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Body Massage Oils for Muscle Growth | Oils for Body Massage at Home

In the hectic schedules today, it is often a choice to go for massages that could relax and make us calm. The massages are of different kinds such as body massages, head massages etc. If you have been doing massages at home and using chemically made oils for it, then it is time to switch to essential oils that are wonderful to do body massages.

best massage oils for muscle growth

Body massage oils help in muscle growth along with providing a lot of relaxation. In the blog below, let's know more about best body massage oils that are best in the market and help in muscle growth.

List of the Best Massage Oils for Muscle Growth 

Here is a list of best body massage oils for enhancing muscle growth. The oils are wonderful in texture and have no side effects. You can use these oils for attaining best results and wholesome relaxation. Let's check out the best body massage oils for muscle growth below.

  • Sesame Massage Oil for Muscle Growth

Sesame Massage Oil

Sesame massage oil is widely used to provide relaxation to the body and you can use this oil all over your body. It is used for moisturizing purposes too. The oil helps in combating skin issues such as acne and blemishes. The oil exfoliates skin as well while massaging and removing dead skin cells and debris. 

  • Coconut Massage Oil for Muscle Growth

Coconut Massage Oil

Coconut massage oil is an excellent sensual massage oil which makes your body totally hydrated. It has a saturated fat content and contains no chemicals that could harm the skin. The coconut massage oil suits all skin types and is naturally amazing. The oil has a lovely smell which relaxes the body and mind. It is highly moisturizing in nature when applied on the skin.

  • Grapeseed Massage Oil for Muscle Growth

Grapeseed Massage Oil

Grapeseed massage oil is an excellent massage oil as it is not greasy at all and enables hands to glide over the skin smoothly. The oil has enormous benefits for the skin and combats skin conditions too. It helps in making skin glowy and enhances muscle growth. Use this oil more often for best results.

  • Castor Massage Oil for Muscle Growth

Castor Massage Oil

Castor massage oil is anti-inflammatory in nature and is used a lot during massages. The oil relieves muscle pain, arthritic joints and never inflammations. The oil should be applied as a direct application on the skin and never harms the skin. It is one of the most popular oils for massages.

  • Olive Massage Oil for Muscle Growth

Olive Massage Oil

Olive massage oil is one of the ideal oils for massages. It glides over the body very smoothly and is perfect for the skin. The oil relaxes the muscle and helps in its enhancement. The oil also locks moisture and increases blood circulation, eases aches and improves inflammation. The oil is wonderful to be used on any skin type.

  • Jojoba Massage Oil for Muscle Growth

Jojoba massage oil is frequently used as a body massage oil. It has multiple benefits that make it perfect to rejuvenate dead skin cells. The oil won't be greasy and sits on the skin. It gets absorbed quickly and contains fatty acids. The oil moisturizes the skin very well and enhances muscle growth. The oil has an amazing smell to it which relaxes the body and mind.


Oils for body massage at home have significant benefits for the skin and help in muscle growth. The oils are light in texture and provide best relaxation to the body. There are some amazing oils that make your body parts calmer. The oils also help in giving you a peaceful sleep. You can buy these amazing body massage oils for muscle growth from a brand of value Vedaoils.

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