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Best Handmade Silicone Soap Molds: 6 Best Silicone Soap Molds

Many people out there love the idea of making their own soaps at home. Not just because they are very particular about the ingredients, their skin is one important factor, but there's another reason too. Many individuals like the idea of making things by themselves, and curtains with the cute shape of soaps are in their interest.

Soap Mold

So, if you are also very inquisitive about making handmade soaps, then you might always be looking for handmade silicone soap molds. No worries because there's a world of soap molds out there waiting for you to experience. Let's discuss the best handmade silicone soap molds in detail.

Things that Define the Best Soap Molds

Now, come to the things that define the best soap molds. As a beginner soap maker, the best soap molds you can go for are a variety of food containers. That's because, as a new soap maker, you won't like to invest lots of money in fancy soap molds. On the other hand, if you have fallen in love with soap making and wish to invest in molds, then there is a wide variety available in the market, from plastic soap molds to silicone soap molds.

The most common and go-to soap mold every soap maker can rely on is handmade silicone soap molds. That's because they allow the use of the cold process soap making process and oven process method for soap making.

How to Choose Soap Molds?

As a soap maker, we need to understand that it's crucial to consider what mold you will use for your soap making project. After all, the mold will determine how big your soap batch needs to be and might also influence ingredients and cure time. So, we will discuss different soap molds, and then you can pick the one that most sits well with your requirements.

One of the best soap molds is the handmade silicone mold. The benefit of this soap mold is that they are easy to unmold soap with flexible material. They are also easy to clean, do not need to line the mold, and are very long-lasting. The best part? They give out professional-looking soap bars.

The recycled molds create unique shapes that are very cost-effective and eco-friendly. But the problem with them is the shape is not consistent, and you may need to line mold. In short, it may be only good for one use of soap making. There are many other types of soap molds as well.

Another option of soap molds that have been widely used in the soap making industry is plastic molds. They come in a wide variety of soaps. But the problem with plastic molds is that they are difficult to unmold, which is a plus point in silicone molds. Plastic molds are also prone to soda ash and can be difficult for large production batches.

Another popular soap mold option is wood molds. Although they are easy to insulate and are long-lasting, they also need to line mold because they can soften over time when exposed to raw soap. But silicone molds are sturdy yet flexible and are perfect for both cold process and melt and pour process soap making. Unlike wooden molds, silicone molds provide easy unmolding and are quite easy to care for.

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right soap mold, but out of all the options available in the market, silicone molds have become the best go-to molds after wood molds for many soap makers. Each soap mold has its pros and cons, and it also depends on the personal choice and project choice to pick the right one.

Best Handmade Silicone Soap Molds

Now that you know that handmade silicone soap molds are the best and ideal for soap making.

Best Handmade Sillicone Soap Molds

It's time to learn more about the best handmade soap molds made of silicone to amp up your soap making process. Here are some of the best handmade silicone soap molds.

1.) Rectangle Shape Silicone Mold

A rectangular shape silicone mold is one of the best soap molds to make cute rectangle soaps. You can also go for a 3d rose rectangle shape silicone mold that will curate a very beautiful design on the soap, and the end result will be very amazing. With this silicone mold, you can make thinner bars of soap.

2.) Christmas Santa Face Silicone Mould

Love the Christmas theme? You can make soaps for the Christmas celebration by using the Christmas Santa face silicone mold. This soap mold comes in the shape of a Santa face and is ideal for both cold process and melt and pour based soap making processes. With this mold, you can easily make Christmas theme soaps.

3.) Oval Shape Silicone Mold

An oval shape silicone mold is also a great option. You can go for oval shape embossed floral soap silicone mold. Although these shape molds require more mixture to completely form the ideal shape, the results are very cute and pretty oval-shaped silicone molds.

4.) 12 Cavity Multi Shape Soap Mold

As the name suggests, this handmade silicone soap mold comes with 12 cavity spaces which means in one go, and it can help you make around 12 soaps of unique shapes altogether. Made from premium quality silicone, the 12 cavities multi-shape soap mold enables you to retrieve your soaps easily and simultaneously make different soap shapes.

5.) Hello Kitty Silicone Soap Mold

Hello Kitty silicone soap mold is a heat-resistant handmade silicone soap mold that enables you to curate four kitty shape soap bars altogether. It is available in pink, and this soap mold is heat resistant up to 440 degrees F. You can use this soap mold to make cute soaps in the microwave or in the refrigerator.

6.) 3D Sun Moon Face Silicone Soap Mold

Another silicone soap mold you must own as a soap maker is the 3D sun moon face silicone soap mold. It is a unique and beautiful casting sentence that helps in crafting unique decorative soaps. This soap mold is durable and ideal for all types of soap making processes.


So, we have discussed everything that is associated with handmade silicone soap molds. Now, as a soap making enthusiast, you know which mold is the best one, and you also have a list of beautifully handcrafted soap molds in different shapes that you can use to execute your next DIY soap making project. So, it's time to go ahead and enjoy your hobby of making cute little different soaps at home with these amazing silicone soap molds.

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