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Essential Oils For Smelly Feet | Best Oils For Smelly Shoes

Both the person coping with stinky feet and those nearby find them annoying. Having smelly feet is a medical ailment called bromodosis. Foot odor mainly causes sweat accumulation, bacterial infections, and fungi. The damp atmosphere within the shoe promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi.

essential oils for stinky feet

The sweat builds up inside when you are wearing closed footwear. You notice the unpleasant fragrance or foul odor when the germs decompose. Fortunately, essential oils can be a difference-maker. Long days spent in closed-toed footwear can exacerbate the situation, but good cleanliness and essential oils can help fight odor and keep your feet fresh.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Stinky Shoes

The fungus, bacteria, and, of course, the unpleasant odor are all eliminated when the essential oils penetrate those points. So, to restore the pleasant scent of your feet, here are the best essential oils for stinky feet.

Many absorption spots can be found on human feet. Some essential oil contains both natural deodorizing and antibacterial effects. These essential oils not only eliminate bad bacteria but also restore the aroma to your feet.

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

Melaleuca Alternifolia is a tiny tree whose leaves are used to make Tea Tree essential oil. This essential oil is widely known for fighting bacteria and fungi. However, many people think that the sweat glands are responsible for the offensive smell, the bacteria that feed on the perspiration cause it.

Tea Tree Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

Sweat gland secretions that come into contact with microorganisms emit a mild to a strong odor. Tea tree essential oil may reduce odor and eliminate microorganisms that perspiration causes. This essential oil is a natural substitute for over-the-counter antiperspirants and deodorants because of its antibacterial qualities.

2. Lavender Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

The lavender plant yields the lavender essential oil. It is one of the most potent essential oils and offers a variety of health advantages. The essential oil reduces stress, allergy, and acne issues. Most significantly, it aids in eliminating foot odor.

Lavender Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

Antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects are found in lavender essential oil. This essential oil opens up the pores and soothes inflammation when applied to the skin. Before bed, apply a few drops of the essential oil to your feet to eliminate odor-causing bacteria.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

Using peppermint essential oil can also effectively eliminate unpleasant foot odor. In addition to soothing the skin, this essential oil also has a particularly energizing smell due to the presence of the anti-inflammatory compound named menthol.

Peppermint Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

Your mind and body will feel refreshed and cooled off as a result. You can eliminate the unpleasant odor by adding two drops of peppermint essential oil to your foot soak or bath. Additionally, it combats the microorganisms that originally caused the stink.

4. Lemon Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

Lemon essential oil, frequently used in aromatherapy, is produced from the citrus limon plant. It is preferable to use diluted essential oil. It can be used with a carrier oil like avocado or jojoba oil.

Lemon Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

Stress and fatigue are lessened with the aid of this essential oil. It helps treat athletes' feet as well as dull skin. Add a few drops of diluted lemon essential oil to the bath for a delightful scent, and soak your feet.

5. Grapefruit Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

The grapefruit's peel contains glands that produce grapefruit essential oil. It is a citrus-scented oil with an orange color. This essential oil can fight dangerous bacteria. The essential oil has the strongest antibacterial properties.

Grapefruit Essential Oil For Smelly Feet

Aromatherapy uses grapefruit essential oil, which is well known for its robust antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities. The bacteria growing on your foot can be eliminated by using this essential oil, eventually getting rid of that unpleasant odor.

Essential Oil Recipe For Stinky Feet

A foot powder is a great way to manage foot odor. A foot powder infused with essential oils is helpful in both keeping your feet dry as well as killing the harmful bacteria that are responsible for the bad odor. Here is how you can make it:


  • Baking Soda - 3 tbsp
  • Arrowroot Powder - 3 tbsp
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil - 15 Drops
  • Lavender Essential Oil - 15 Drops
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - 15 Drops


Step 1: Combine arrowroot powder, baking powder, and essential oils in a glass jar.

Essential Oil Recipe For Stinky Feet

Step 2: Shake the jar properly to mix the essential oils.

Step 3: Apply this powder to your washed feet before sleeping at night.

Step 4: Wear a clean pair of cotton socks.

Step 5: You can also sprinkle this powder on your shoes before wearing them.


The antimicrobial qualities of essential oils help reduce foot odor. Despite being all-natural goods, essential oils can cause skin irritation. Always test an area of skin for sensitivity before using essential oils by diluting with a carrier oil.

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