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Hair Oils For Thick Hair - Choosing The Perfect Oils

Oils may be a part of your skincare regimen at this point, but have you ever used them on your hair? Oils provide a huge amount of advantages for healthy hair, similar to how they improve the skin. And while hair oils are now popular, their advantages have been known for a long time.

oil to make hair thick

They have been used for generations to promote the growth of long, lustrous, thick and strong hair. Check out these 100% natural and organic hair oils to treat all hair problems, including thinning hair, brittle hair, dandruff, and even acne on your scalp. These are the perfect hair oils for thick hair!

Top 10 Hair Oils To Improve Hair Thickness

Your hair's condition directly reflects your body's health and metabolism. Extreme hair loss and hair damage are signs that the body is deficient in nutrients and water. Oils for hair growth and thickness can help with these problems and give your tresses a smooth, natural shine.

1. Castor Oil For Thick Hair

Castor oil is a viscous, syrupy vegetable oil that is frequently used to thicken hair. To encourage hair growth in these regions, it is also a popular choice as an eyebrow, eyelash, and beard serum.

Castor Oil For Thick Hair

It is a scalp oil that is well-known as a therapy for promoting hair growth in bald regions. Do you know how some areas of your head have finer hair than others? Castor oil might aid in strengthening hair growth in certain regions.

2. Virgin Olive Oil For Thicker Hair

Use this standard kitchen item to give your strands a smooth, healthy appearance if you have thin, dry hair or split ends (yes, really). Additionally, it contains anti-inflammatory qualities that could help cure dandruff.

Virgin Olive Oil For Thicker Hair

Because of a mixture of antioxidants, vitamin E, and oleic acid, olive oil is a heat protectant, forming a shield over the natural keratin in your hair and preventing heat damage. It is a known fact that heat styling can inhibit hair growth.

3. Sesame Oil For Thicker Hair

Essential fatty acids are abundant in sesame oil. These fats could promote hair growth and thickening. This oil has antibacterial characteristics that might offer dandruff treatment. Additionally, it promotes blood flow and hair follicles, which support hair growth.

Sesame Oil For Thicker Hair

Sesame oil applied to the scalp each night before bed may relieve itching and minimise dandruff. Additionally, it quickly enters the scalp and aids in repairing chemically damaged hair. Oleic acid, which possesses quick-penetrating qualities, is another component of sesame oil.

4. Virgin Coconut Oil For Thicker Hair

According to Ayurveda, thinning and hair loss are symptoms of too much pitta (or high body heat). As a result, consuming or applying pitta-pacifying oils like virgin coconut will encourage thicker hair and slow the onset of grey.

Virgin Coconut Oil For Thicker Hair

One study demonstrates that virgin coconut oil as a pre-wash or post-wash conditioner lowers protein loss from damaged and healthy hair. This is crucial for hair growth because strong, healthy hair strands are preserved through damage protection.

5. Amla Oil For Hair Thickness

The phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals included in amla improve scalp circulation and promote healthy development. Collagen protein is produced by amla's vitamin C. Collagens create new hair cells to replace the dead ones in hair follicles.

Amla Oil For Hair Thickness

This promotes both volume and length growth of the hair. This vitamin C-rich oil treats dryness and stops dandruff from building up. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and vitamin C content of amla helps reduce dandruff and the itching that it causes on the scalp.

6. Onion Oil For Thick Hair

Use organic onion oil often to strengthen the roots and nurture the scalp and thin hair. This, in turn, promotes quick hair growth. For healthier hair, massage the onion oil into the scalp to increase blood flow.

Onion Oil For Thick Hair

Onion oil is also amazing for getting lustrous and shiny hair strands. Regularly massaging the oil into the roots of the hair follicles feeds the roots and allows for the growth of smooth, lustrous, and healthy hair.

7. Argan Oil For Thick Hair

Due to its natural lack of greasiness, argan oil is a fantastic leave-in conditioner for hair style and a great treatment to control frizzy hair with thin, flyaway strands.

Argan Oil For Thick Hair

The capacity of this natural substance to strengthen your hair and shield it from the heat produced by hot styling appliances is by far its most important advantage. Although there is no scientific proof that argan oil may stimulate hair growth, it strengthens hair, restores its health, and gives the illusion of having thicker hair.

8. Sweet Almond Oil For Thicker Hair

Sweet almond oil is the best option if you seek a decent oil to cure your thinning hair. It is an excellent choice to incorporate into your hair care routine because it is a potent source of vitamins and minerals.

Sweet Almond Oil For Thicker Hair

Sweet almond oil usage regularly could help stop hair loss. Vitamin E, vitamin A, vital fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc are all in the oil. This oil provides the scalp with antioxidant capabilities since it contains vitamin E.

9. Black Seed Oil For Thicker Hair

Even if you have started losing hair, this oil can encourage hair growth, especially if your hair follicles have just stopped producing hair for whatever reason. It does this by supplying nutrients straight to the hair follicles.

Black Seed Oil For Thicker Hair

This oil will promote hair growth and stop further hair loss. Your hair will stay where you want it to stay—on your head!—by lessening hair brittleness and enhancing follicle health. It can even make thinning and aging hair grow stronger.

10. Neem Oil For Thicker Hair

Hair thinning can be brought on by stress, poor dietary practises, and excessive use of hair style products and appliances. Regularly massaging this oil into the scalp fortifies hair follicles and encourages hair growth.

Neem Oil For Thicker Hair

Neem oil applied to the hair might assist with this issue. Fatty acids, which are abundant in this oil, benefit the scalp in a variety of ways. It also stops the overproduction of sebum, which contributes to hair loss and slow growth.


Use these amazing natural oils for hair growth and thickness to give your hair the attention it deserves. Your hair will grow thicker with regular use as it gets stronger and shinier, making you want to show it off in various looks daily! You can get all of them right here at VedaOils!

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