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Guar Gum Powder

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Guar Gum Powder

Guar Gum or Guaran powder is made either from the dehusked Guar seeds or a legume of the Guar gum tree. The beans of this plant are galactomannan polysaccharide which holds potent thickening, emulsifying and stabilizing properties. The milled gum has a very fine texture which is off-white. Guar Powder of guar seeds endosperm also acts as an effective binder and plasticizer in different industries.

As per the chemical composition, Cyamopsis tetragonolobus or Guar gum is an exo-polysaccharide made from sugars galactose and mannose. It has a high molecular weight which increases its viscosity and porosity. In water, the Gum Powder becomes nonionic and hydro colloidal. It also remains unaffected by the ionic strength or change in pH level.

Guar Gum Powder has eight times more thickening power than regular cornstarch, increasing the viscosity of any formula. It is popularly used in cosmetic products as a thickening and stabilizing agent as it prevents solid materials and particles from settling in. Its excellent conditioning properties and ability to gel with other natural ingredients make it one of the key ingredients in many personal care products and pharmaceutical applications.

Guar Gum Powder Uses

Cosmetic Use

Cosmetic Use

Many beauty and cosmetic products contain guar gum as it acts as a thickener, emulsifier, and stabilizer in formulations for different products. It also has potent conditioning properties, which makes these products even more effective and skin-loving.
Shaving Creams

Shaving Creams

Surfactant quality of Guar Gum helps in enhancing the lather and foaming texture. In products like shaving creams, it helps to smoothen and soften the skin so that the friction is reduced, and the razors can glide easily on the skin.
Skincare Products

Skincare Products

Guar gum is used in various skin care products like moisturizers, soap bars, liquid soaps, scrubs, etc.; the reason is that they increase the viscosity of the product. It also acts as a natural preservative that helps to extend the shelf life of various skincare products.
Pharmaceutical Formulations

Pharmaceutical Formulations

Pharma industries use Guar gum powder to form tablets as it acts as an excellent binder and disintegrator. The powder of the guar plant also increases the thickness and stability of the syrup medicines. Guar gum is an important non-caloric source of soluble dietary fibre.
Ointments and Creams

Ointments and Creams

Guar gum is a vegan and chemical-free ingredient used to make lotion, cream, and ointment as it has the natural ability to increase the viscosity of the products. It is used in emulsified systems which provides skin with a supple and soft texture.
Hair Care Application

Hair Care Application

Natural conditioning and nourishing properties of Gurgum powder help to hydrate the roots and strands of hair by sealing in the moisture. It constructively reduces the dryness and frizziness of the hair, making them feel soft, shiny, and silky.

Guar Gum Powder Benefits

Nourishes Hair

Nourishes Hair

Guar Gum powder has conditioning and smoothening properties, making the hair softer, healthier, and shinier. The gel-like consistency and texture of Guar Gum can be used as hair styling products like hair gels to set the hair. This powder protects the hair from chemical and heat damage.
Natural Preservative

Natural Preservative

Guar Gum Powder has a strong water-retention capacity, which helps avoid water loss and ensures that the emulsion remains stable. This gum powder increases the shelf life of the products and acts as a natural preservative. It also makes the stability and consistency of the products intact.
Repairs Skin Cells

Repairs Skin Cells

Guar Gum powder has potent skin-restoring and reviving properties. Applying products using this powder on the skin acts as a protective barrier against damage caused due to pollution, harmful UV rays, dirt, oil, and even bacterias. It also constructively repairs damaged and dry skin cells.
Detangles Hair

Detangles Hair

Potential conditioning and moisturizing properties present in Guar Gum powder solve the frizzy and dry hair problems. It also makes the hair manageable by detangling the hair strands naturally. The effective emulsion abilities of these products make the hair silky and smooth.
Whitening Agent

Whitening Agent

Guar Gum powder can even be used as a whitening agent in cosmetic products and soaps. It also proves to be an effective thickener in products like toothpaste, lotions, ointments, etc. Moreover, you may even use gum guar powder for making shampoos, liquid soaps, and conditioners.
Thickener and Emulsifier

Thickener and Emulsifier

Strong emulsifying and thickening properties of Gum guar powder helps to contribute fluffiness and depth-ness to a formula, thereby changing the consistency of any product into a paste. It also naturally increases the viscosity of the hair and skin care products.

Product Specifications

Raw Material Source: Legumes (Guar Beans)
Manufacturing Process: Legumes of the Guar tree are refined after heating, grinding, and processing to obtain the Guar Gum Powder.
Chemical Formula: C10H14N5Na2O12P3
CAS Number: 9000-30-0
IUPAC Name: Disodium;[[[5-(6-aminopurin-9-yl)-3-hydroxy oxolan-2-yl]oxy-methyl phosphoryl]oxy-oxidophosphoryl] hydrogen phosphate
INCI Name: Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
Molecular Weight: 535.15 grams/mole
Boiling Point: 80-degree Celsius
Flash Point: N/A
Odor: Odorless
PH Level: 1 to 10.5 as per the hydration rate
HLB Value: 12.3
Color: Off-white to light pink
Grade Standard: Technical Grade
Shelf Life: 24 months
Purity (%): 100%
Form: Fine powder
Alternative Names: Guaran
Solubility: Water Soluble
Industry: Cosmetic, Personal Care, Skincare, Haircare

CAUTION: Guar Gum Powder might lower blood pressure, Taking guar gum might make blood pressure too low in people with low blood pressure. Consult a doctor if you are suffering from any disease.

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