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How To Make Multi-Layered Candles Using Candle Dye

Are you bored of making the same candles again and again? If yes, you should try making multi-layered candles. What are these? They are candles that contain different layers. Each layer can have a unique color and fragrance.

How to make multi layered candles

These candles not only look attractive and smell aromatic, but they also allow you to explore your creativity. Layered candles also look great when you keep them in your showcases and coffee tables.

How To Make Multi-Layered Candles At Home

Though making multi-layered candles may seem tough, you can manage to make it at home by applying some basic sense of candle making. You will have to create each layer separately to don’t mix it with each other. Also, you will need some basic candle making supplies that can help you throughout the candle-making process.

Multi-layered Candle Supplies:

  • Soy Wax Flakes - 200 Grams
  • Cotton Wicks (pre waxed) - 1
  • Candle Jar - 1
  • Thermometer - 1
  • Wooden Wick Holder - 2
  • Lemon Essential Oil - 10 Drops
  • Orange Essential Oil - 15 Drops
  • Red and Yellow Candle Dye - 5 Grams Each

Know About Multi-Layered Candle Making Supplies

Before you start making a multi-layered candle, you must know about the candle-making supplies that are supposed to be used while making it. Therefore, we have provided some useful information about each of the supplies below:

candle making supplies
  • Soy Wax Flakes: Soy Wax is known for its low melting point. It does not exude any smoke or soot while burning. Also, as it is available in flakes, you can melt and set it in any container easily.
  • Candle Dye: Candle Dye will give your multi-layered candles a much more aesthetic and appealing look. You can choose the colors you want, but we recommend you choose subtle shades as they enhance your multi-layered candles' overall look and appeal.
  • Thermometer: A thermometer is used to check the exact temperature of the melted wax before introducing other ingredients like essential oil into it. It would help if you chose a digital thermometer that is made from heat-resistant material.
  • Wooden Wick Holder: Wooden wick holder will keep your candle wicks in the center place of the candle mold or glass candle jar.
  • Cotton Wicks: Cotton wicks are used because of their ability to get ignited easily. Also, pre-waxed cotton wicks are recommended to sustain their form for a long time.
  • Candle Jar: Take a large candle jar to accommodate both the layers of your candles. If you want to add more layers, you will need a bigger candle jar, or else you can also reduce the layer thickness. However, thin layers burn fast and do not appear to be as good as the candles with multiple thick layers.
  • Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon essential oil is added to give a refreshing scent to your candles. It is recommended to add the lemon essential oil to the layer that is to be colored yellow.
  • Orange Essential Oil: Orange Essential Oil adds another note of refreshing and sweet scent to your candles. It is recommended to add the orange essential oil to the layer that is to be colored red.

Homemade DIY Multi-layered Candles - Step by step

Now that you have understood the use and benefits of candle-making supplies, it is time to start making multi-layered candles. First, however, do not forget to wear safety gear like goggles and gloves to ensure complete safety while making candles. Here’s the step-by-step process that is required to make multi-layered candles:

Step 1: Melt Your Soy Wax

Melt the soy wax flakes first. Don’t melt all of it at once as you will need to create one layer at one time. Therefore, take around 50% of the wax flakes and melt them in a microwave or double boiler setup. For example, if you are making a 4-layered candle, you need to take 25% of wax at a time.

Step 2: Attach Wicks With Candle Jar

Now, take the candle jar and fix the cotton wick with the help of glue. Use a wooden wick holder so that the wicks remain in place.

Step 3: Pouring Wax & Adding Essential Oil and Candle Dye

Now, pour the wax into the candle jar and fill it till it reaches half of its length. Add lemon essential oil and yellow candle dye. Stir the ingredients so that they get mixed well.

Step 4: Repeating Above Step

Let the melted wax set completely, and then top it with another layer of melted wax. Next, add orange essential oil and red candle dye. Stir the ingredients once again and leave the wax to set.

Step 5: Curing Candle To Set The Wax

Voila! Your candle will be ready after 4 to 5 hours. Now, let it cure for a day, and then you can start using it.


We hope that you liked our multi-layered candle-making recipe. If you have any doubts, you can let us know. We recommend you use the candle dye, essential oils, and other ingredients sourced only from natural materials.

Follow all the safety instructions, and do not allow the kids and pets to play around when you are making the candles. Also, you can get all-natural candle-making supplies from VedaOils.

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