day to keep the skin moisturized.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing for a few days after getting a fresh tattoo.
  • Use a natural and safe sunscreen over your tattoo before heading out in the sun.

Best Argan Oil For Tattoos

For centuries, people have used argan oil for tattoos and a variety of cosmetic and therapeutic uses. It is abundant in essential nutrients, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Here are some of the best argan oils that you can incorporate into your regime:

VedaOils Argan Oil

VedaOils Argan oil is extracted from the kernels that the Argan trees produce and is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin E content.

VedaOils Argan Oil

This oil is excellent for skin and hair care since it contains potent antioxidants. Due to its anti-inflammatory qualities, argan oil shows to be calming for your skin.

Organic Harvest Argan Oil

Organic Harvest’s Argan oil for hair and skin delivers consistent hydration. Cold-pressed argan oil is a rich source of nutrition since it combines a number of vitamins and fatty acids.

Organic Harvest Argan Oil

Its light texture is perfect for maximum hydration and doesn't impart a greasy or sticky feeling.

Anveya Argan Oil

This oil's antioxidant content and high vitamin E content fight against skin damage. Vitamin E and fatty acids work together to moisturize the skin.

Anveya Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan Oil by Anveya is cold-pressed from unroasted argan nuts and is sourced from Morocco, the country where the argan tree originated.


Argan oil for tattoos is considered ideal for using as an aftercare treatment. When used on the body and especially on tattooed regions, it speeds up skin regeneration. However it is suggested to perform a patch test before applying the argan oil directly to the tattooed region. If you are looking for a place that manufactures 100% pure and organic castor oil, Vedaoils is the right place for you. You can order yours from their website at discounted rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can You Use Argan Oil On Tattoos?

Ans: Applying argan oil to your tattoo will relieve itching, inflammation, and soreness without affecting the ink and color because of its healing capabilities.

Q.2 Is Argan Oil Safe For Tattoos?

Ans: Yes, argan oil is completely safe for tattoos and quickens the process of tattoo healing.

Q.3 Is Argan Oil Good For New Tattoos?

Ans: The best oil to use for your new tattoo is argan oil. It naturally eases the discomfort and irritability brought on by the new tattoo.

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