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Rosehip Seed Oil Brands In India 2024

Rosehip Oil is one of the best oils for skin health and is extracted from the seeds of Rosa Canina using the cold pressing technique. Rosehip oil promises a beautiful spot-free skin tone with no acne and pimples. That's because this oil is rich in various skin-helping properties.

vedaoils best quality rosehip oil

However, things work best when they come from the best, which is why today we will discuss the top 10 rosehip seed oil brands you can trust to get rejuvenated and younger-looking skin. But before that, let's discuss a few benefits of this carrier oil to understand why it is so popular amongst skincare enthusiasts.

Benefits Of Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip seed oil is blessed with various properties that help our skin in numerous ways. Before you trust a brand to purchase rosehip seed oil, you must know its multiple benefits. Here are some of the best benefits of rosehip seed oil.

1: Rosehip oil is high in linoleic and linolenic acid, two important fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are one of the most critical skin moisturizers. They can help to maintain and strengthen the skin's barrier. Regular and continuous use of linoleic acid may aid in acne reduction.

2: Rosehip oil contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which assist in moisturizing and healing the skin. Vitamins A and C help to slow down the ageing process. Moisturized skin is less vulnerable to environmental stresses.

Benefits Of Rosehip Seed Oil

3: Rosehip oil's vitamin A presence makes it an excellent component for reducing hyperpigmentation. With long-term use, it can also help minimize apparent indications of ageing. The lycopene and beta carotene concentration may aid in the decrease of hyperpigmentation.

4: Rosehip oil can also aid in the reduction of scars and fine wrinkles. The rich fatty acids and antioxidants help to moisturize the skin, while vitamins A and C aid in exfoliation and cell regeneration.

5: Rosehip seed oil may aid in the formation of collagen. As we age, our skin loses collagen, which is necessary for skin suppleness and firmness. It may also help reduce inflammation because it contains polyphenols and anthocyanin. The presence of vitamin E contributes to anti-inflammatory effects.

1. VedaOils

Rosehip seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush and promises to provide your skin with immense benefits. VedaOils rosehip seed oil also exhibits anti-ageing properties and boosts collagen production. Even with such affordable prices, VedaOils will satisfy you regarding quality.


One of the best brands you can trust to buy rosehip seed oil is VedaOils. Rosehip seed oil fastens the process of regeneration of skin cells. Rosehip seed oil is 100% organic, naturally extracted, and ideal for multipurpose uses. You can also buy rosehip seed oil in bulk from VedaOils at wholesale prices.

2. Soulflower Rosehip Oil

Soulflower Rosehip oil has a light texture and a non-greasy recipe that can prevent premature skin ageing. It contains a variety of vitamins that help the skin glow.

Soulflower Rosehip Oil

It softens the skin and moisturizes and hydrates it. It also safeguards their skin against free radicals and UV damage. Furthermore, it is one of the top rosehip oils in India.

3. St. Botanica Pure Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil from St. Botanica is pure and natural, and the advantages are incredible. It slows the ageing process of the facial skin and rejuvenates it.

St. Botanica Pure Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil can be used to remove wrinkles. Furthermore, consistent use eliminates dark circles and pigmentation. It includes antioxidants and vital fatty acids, which protect the skin from free radicals.

4. Finn Naturals

Rosehip oil is ideal for dry skin because of its silky texture and ease of absorption into the skin. Rosehip oil eliminates acne scars and removes fine wrinkles from the face.

Finn Naturals

Finn Natural is a Chilean brand well-known rosehip oil brand in India. Rosehip oil package is highly appealing and convenient for travel. Rosehip oil is tough to get in stores, but you may purchase it online.

5. Kate Blanc Rosehip Oil

Kate Blanc Rosehip Seed Oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics that help to diminish fine wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, and acne. It effectively evens out skin tone and moisturizes the facial skin.

Kate Blanc Rosehip Oil

The oil is high in vitamins, omegas, and fatty acids, boosting cellular activity and promoting youthful, beautiful skin. It is available for purchase both online and offline at reasonable costs.

6. Juice Chemistry Organic Rosehip Oil

Ecocert has certified Juicy Chemistry organic rosehip oil by the COSMOS criteria. The ingredients are freshly harvested, unprocessed, and extracted using the cold-pressed method.

Juice Chemistry Organic Rosehip Oil

The ingredients are also ethically and sustainably obtained. Juicy Chemistry may be the best rosehip oil in India if you are looking for 100% organic rosehip oil.

7. Earth Rhythm Rosehip Seed Oil

This is highly suggested for people with oily skin and hair. It will get rid of dandruff and other dry scalp issues. It can also be used to treat pigmented skin.

Earth Rhythm Rosehip Seed Oil

It has antibacterial characteristics that keep skin from becoming oily, which is a main cause of acne. It can also be applied directly to the hair and massaged thoroughly.

8. Teddie Organics Rosehip Oil

Teddie Organics Rosehip Oil shields the skin from the effects of ageing. It is packaged in a dark amber bottle with a dropper cap for easy application.

Teddie Organics Rosehip Oil

It also aids in the healing of scars, the soothing of burns, and the treatment of rashes and stretch marks. The product contains organic, cold-pressed rosehip seed oil.

9. Blend It Raw Rosehip Oil

Blend It Raw raw rosehip seed oil can attest to the glow it provides. The brand says that using rosehip seed oil daily can give a visible shine and reduce pigmentation, acne marks, sun spots, and scars.

Blend It Raw Rosehip Oil

The traditional cold press process prepares rosehip seed oil using rosehip tree fruit seeds. So, this was all about the benefits of rosehip seed oil and the brands you can trust whenever you purchase this natural oil.

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