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Dipropylene Glycol Brands in India 2023

In the world of chemical solutions, one name that stands out very well from the rest is Dipropylene Glycol. It is a versatile and essential product that is used in a wide range of industries ranging from cosmetics to personal care to pharma products. There are so many brands out there that promise to provide the best Propylene glycol, but can you trust every brand? The answer is no and thus to help you out we have compiled a list of the best dipropylene glycol brands in India.

Dipropylene Glycol Brands

 In this blog, we will dig deeper into the brands that are the most reliable and trusted ones in the market. Whether you are a manufacturer looking for top-tier ingredients for manufacturing products or some consumer who wants to understand what it takes to make an exceptional product, this list of the top 7 dipropylene glycol brands in India will surely provide you with the needed information.

1. VedaOils Dipropylene Glycol 

One of the first brands that you can trust for buying Propylene Glycol is VedaOils. It is a prominent name in the realm of chemical solutions for crafting various cosmetics and industrial products. VedaOils Dipropylene Glycol satisfies strict industrial standards and is a colorless, odorless liquid of high purity.

VedaOils Dipropylene Glycol

It works effectively in a variety of applications, such as pharmaceuticals, personal care items, and cosmetics. VedaOils maintains the finest quality through stringent quality control processes, making Dipropylene Glycol a reliable choice for manufacturers and enterprises seeking consistent and exceptional ingredients. You may be sure that your items will be of the greatest caliber when you trust VedaOils for the ingredients part.

2. Purenso Select - Dipropylene Glycol

 The second brand in the list for your Dipropylene Glycol requirements is Purenso Select. The brand offers top-notch quality Dipropylene Glycol which does not contain any artificial additives or ingredients that may harm its potency.

Purenso Select - Dipropylene Glycol

It is completely suitable for crafting cosmetics, personal care items, and pharmaceutical applications. The brand also ensures customers of the highest quality standard by deploying various quality checks before finally sending off packages to their customers.

3. Plant Guru Dipropylene Glycol

 The third prominent name to buy Dipropylene Glycol is Plant Guru. The brand provides customers with quality fragrance-grade Propylene Glycol which is safe to use in perfumes, body oils, and many other personal care products.

Plant Guru Dipropylene Glycol

In addition to that, it flaunts a non-greasy texture that makes it ideal for use in skincare products. Plant Guru brand is also committed to sustainability and enhancing extracts of this chemical from renewable sources only.

4. Aroma Depot Dipropylene Glycol 

Aroma Depot is another trustworthy brand that sources its Dipropylene Glycol from renewable sources and is a fragrance-grade product. The brand makes sure its Dipropylene glycol can be used for making not just personal care products but also incense sticks, diffusers, and burning oils.

Aroma Depot Dipropylene Glycol

As it is a non-toxic oil it is a safe solvent for skin as well making it a great choice for aromatherapy products as well.

5. ASESCHEM Dipropylene Glycol

Moving forward we have the ASESCHEM brand that also supplies and manufactures top quality Dipropylene Glycol. This brand’s Dipropylene Glycol is a surfactant and an excellent agent for hydration and thus can be used for crafting many moisturizing products.

ASESCHEM Dipropylene Glycol

Additionally, it can also be added to hair products like shampoos, conditioners, and many other styling products. With a concentration of 10%, this Dipropylene Glycol is soluble in water and contains no artificial additives.

6. Oils4life Dipropylene glycol

Oils4Life is also a very dependable brand for industries looking to buy top-quality Propylene Glycol. This brand’s Dipropylene Glycol can be used to cater to the diverse needs of the cosmetic, personal care, and pharma industries.

Oils4life Dipropylene glycol

Oils4Life Dipropylene Glycol is an ideal choice because it is colorless and odorless which means there are no artificial fillers added to it. It is a brand that is known for producing consistent top-quality products and hence can be trusted well.

7. Ambrosial Dipropylene Glycol

Last but certainly not the least is our Ambrosial Dipropylene Glycol. Although it is not a very popular brand in the market, it does provide top-quality chemical solutions to fulfill the needs of various industries be it for personal care, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals.

Ambrosial Dipropylene Glycol

The brand ensures to provide customers with top-quality Dipropylene Glycol which is free from any artificial fillers or additives. It can also be purchased in the customer’s desired quantity.


In Conclusion, we can say that these are the brands that can be trusted for your requirement of Propylene Glycol in India. All of the best Dipropylene Glycol brands in India that we have mentioned below are the market leaders and are known for their top-quality chemical solutions. So, do check out these brands and choose the one which best suits your requirements

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