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Butyl Acetate Brands in India 2023

Butyl acetate plays a crucial role in formulating cosmetic and industrial products, and industry leaders recognize the importance of using high-quality butyl acetate.

Let us reveal a valuable secret that can help you produce top-tier products: the key lies in using the finest ingredients. To assist you in this, we present a list of India's top butyl acetate brands.

List of Top 5 Butyl Acetate Brands

Butyl acetate is an industry favorite for making adhesives, paint, degreasing, flavoring agents, etc. And to help you start your own business, we have listed the best butyl acetate brands in India.

1. VedaOils Butyl Acetate

Butyl acetate, an organic compound with the chemical formula C6H12O2, belongs to the ester family, resulting from a combination of butanol and acetic acid. This colorless liquid has a pleasant fruity scent and is an excellent solvent in various industries. Its remarkable solvency power makes it indispensable in paints, coatings, adhesives, and inks. Butyl acetate facilitates the dissolution and dispersion of diverse substances, aiding in product formulation and application. In the food industry, butyl acetate doubles as a flavoring agent, enhancing the taste of candies, ice creams, and chewing gums.

Furthermore, it contributes to creating perfumes and fragrances, enriching their scent profiles. Its effectiveness as a cleaning agent and degreaser is attributed to its potent solvent properties, effectively removing oils, greases, and residues from surfaces and equipment. Butyl acetate also finds application in producing artificial leathers, textiles, and plastics, where it functions as a plasticizer or resin solvent. Its versatile attributes make it invaluable across various industries, including coatings, fragrance, food, cleaning, and manufacturing.

2. Rcilabscan Butyl Acetate

Butyl acetate primarily finds utility as a solvent in industries like paint and coatings, adhesives, and printing inks. Its low volatility and high solvency power make it adept at dissolving various resins, polymers, and chemicals. It frequently improves the application properties and viscosity of coatings.

While approved for use in food and beverages by regulatory agencies, its application is closely regulated due to safety considerations. Moreover, butyl acetate is crucial in synthesizing various chemicals, including fragrances, pharmaceuticals, and plasticizers, owing to its reactivity and capacity to form ester linkages.

3. Ottokemi Butyl Acetate

N-butyl acetate, butyl ethanoate, is a colorless, flammable liquid at room temperature. This compound imparts characteristic flavors and a sweet banana or apple-like smell, making it a synthetic fruit flavoring in candy, ice cream, cheeses, and baked goods.

Beyond flavoring, butyl acetate serves as a high-boiling solvent with moderate polarity. It's employed in various applications, including cellulose nitrate, resins, polymers, oils, fats, paints, coatings, printing inks, aerosol sprays, and cosmetics.

4. Ibuychemikals Butyl Acetate

Butyl acetate, known as n-butyl acetate or BuAc, is a versatile chemical compound with various industrial applications. This colorless liquid boasts a fruity aroma reminiscent of bananas and is commonly used as a solvent, flavoring agent, and in different chemical processes.

Comprising a butyl group (four carbon atoms) and an acetate group (an ester of acetic acid), it possesses unique properties. Butyl acetate is a clear, flammable liquid with a sweet, fruity odor. It exhibits slight solubility in water but high solubility in many organic solvents, making it an excellent choice as a solvent for diverse applications.

5. Merckmillipore Butyl Acetate

EMSURE® grade solvents are well-suited for a wide spectrum of classical lab applications and are frequently employed in regulated and highly demanding laboratory environments. EMSURE® adheres to ACS, the reagent part of the European Pharmacopoeia (Reag. Ph Eur), and ISO standards.

Consumers commonly encounter butyl acetate in nail polish remover formulations, where its efficient nail polish dissolving capabilities shine. This compound also plays a pivotal role in adhesive formulation, particularly in producing pressure-sensitive adhesives used in tape and label manufacturing.


We trust that you have found our insights into India's best butyl acetate brands enlightening. Butyl acetate is an essential ingredient for your new products and business ventures. To secure the purest cosmetic-grade butyl acetate, visit www.VedaOils.com and elevate the quality of your products.

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