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How To Make Vanilla Scented Candle at Home

In the cold and chilly weather, scented candles makes us feel comfortable. Their warmth makes our cottages cozy and we could continue with our daily work without any issues. Vanilla scented candles have ability to transpire tranquility in the ambience. Their scented vapors cheer our mind and help us to rest and sleep without any issues.

How To Make Vanilla Scented Candle

Smooth and sweet aroma of vanilla scented candle melts our heart and instantly feel stress and tension dissipating. For making this candle, we need only a few ingredients like Beeswax, cotton wicks, and Vanilla Essential Oil. However, if you are a newbie, you would have to purchase or find some container to pour molten wax into. To start making Vanilla Candles with Beeswax, please continue reading!

Vanilla Scented Candle Benefits

Instead of purchasing vanilla scented candle from shops or through online platforms, make homemade scented candle. It is easy to make them at home with a couple of ingredients. Moreover, as you would be able to use pure and organic ingredients for making these candles, they would prove to be perfectly healthy for you and your family members.

Vanilla Candles soothe negative feelings and decrease anxiety and stress. Issues like migraine and headaches can be minimized by igniting these candles. Moreover, they instill a deep and calming fragrance that helps you to doze off easily at night. The emotional stress that women suffer due to PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) can also be eased by lighting Vanilla Candles.

Vanilla Scented Candle Benefits

Ingredients For Vanilla Scented Candle

Vanilla Scented Candle releases warm scent after lighting are easy to make with Beeswax. The flexibility and low melting point makes it easy for you to set the candles. Also, as Beeswax burns cleanly, it won’t cause any toxicity or pollution in the surroundings. Always ensure ingredients you buy for making vanilla scented candle are natural and organic.

  • Beeswax: Beeswax is usually available in the form of pellets. However, even if you get it in the form of a block, it can be easily grated like cheese. Avoid buying bleached Beeswax that appears extra white as they are often treated with chemicals. Use the ones that are lightened naturally by using sunlight, moisture, and air.

  • Vanilla Essential Oil: For getting a deep and stronger fragrance of vanilla, you should use Vanilla Essential Oil. It is because the concentrated Vanilla Essential Oil will enhance the fragrance of your candles by many folds. By doing so, they make your candles more effective and soothing.
Ingredients For Vanilla Scented Candle
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil not only balances the strong scent of Vanilla but it also helps Beeswax to burn without any disturbances. Also, issues like tunneling can be avoided by adding coconut oil to the wax mixture. Premium scented candles usually contain Coconut Oil as one of their main ingredients.

  • Wicks: Cotton wicks are organic and biodegradable. They also burn cleanly without contributing to the soot formation. However, you can also try hemp wicks as they are also biodegradable and eco-friendly. If you like the crackling sound when your candles are ignited, use wood wicks. Do a little research online on different types of wicks before making a decision.

DIY Vanilla Candle Recipe - Steps By Steps

  • Step 1: If you have the Beeswax in the form of blocks, grate them or cut them into small chunks before melting. If available in the pellet form, melt them directly. Place the Beeswax in a microwave-friendly container and heat up to 64-degree Celsius.
DIY Vanilla Candle Recipe - Steps By Steps
  • Step 2: Add Coconut Oil and Vanilla Essential Oil to the mixture when it is still hot and whisk it thoroughly. Use heat-resistant silicone whisk to perform this task. Don’t heat the mixture after adding these oils.
  • Step 3: Pour the mountain wax in the candle jar, add the wick, and let it set for a few hours. After a few hours, you can use the Vanilla Scented Candle. Ensure that the wick runs till the bottom of the wax.

Note: If needed, you can add crushed coffee beans to add a peculiar texture to the candles. The essence of vanilla gets even better when combined with coffee beans!


  • Wear heat-resistant gloves while making candles. Don’t dip your fingers to check the temperature of the wax. Use a thermometer instead.
  • Measure the quantity of the Beeswax to fill one or multiple containers. Don’t fill the containers completely with the wax as it would become a little hard to remove them later.
  • Don’t use glass or metal containers while melting wax in the microwave. Use a double boiler if available. If not, use a microwave but melt the wax only with microwave-friendly containers.
  • Low-quality or chemically bleached Beeswax are often sold in both online and offline markets. Research on the ways to identify pure and organic Beeswax. If the Beeswax is a little off-white in color, it means that it isn’t bleached.
  • Natural Beeswax also emanates a golden glow when lighted. Therefore, it is better to use natural Beeswax instead of artificial ones.


Make Vanilla Candles by using Beeswax along with a few other ingredients. The easy and straightforward process mentioned above will surely help you make wonderful candles without any issues.

However, don’t hurry while making candles and take all the safety measures while making them. Use organic Beeswax and natural ingredients. Avoid using chemicals and artificial fragrances. With these few tips and ideas your DIY scented candle making recipe will never go wrong!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about How to make Vanilla Scented Candle With Beeswax- Homemade Candle?

What does Vanilla Candle do?

Q: What does Vanilla Candle do?

A: Vanilla Candle exudes a comforting scent and makes your room cozy especially during the chilly winter nights and evenings. It also soothes your mind and helps you to balance emotions. It has stress-busting properties and heals your anxiety as well.

Q: Does Vanilla Candle smell good?

A: The sweet and delicate scent of Vanilla makes it smell awesome. You can tackle low mood or restlessness with its wonderful scent.

Q: Can I put Vanilla extract in candles?

A: Vanilla extract adds a delightful smell to the candles but it makes the wax melt faster than it usually does. Therefore, it is better to add concentrated Vanilla Essential Oil along with Coconut Oil to the molten wax.

Q: How would you describe a Vanilla Candle?

A: Vanilla Candle exudes a heavenly aroma of vanilla that eases your tension and stress immediately. It is perfect for romantic dinner dates and to spend a comfortable and cozy evening with your loved ones.

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