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Sesame Oil Brands In India - Best Til Oil for Skin & Hair Care 

Sesame oil is a wonderful essential oil that is completely natural and contains Vitamin E. The oil helps to protect skin cells from damage caused due to environmental factors.

Sesame Oil Brands In India

If you face any skin infections because of UV rays, pollution and toxins, then sesame oil is what you need right now. The oil contains all the antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory. 

Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair & Skin

Sesame oil is edible as well. The oil has enormous benefits and has proven to be beneficial to the skin in many ways. The oil is quite healthy for the skin and combats bacterial infections too. Let's check out the benefits below. 

benefits of sesame oil for skin & hair

1. Healthy For the overall Body: Sesame oil is rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A, antioxidants, fatty acids, and essential linoleic acid. All these ingredients help in the ultimate protection and nourishment of the skin. The oil is fantastic to be used on the body and relaxes it fully. 

2. Conditions Skin well: Sesame oil smooths skin and provides a cooling repair to the scars and other marks on the body. This oil seals in moisture for healing and conditioning skin. This oil makes your body softer and entirely conditioned. 

3. Anti-Ageing properties: Sesame oil acts as an anti-ageing serum with concentrated antioxidants, giving your skin no ageing marks. This helps in protecting the body's elasticity and makes it smoother. The oil brings back the youthfulness of the skin. 

4. Gets absorbed quickly: Sesame oil quickly gets absorbed when applied to the body and leaves no residue. You can massage with this oil anytime in the day without any side effects. The oil moisturizes the skin well and keeps it glowy. 

5. Wounds Healer: Applying Sesame oil helps heal wounds and cuts, making your body softer. This oil heals dryness and nourishes the skin very well. Sesame oil helps in giving you the best relaxing body massage during aromatherapy. 

Top 8 Brands Of Sesame Oil For Your Daily Use

Sesame oil is an excellent solution to all your skin and hair issues, but which brands to choose? So here are the top 8 sesame oil brands in India.

1. VedaOils' Sesame Oil

Raw sesame seeds are used to produce the best organic quality sesame oil. The oil has various health benefits. The oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it effective against all skin issues. Vedaoils' Sesame Oil offer a premium-grade oil that protects skin from any damage caused due to free radicals. 

VedaOils' Sesame Oil

Vedaoils sesame oil is perfect for incorporating into a daily face care routine that revitalizes dull and dry-looking faces and makes them spotless. The oil contains magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin B, and Vitamin E. You can buy 1L of this oil from Vedaoils for Rs. 531

2. Puvi Sesame Oil

Puvis sesame oil is cold-pressed and less dense. The oil is not at all spicy and is very smooth in texture. The oil is potent. It's made of hand-picked special black seed varieties that help make skin look fresh and healthy.

Puvi Sesame Oil

Puvis sesame oil is edible, too and can be used for various skin purposes. You can buy 1L of this oil for Rs. 620/-

3. Vedaka Sesame Oil

Vedaka's sesame oil is unadulterated oil that is 100 per cent pure and is ensured by the fatty acid profiling process. The oil is all-natural and increases mono-saturated fatty acids.

Vedaka Sesame Oil

The oil is easy to store and nourishes your skin with normal cholesterol levels. The oil is convenient and suitable for skin use and other purposes. You can buy 1L of this oil for Rs. 365/-

4. Anjali Sesame Oil

Anjali Sesame oil is well-pressed from chosen sesame seeds across India. The oil is of high quality and ensures a consistent taste of sesame oil across all seasons.

Anjali Sesame Oil

The Anjali sesame oil is available in various packaging sizes. The oil has the goodness of fresh ingredients, which help make skin glow. You can buy 1 L of this oil for Rs.300/-

5. Dabur Sesame Oil

Dabur cold-pressed sesame oil is a high-quality oil extracted from sesame seeds. The oil has all the healthy nutrients and does not involve high temperatures during the extraction process.

Dabur Sesame Oil

The oil is suitable for frying and cooking purposes too. You can buy 1L of this oil for Rs. 472/-

6. Organic Tattva Sesame Oil

Organic Tattva sesame oil is certified and completely unrefined. The oil has no cholesterol and is rich in omega-6 fatty acids. The oil maintains a healthy heart and normalizes cholesterol levels as well.

Organic Tattva Sesame Oil

The oil maintains good health of the skin as well. The oil helps in getting glowing and smooth skin. You can buy 1 L of this oil for Rs. 550/-

7. Patanjali Sesame Oil

Patanjali sesame oil is low in cholesterol. It is ideal for the use of cooking and skin care applications. The oil originated in India and is completely natural.

Patanjali Sesame Oil

The oil has all the nutrients and minerals that make skin smoother and bacteria-free. Patanjali 1 litre sesame oil is for Rs. 315. 

8. Kapiva Sesame Oil

Kapiva sesame oil contains various healthy nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. The oil is enriched with antioxidants and loaded with omega-6 fatty acids. The oil has a nutty flavour and aroma to it.

Kapiva Sesame Oil

Kapiva's sesame oil reduces blood sugar levels and cholesterol, which improves overall health. You can buy 1L of this oil for Rs. 966/-


If you are looking for the best quality sesame oil for your skin care routine and cooking purposes too. Then, there is no better sesame oil than VedaOils. It is a value brand with premium quality sesame oil at affordable prices.

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