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Ethyl Acetate Brands in India 2023

Ethyl acetate is a versatile solvent widely used in various industries, and finding the best quality product is crucial for businesses and laboratories. In India, several reputable brands offer high-grade ethyl acetate solutions.

Ethyl Acetate Brands in India

This ingredient is widely used in making various skin and hair care products in the cosmetic industry. In this guide, we've compiled a list of the best ethyl acetate brands in India, ensuring you have access to reliable sources for your solvent needs.

List of Top 5 Ethyl Acetate Brands

When sourcing ethyl acetate, a widely used solvent, having a list of reputable brands at your fingertips can be invaluable. In this compilation, we present a comprehensive list of trusted and the best ethyl acetate brands in India.

1.VedaOil's Ethyl Acetate

VedaOil's ethyl acetate isn't just a chemical solvent; it also finds utility in skincare and haircare routines due to its versatile properties. In skincare, it acts as a natural and non-irritating solvent for removing nail polish, adhesive residues, and paint from the skin, making it a preferred choice for gentle cleansing. Its mild formula makes it suitable for sensitive skin types.

Vedaoils Ethyl Acetate

For haircare, Ethyl Acetate plays a role in producing hair sprays and other styling products. Its quick-drying properties contribute to the effectiveness of these products, allowing for easy styling without excessive buildup or stickiness. Additionally, it helps remove adhesive residues from hair extensions or wig applications.


Ibuychemikals is a prominent online chemical supplier in India known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. Their ethyl acetate solutions have garnered widespread acclaim in the market for several reasons. Firstly, they offer consistency in quality, which is crucial for businesses and laboratories alike.

 Ibuychemikals Ethyl Acetate

Additionally, ibuychemikals provides competitive pricing, making it accessible for both bulk orders and smaller quantities. Whether you require a substantial or limited supply, ibuychemikals is a dependable source for fulfilling your ethyl acetate needs.

3.Restauro Online Ethyl Acetate

Restauro Online is a trusted ethyl acetate solution supplier that adheres to industry standards. Their product is highly regarded for its purity and effectiveness, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

 Restauro Online Ethyl Acetate

Whether you are involved in industrial processes or conducting research and development projects, Restauro Online's ethyl acetate can be relied upon to deliver consistent and high-quality results. This brand's commitment to maintaining stringent quality control standards ensures that its product consistently meets the needs of its customers.

4.Tree Fit Ethyl Acetate

Tree Fit Ethyl Acetate is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to quality. Their ethyl acetate product is meticulously manufactured to meet and exceed stringent quality control standards.

Tree Fit Ethyl Acetate

This dedication to quality makes it a dependable choice for various applications where precision and reliability are paramount. Whether used in industrial processes or research endeavors, Tree Fit Ethyl Acetate is a brand you can trust to consistently deliver exceptional performance.

5.Lab Alley Ethyl Acetate

Lab Alley is a well-known and respected supplier of laboratory chemicals, and their ethyl acetate offering is no exception. Renowned for its high purity, Lab Alley's ethyl acetate is an excellent choice for laboratory experiments and research work.

Lab Alley Ethyl Acetate

The brand's commitment to providing top-notch chemicals ensures that scientists and researchers can rely on the quality and consistency of their products, enabling the pursuit of scientific excellence with confidence.


Choosing the right ethyl acetate brands in India is essential for ensuring the success and safety of your projects. These brands have established themselves as reliable sources, each offering products that meet industry standards. Whether you require ethyl acetate for industrial processes or laboratory experiments, you can choose from these reputable brands to meet your needs.

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