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8 Best Candle Making Materials List For Beginner Candle Makers

Are you still confused about what materials you need to create your candles, and where can you get them? Do not worry, you will find the best candle-making supplies you need to make incredible candles.

The complete list of candle-making materials is listed below, along with the variants, so keep reading to learn how to make your candles with the best candle-making supplies, even if you are a complete beginner.

8 Essential Candle Making Supplies

If you want to make candles at home, you will first need candle-making materials. Fortunately, the list is short, and you may customize it to fit your needs according to your budget. This post will walk you through the tools you'll need to get started.

1. Waxes For Candle Making

Candle wax, in general, keeps the wick glowing and melting before it vaporizes. But there's more to it than that; different varieties of wax are used for different purposes.

waxes for candle making
  • Soy Candle Flakes: Soy Candle Flakes are a natural and safer alternative to paraffin candles since they do not emit toxic chemicals when burned. Aromatherapy uses scented soy candle wax because it can carry both strong and delicate aromas.
  • White Beeswax: Pure White beeswax slabs can be used to make both unscented and scented candles because it has a very light fragrance that can be filtered. Color tints, dried flowers, and other decorative things can also be added to candles.
  • Semi-Refined Paraffin Wax: Because of its high melting point, White Semi-Refined Paraffin Candle Wax slabs are used to make both scented and unscented candles. It has the ability to hold variants of powerful scents at once. These candles burn for an extended period of time. But as it is paraffin wax made from petroleum, it produces a small amount of soot or smoke.

2. Molds For Candle Making

Candle molds come in a wider range of sizes and forms, making them ideal for creating unique candle shapes. Metal, on the other hand, frequently produces the best results.

candle molds
  • Aluminum Candle Mold: Aluminium casting molds are straightforward to use since they take on the shape of the mold when filled with molten wax. You can create beautiful candles for festival decorations and other special occasions using your imagination. The sky is the limit.
  • Bubble Candle Silicone Mold: Aside from creating candles, a bubble candle mold can be used to bake cakes, mousses, and chocolates. It's also possible to build handcrafted soap molds with it. Appropriate for making handcrafted resin art that may be shown.

3. Jars For Candle Making

You can use candle jars of whatever form, size, or color you choose. For example, you can use Mason jars made from recycled materials. Just make sure they're heat-resistant and strong; avoid plastic and opt for glass, ceramic, or tin instead.

candle making jars
  • Yankee Candle Jar: Since these glass jars come in various shapes, Yankee jars are ideal for producing scented, unscented, and designer candles. This jar can also be used to make a variety of crafts and decorations.
  • Transparent Candle Jar: Scented, unscented, designer candles can all be made in transparent jars. Candies, sweets, chocolates, spices, dry fruits, and other items can all be stored in this clear jar. This jar can also be used to construct other craft and ornamental items.
  • Frosted Candle Jar: The opaque and hazy shape of the frosted candle jar allows it to be used in a variety of situations. These glass canisters can be used again and again. Simply wash it in soapy water to reuse it.

4. Essential & Fragrance Oils For Candle Making

Essential and fragrance oils infuse candles with calming fragrances of food, spices, flowers, and other relaxing scents, making them perfect additions to any candle.


essential & fragrance oils

Popular Essential Oils For Candle Making

  • Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender essential oil has a relaxing floral scent, making it excellent for scented products. It can be used to customize the natural scent of handmade soaps and scented candles.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil: Frankincense Essential Oil is a favorite among scented candle and soap manufacturers. Rich woody aroma, earthy aroma with a mysterious undertone. The scent of frankincense dispels any unpleasant odors from your rooms.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus Essential Oil has a fresh, clean aroma that can be used to create natural fragrances and scented candles. To make a natural scented candle with this oil, mix a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil with melting wax and enjoy the candle aroma inside your home.

Popular Fragrance Oils For Candle Making

  • Vanilla Fragrance Oil: Vanilla perfume oil has a sweet, classic aroma that makes it ideal for candle-making. The mystic, sweet aroma uplifts and energizes the mood while also soothing and comforting the environment.
  • Sandalwood Fragrance Oil: Sandalwood Scent Oil has a classic earthy aroma that makes it ideal for candle-making. The mystic, sweet aroma elevates and energizes the mood while also soothing and comforting the environment.
  • Oceanic Mist Fragrance Oil: The aroma of oceanic mist scented oil is refreshing and distinct, and it can assist in creating a romantic and pleasant atmosphere. As a result, it's commonly utilized to make fragrant candles that improve your mood and senses when you light them.

5. Colors/Dyes For Candle Making

If you want to color your candles, you'll also need candle dye. Because many types of dye are readily available online, it's a good idea to test a few drops of your melted wax on a white surface to see how it will look once dried.

candle colors
  • Violet Candle Color: In the candle-making industry, high-quality pastel Violet coloring chemicals are used to create brilliantly colored candle powder. It has a fantastic ability to generate matte and depth effects in a variety of candle varieties.
  • Red Candle Color: The pigmentation powder is used in the can deleting process. Red Candle Pigment Powder does its job naturally by working in various varieties of wax, including paraffin, soy, gel, and beeswax.
  • Brown Candle Color: In the candle-making industry, high-quality pastel Brown coloring chemicals are used to create brilliantly colored candle powder. It has a fantastic ability to generate opaque effects and depths in a variety of candles.

6. Candle Wicks For Candle Making

Candle wicks takes the candle's fuel and adds it to the flame. As a result, the amount of scent, the color, and the type of wax you use all have an impact on your performance.

candle wicks
  • Pre-Waxed Candle Wicks: Cotton wicks are used in pre-waxed candle wicks and others. This product does not contain lead, zinc, or other metals. When lit, these wicks produce little to no smoke, maintain a steady burn, and are environmentally friendly.
  • Wooden Candle Wicks: Since they are made of high-quality wood, wooden wicks are considered premium. These quasi hardwood wicks don't emit any soot and burn without causing any trouble as they are eco-friendly.
  • Floating Wicks: These floating wicks are versatile because they have a great wick size that burns for a long time and can be used with oil lamps, ghee, and even wax.

7. Candle Wick Holders For Candle Making

Sustainers are candle-making wick focusing or wick retaining devices. This wick focusing device aids in straightening the wick while also saving time and effort. This candle wick holder definition of the term is perfect for a wide range of candle-making projects.

candle wick holder
  • Wooden Candle Wick Holder: The wooden wick holder makes the candle-making process simple and straightforward. Candle-making craftsmen make the process of making candles easier and more acceptable for home use.
  • Metal Candle Wick Holder: The metal candle wick centering device keeps the wick in the middle of the candle. The use of this wick holder will make the process of making candles go more smoothly. Most candle containers are compatible with the wick centering mechanism.

8. Tools For Candle Making

What about the rest of the essentials? We've got you covered; aside from the items listed above, you'll need a double boiler, thermometer, safety equipment, a scale, a glove, and so on; read on to learn more.

candle making tools
  • Double Boiler: One of the most typical methods for candle producers to heat and melt their wax is to use a double boiler setting. A double boiler is made by inserting a pouring jug carrying the wax into another pot containing water, with the goal of promoting slow and equal heating.
  • Thermometer: Knowing the temperature of your combined wax is crucial; however, a decent quality thermometer will solve your problem; failing to do so may render your candle useless.
  • Safety Gear: When working with hot objects, such as wax, it is usually a good idea to wear hard tempered leather or other fire-resistant cloth to protect oneself. Fire extinguishers should always be kept on hand in case of an emergency.
  • A scale: You'll need a scale to weigh your wax, aroma oils, and dye. A thermometer is also required to maintain the proper temperature of your melted wax.
  • Other Equipment: When placing the candle wick on the base of your selected container, you'll need a set of hot glue guns and sticks. In the same way, rubbing alcohol, gloves, paper towels, and some newspapers can help protect your work surfaces, hands, and skin from hot, melted wax or glue.

How Vedaoils Helps in Your Candle Making Materials?

If you want to establish a candle-making business, you'll need Candle Making Materials. Wax, wicks, candle jars, wick holders, and molds are among the candle making materials needed. VedaOils is putting all of the candle-making supplies on one platform to make buying the necessary for producing candles as simple as possible.

DIY candle-making kits, which are suitable for novices and manufacturers of DIY homemade candles, are also available in our Candle Making Supply. These kits include all of the necessary candle-making materials, as well as a handbook and instructions for producing candles.


The candle-making supplies list contains a broad range of candle jars, candle wax, candle molds, candle wicks, and sustainers, allowing you to customize your candle-making materials. In addition, fragrance oil and other natural components like floral petals are also included in the candle-making kit.

These components are required to manufacture exquisite and perfumed candles for gifting needs. After reading this post, we hope that you have a better understanding of what to choose.

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