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DIY Beard Balm Recipe - Make Your Own Beard Balm

Men, too, require self-care. Beards are fashionable and make men look really good, but they require some maintenance. They can quickly become wild and untidy. One of the most essential things a bearded guy can do is ensure a steady beard grooming practice.

homemade beard balm recipe

A decent grooming practice isn't complete without a high-quality beard balm. In this post, we will show you how to make your very own, all-natural beard balm at home. This is the greatest beard balm recipe for keeping your facial hair nice and soft. Plus, you'll save a lot of money by creating it yourself rather than buying store-bought balm.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a grooming product for men that is designed to tame and moisturize facial hair. It's made up of several oils and waxes that nourish your skin and make styling your beard simpler.

Beard balms are comparable to beard or mustache waxes, but they're softer, have better moisturizers, and have a lesser grip. They don't make your beard look waxy. Beard balm comes to the rescue if your beard hair takes on a life of its own or becomes too bristly/scratchy. Nobody wants to hug a prickly-faced man or stroke their fingers through an uncomfortable beard. Isn’t it?

Benefits Of DIY Beard Balm

There is a slew of fashionable, high-priced beard grooming kits on the market, but we always prefer the DIY versions so we can know precisely what's in the product. With homemade beard growth balms, you can also include your own therapeutic-grade essential oils to create unique perfume combinations with excellent aromatherapy effects. Read on to find out what benefits herbal beard balms have to offer.

Benefits of beard balm

Soft & Conditioning

Who wants a scaly, itch-inducing beard? Simply create you own high-quality beard balm that has all-natural ingredients to keep your facial hair smooth and conditioned all day. Organic Beard balms can provide intense nourishment to beard hair and keep it soft. If you're kissing someone special, we're sure they'll appreciate it as well!

Tames the Beard

Beeswax present in homemade, all-natural lip balms help to assist add weight to your beard. This component helps to lay down stray hairs for a more combed and tamed appearance. You'll also notice that if you apply a little balm first, your comb or brush will glide through your hair more effortlessly.

Keeps It Healthy

Many men try to take care of their beards using cheap soaps and taking overly hot showers, both of which can rob your facial hair of its natural oils. Homemade Beard balms deal with problems including dead ends, split ends, dandruff, and other issues caused by low-cost products and improper upkeep. Homemade beard balms contain essential ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil which help in maintaining a healthy beard.

Eliminate Beardruff

The greatest technique to retain dandruff-free beard hair is to keep the deep skin layers' moisture balance adequately hydrated. Because of the beeswax in the recipe, beard balm creates a thin protective layer of moisture on top of your facial hair region. This layer not only protects the beard and the skin beneath it, but also keeps moisture in, preventing beardruff and moisturizing the skin.

Reduce Itchiness

Anyone who has ever grown a beard knows that it may be extremely irritating and itchy at times. The first line of defense against the dreadful itching is generally beard balm. That same layer we discussed before may assist lock the natural oils into your beard, giving you even better results in terms of moisturization and itch reduction.

DIY Beard Balm At Home Recipe

Beard balm is a terrific present for guys on their birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, and other special occasions. It's so simple to create that even children can do it with only a little adult supervision. Then everyone will reap the benefits of a silky, well-kept beard! Take a look at one of the most popular & simple beard balm recipes.

Ingredients Required For Homemade Beard Balm

You don't have to worry about any chemicals getting into your skin because this homemade, DIY beard balm with shea butter is manufactured with all natural components. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give it a nice scent. There are over 100 different essential oils to choose from which can easily be bought online.

How to make Beard Balm

DIY Beard Balm Ingredients

  • 2 tablespoons of beeswax pellets
  • 2 tablespoons of Coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of shea butter
  • 1 tablespoon of 100% argan oil
  • 4-5 drops of vitamin E oil
  • 22-25 drops of essential oils (Of Your Choice)
  • 8 drops of leather fragrance oil
  • 6 drops of Coffee fragrance oil
  • 4 drops of Frankincense essential oil
  • 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil
  • 2 drops of Bergamot essential oil

Equipment Required:

  • Saucepan
  • Glass measuring cup
  • Metal tin or 4 oz mason jar (for storage)

Method For Making Beard Balm

When you start preparing your beard balm, always make sure that you stick to the proportions mentioned above. You may use a spoon, a cup, or a scale to measure the quantities, or you can work like a pro and utilize an actual scale. It doesn't matter as long as the proportions are maintained. Read on to find out the step-by-step process of making your own DIY beard balm.

Method Of Making DIY Beard Balm

Step 1: To begin, fill a small saucepan halfway with water and set the heat to low or medium-low to form a makeshift double boiler.

Step 2: Place a ceramic measuring cup straight into the water, supported on the side, or lay a bigger-sized dish on top of the pot to melt the beard balm components once the water is heated (just a simmer). If you're going to put the container in the water right away, make sure you use an oven mitt.

Step 3: Place the beeswax in the measuring cup, mixing bowl, or another container you'll use to melt the mixture, then add the jojoba oil and shea butter.

Step 4: Place the container over the water and let the mixture slowly melt. Turn off the heat and set the pan aside after it's totally melted (no beeswax or shea butter particles remain). Add the argan oil, vitamin E oil (if used), and essential oils of your choice, and give it a final swirl.

Step 5: Pour the mixture into the container of your choice right away. A tiny mason jar would be perfect. Allow at least two hours for the balm to set, cool, and harden before covering with a tight-fitting lid.

How To Use Homemade Beard Balm?

The consistency of the mixture will be firm. Using your palms, massage a tiny quantity (about the size of a pea) between your palms. The pomade will soften and "melt" as a result of your hands' heat. To manage unruly hair, rub as much as desired into the beard. Your beard will now look crisp and smell great. Remember, beard balm is a terrific present for any man who enjoys keeping his beard in good shape.


DIY Beard balms have several benefits for the beard. Homemade beard balms are ten times better than store-bought ones because they do not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives. It's not difficult to make your own beard balm. It just involves a few basic materials, which can easily be purchased on our website itself, and kitchen utensils and the finished product would feel luxurious on your beard. So, buy these ingredients today and start making your DIY beard balms!.

DIY Beard Balm Recipe: FAQ

Q1. How long will it last?

Ans. If the beard balm is made using the quantities of ingredients mentioned in our recipe, then it can easily last upto 2 months. However, it also depends on the length of your beard.

Q2. Does it make my beard softer?

Ans. Yes. Beard balm, even though it can be used to style your beard, can also make it softer if used on a regular basis.

Q3. Will DIY Beard balm grow my beard?

Ans. No, beard balm has no effect on the rate at which your facial hair grows. Because all of the hair follicles are pointing in the same way, styling your beard with beard balm may make it seem longer and fuller.

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