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Soap Recipe with Tallow - How to Make Pure Tallow Soap at Home?

Soap is one of the necessities of modern life. It was created in ancient Babylon in 2800 BC. It first appeared on the Indian market in the 1930s has since become one of the essentials for maintaining one’s health. Because the skin is the body‘s largest organ, it requires special care. You will discover soap recipe with tallow & amazing facts and uses for soaps containing tallow, as well as how to use it.

Soap Recipe With Tallow

Why Choose Tallow Soap Over Normal Soap Bars?

Tallow is rendered beef fat. Solid at cool temperatures and liquid at warm temperatures. The crucial benefits of the tallow make it unique to be used.Vitamin A, K, B12,D and E. All the vital vitamins are present to nourish your skin in various ways. The anti-oxidant repairs the damage to cells of your skin caused due to excessive sun exposure, pollutants, or any toxic chemicals.

Used for decades now, helps your skin from acne or any other inflammatory conditions. Any irritation or disruption in the skin is healed by the tallow soap. A great cleanser and moisturizer for your skin with anti-bacterial properties.This wonderful option to go with.

Pure Tallow Soap Recipe

Soap making is an art as well as fun. You will get to know about the cleanser that you have been using for so long and a fun activity to try and find the need of your skin in detail. Let's see the soap recipe with tallow in the following:

  • Distilled water - 1 Quart
  • Pure Lye - 4 OZ
  • Lard or Tallow - 30

The first step is to melt the tallow in the pot over the stove. Put on safety gear or gloves and measure the lye, after the fat has melted down fully.

Carefully stir the lye into the measured water in a well-ventilated area or can open windows or near the fan. Now add the lye to the water, remember not to do vice versa. It may result in a volcanic eruption hurting you.

Allow the lye/mixture to stir for a few minutes after it has dissolved. The lye and the water will undergo a chemical reaction. Water will be extremely hot so make sure to handle the container carefully.

Now switch to an immersion blender if you do not want to stir the mixture for an hour long. Blend the lye, tallow, and water till it traces. The trace thickens letting the consistency of the pudding hold the shape when dripped on top.

Place the lid on the container and set the flame very low. Cook for 45-60 minutes. When froth and bubbles appear do not get anxious, it's normal. Make sure the bubble doesn't leave the pot.

Pour it into the mold and allow it to set for 12-24 hours after it has been cooked well. Try the zap test- well basically after the soap is stirred and ready to be in molds allow it to cool and taste it, if it does taste like the soap then you are good to go.

Remove the soap from the bar and cut it into tiny or the shape you desire. Set aside for 2-3 weeks. To get a nicer and harder bar you must let it cool properly. Your homemade tallow soaps are ready!

Tallow Soap Recipe With Coconut Oil

Tallow Soap Recipe with Coconut Oil

  • Tallow - 20 OZ
  • Coconut Oil - 10 OZ
  • Lye - 100% Pure
  • Distilled Water - 9 OZ
  • Digital Thermometer

Follow the procedure above by mixing all these four ingredients.

Soap Recipe With Tallow and Coconut Oil:

Make sure that you use the weight properly and the proportion should be accurate otherwise the soaps will not be lathery enough. Do not use tap water. It has a lot of minerals in it, which may affect the results of the soap.

Soap mold is also an important step to consider. Though you can buy any type silicon molds are the best. You can customize your soaps by adding essential oils.

Temperature can be tricky in this type of soap due to the tallow being liquid at cool and sold at warm temperatures. Thus make sure to measure the temperature of the mixture or tallow before, after, and also during the process.

Though gloves are mentioned make sure to wear googles as well, lye can be irritant to the eyes. With little care and effort, you can make your customized soap at home. All the ingredients are available easily thus giving you the experience to understand the soap-making process.

Tallow is used in every other skin product now due to its anti- dryness properties and super shiny skin.


The guide above has a detailed description of how you should make the soap. Nothing compares to the fun and purity of things made at home. You can always customize it according to the needs of your particular skin type. The right ingredients and simple steps will give you the desired results. Read complete article to know soap recipe with tallow & make sure to try this at your home and experience the difference from the soaps available in the market. 


Q: Is it safe for kids to use this?

A. Yes, of course. It has anti-bacterial properties which protect the skin thus suitable for kids.

Q: Does it smell bad?

A. Well, it depends. It may have a smell that can be a little weird and normal for some.

Q: How much percentage of fat is there in the soap?

A. Almost 6-8% of fat is present in the soap.

Q: Can men and women both use it?

A. Yes , of course.

Q: Can we add coconut or other oils?

A. Yes, there is a list of ingredients given above. Just make sure to get the weight right.

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