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Sesame Oil For Body Massage - Benefits & DIY Recipe

Sesame oil, also known as til ka tail, is regarded in Ayurveda as the ideal oil for abhyangam, the classic Ayurvedic massage that includes massaging the body with ample quantities of warm, nourishing oil. A simpler form of abhyangam in the form of self-massage can be performed at home or you can even go to skilled therapists who provide abhyangam.

Coconut Oil For Body Massage

A self-massage with some heated oil is highly recommended to keep the body lubricated and energetic, especially in the winter. Sesame massage oil helps strengthen muscles in lean individuals and reduce fat in obese people thanks to its lekhaniya (anti-obesity and hypolipidemic) effects.

5 Prime Benefits of Sesame Oil Body Massage 

Sesame oil  for body massage is made from the seeds of flowering plants. In India, the seeds and oil are also commonly utilised in a broad variety of recipes and several Ayurvedic treatments. However, in the following section, we will specifically talk about how a massage using sesame oil can benefit you.

  • Penetrates deep

Sesame oil massages are an essential Ayurvedic technique. Sesame oil is preferred over other oils for massage for a variety of reasons, but its ability to permeate the skin more deeply is by far the most crucial. It nourishes your skin all the way down to the bottom surface. Vitamin E, which may shield skin cells from UV radiation, pollutants, and pollution, is also included in the oil.

  • Warm

In the winter, when the cold, harsh weather is most prevalent, it is ideal to massage with sesame oil since it has a warming impact on your body. It aids in easing cold, cough, and muscular discomfort. Sesame oil for body massage may relax and warm you up while balancing your Vata. Sesame oil has a warming effect, thus it might not be a good idea to use it in the summer.

Benefits of Sesame Oil Body Massage
  • Helps with arthritis

Sesame oil massages have also been shown to reduce arthritis-related joint pain and inflammation. Sesame oil helps reduce arthritic discomfort, according to a number of animal studies. Additionally, when used topically, the small seed oil can aid in the treatment of burns and wounds.

  • Anti-aging

Sesamol and sesamin, two potent antioxidant components found in sesame oil, help to reduce the development of fine lines and pores on the skin. This miraculous oil improves the flexibility of the skin while generating collagen, acting as a natural element for keeping young. Vitamin E and B complex-rich sesame oil aids in the fading of scars and the relief of rashes.

  • Moisturizing

Sesame oil for body massage is the most effective natural oil in moisturising, despite the fact that many other oils are also capable of doing so. Sesame oil is a powerful skin moisturiser since it contains fatty acids and linoleic acid. In fact, it has dual moisturising and softening effects.

How to Use Sesame Oil For Body Massage - DIY Recipe

Massage with sesame oil should be a part of your daily morning routine, on an empty stomach, to get the best results. The procedure just takes twenty minutes and is simple to work into our regular schedule. If you are unable to do this every day, practise it religiously and thoroughly over the weekends.

How to Use Sesame Oil For Body Massage


  • Warm Sesame Oil


  • Warm the oil - Pour the sesame oil for body massage into a squeeze bottle and place this bottle in a kettle of warm water and let it sit there until the temperature of the oil is just right. Before using the oil, check to make sure it is not too hot.
  • Get ready to get greasy - In a warm room, remove your clothes, and use a towel that you don't mind dirtying a little.
  • Start massaging - Put a little oil in your hand, then begin rubbing your face and scalp in circular motions. Make sure to massage the ears and lubricate them with heated oil.
  • Get to the limbs - Make sure to pay special attention to the little joints. Use lengthy strokes on your limbs and circular strokes on the joints. Beginning at the extremities, work your way toward the body's core.
  • Give the Rest of Your Body a Massage - Use lengthy strokes to massage the long portions of your body, 
  • such as your back and sides, as well as the rest of your body. To massage the chest and belly, use circular motions. It's a terrific approach to maintaining healthy breasts by massaging the breast tissue and armpits.
  • Take a bath and rinse the oil off - After your self-care massage is over, take a warm shower or bath, being careful not to slip.


Sesame oil is referred to as the "king of oils" in Ayurveda. It is regarded as the standard self-massage oil. Strong antioxidants in sesame oil for body massage treat skin issues brought on by free radicals. In addition, it feeds our body's muscles and bones while easing joint inflammation. If you are confused about where to get it from, then look no further than vedaoils! We have got you covered with the most premium quality oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

There you have it! Now that you know all about sesame oil for massage we are sure that you must be having some questions too. Worry not, in the following section we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions about sesame oil for body massage. Read on.

Q: Why is sesame oil good for massage?

A: Sesame oil massages hydrate the skin, preventing the development of scaly skin texture and rashes brought on by dryness. Sesame oil's anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibacterial qualities aid in skin cell nourishment and healing.

Q: Can I massage my body with sesame oil daily?

A: Yes! As mentioned earlier, a sesame oil massage should actually be your daily morning routine.

Q: What are the side effects of applying sesame oil for body massage?

A: There are no major side effects of a sesame oil massage. However, as with all natural ingredients, we suggest doing a patch test first. It is also not very advisable to use sesame oil for massages during summers as the oil has warming properties.

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