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Coconut Oil For Beard Growth - Thick & Shinny Beard

Coconut oil has always been our go-to herb or organic product that can be used anywhere. Whether you wish to use it as a cosmetic product, in a food recipe, or for some medical use, it caters to it all. Out of all the benefits, coconut oil provides us, one significant benefit that's here with us for years is its ability to improvise hair growth.

Coconut oil for beard

Coconut oil consists of unique components that promote healthy and strong hair growth. Additionally, applying coconut oil to the beard also improves its growth and quality at the same time. Let's further discuss the benefits of coconut oil for beard growth and how it helps.

Coconut Oil Nutrition Value

As the name suggests, coconut oil is derived from coconuts. The oil is only made up of medium-chain fatty acids, that is a type of saturated fats. The oil is cholesterol-free, fiber-free, and contains a large amount of vitamin A and E minerals along with plant sterols. In addition, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, antioxidants and linoleic acid that help treat different health problems and issues.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Beard Growth

Coconut oil for beard growth is actually a thing, not just a random statement. The unique antimicrobial and moisturizing feature of this tender natural ingredient give your facial hair the option to reap all of its benefits. When you start using this oil for your facial hair or beard, you will find out how it is one magical solution for your beard growth problems.

Benefits of Coconut oil Beard Growth

Reduces Beardruff

When you have a longer beard, you will undoubtedly encounter the problem of beardruff. It becomes hard to manage that rough beard. But applying coconut oil to the beard will get deep into those beard hair follicles and will smooth the shafts of hair down to the roots. This will make your beard softer, and there will be no more pulling or breaking of the beard during combing or brushing.

Improves Hair Growth

Another great reason why we use coconut oil for beard growth is because of its nourishing and healing properties. Coconut oil contains a high amount of Vitamin A and E, which are crucial for promoting the length and thickness of your beard. It also nourishes and heals the skin, which stimulates healthy beard growth.

Stimulate Beard Growth Hormones

If you are not satisfied with your beard growth, you may have to look out how to use coconut oil for a patchy beard. With coconut oil, you can prevent damage to testosterone hormones through oxidation, which is one primary hormone that is helpful in good beard growth.

Gives a Shine

One more proven advantage of coconut oil for beard is how it enhances your beard's look. Using coconut oil or coconut butter for the beard helps in adding a healthy and attractive shine to your facial hair. The best part about this shine is that it would be amazon enough to make your beard look smart and good.

Gives a Shine

Reduce Itchiness

One major problem with a long and thick beard is its itchiness. Using coconut oil moisturizes your skin as well as your facial hair, which helps in preventing itchiness. It also hydrates the beard and enters deep within the beard hair follicles to moisturize them.

Effortless Shaving

While there are plenty of benefits of using coconut oil for facial hair, one fantastic benefit of coconut oil is that it provides effortless shaving. It makes the beard easier to shave as it softens the hair and makes the blade pass through smoothly. In fact, it can be used as a post-shave routine as it softens and hydrates the skin.

How To Use Coconut Oil for Beard Growth

Coconut oil works great for your beard because of its hydrating, antifungal and antibacterial properties. With all these magical properties, this oil work with its magic towards stimulating beard growth. Here's how you can use coconut oil for beard growth with this fantastic coconut oil recipe.

Mixing Coconut Oil & Rosemary Oil


Method Of Using

  1. Take a bottle that has a lid and also a built-in eyedropper.
  2. Now mix both coconut and other essential oils well.
  3. Shake the bottle to mix it thoroughly.
  4. Once done, secure the bottle by closing the lid.
  5. Now your coconut oil for beard growth is ready to use.
  6. Use this oil every day for the best results.

How To Use

  • Always start with a small amount when you use coconut oil for beard growth.
  • Take a small amount of virgin coconut oil in your palms and slowly massage it into your beard.
  • Before applying it to your beard, make sure you rub that little amount of coconut oil into your palms. This will warm the oil and will make it easier to apply.
  • Slowly massage the oil directly to your face in the downward direction.
  • The direction should tame stray hair and should shape your beard.
  • Finish the procedure by focusing more on the bottom area of your beard.
  • Now massage the leftover oil into the ends you are done for the day.


The bottom line is that your facial needs intense moisturization to thrive, and this is only possible when you use coconut oil for beard growth as it locks in moisture in the skin and helps soothe the dryness of the skin below your beard. So, coconut oil is one of the best natural ingredients to enjoy a healthy and thick beard growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have covered some Common & Often asked question with their relevant answers. Hope You Liked It.

Q1. Does coconut oil increase beard growth?

Ans. Yes, coconut oil increases beard growth because it consists of properties that stimulate hair growth hormones. These hormones encourage the process of beard growth and also prevent hair damage. In short, it is a great natural product for your facial hair without any side effects.

Q2. Is applying coconut oil on a beard good?

Ans.Yes, it is not only safe but best to apply coconut oil to the beard as this ingredient does not contain any additives or harsh ingredients. The product is also unprocessed, so it does not feature anything that can cause dryness and brittleness on your beard.

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